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Holden Caprice Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Holden Caprice Review Australia

Holden Caprice is the name that reflects high class, fame, and a long list of executive automobiles. The company has been producing cars with exceptional features in Australia since 2006. They have major buyers in Australia and New Zealand. They offer full-sized vehicles which are specially designed according to their customer’s demands.


One of the most highlighted ranges or variants is V-Series particularly Holden Caprice V8. It has surpassed all expectations and will give a fabulous driving experience. It is a typical vehicle with a sedan body with four doors but nothing else is typical. It gives an immense driving experience in comparison to all modernized supercars. The company has invested its automobiles with extraordinary and highly detailed engines that let you enjoy a smoother, faster, and untroublesome journey.


To satisfy the customer's Holden enterprise has been digging quite deeply to make classic specifications in order to offer a smoother ride. In this article, you will be able to find every feature you desire to know before buying a car. 


Holden caprice is an ideal 5-seater car for individuals who love elegant and fancy car collections. This sedan vehicle will definitely indulge you in its lavish Luxo-barge's cabin. It comes with sufficient safety protocols to offer you adequate security. And what is more important than having a highly advanced and revolutionizing engine type to get overwhelmed by your drive.


This model is quite an accomplishment for the company on the whole as it has been working amazingly. Every control is understandable and can be customized easily. Additionally, its features are constantly getting upgrades and expanding. It’s all due to inventive developers who were able to relish such inventions on the internet. One of the latest advancements includes its personal AI.


Engine setup of upgraded Holden Caprice:

How awesome it is to ride a car with not only a brilliant design but also a sensational engine. This car edition comprises 5.7-liter pushrod V8 engines which come with a lot of perks including smoother driving, accelerating speed and highly responsive brakes. This engine gives you a firing exposure. It has an automatic gearing system that easily switches between 4 speeding levels.


In this edition, the company has successfully made the transmissions/transitions effortless and speedy. The V8 petrol engine features 5.7-litre and comes with assisting 16-valves. It has shown quite high values of fuel consumption.


The recorded data represents:

Highway cycle - 9.0-litres/100km

City cycle- 14.0-litres/100km.


It is loaded with many efficient programs such as suspension setup which has improved driving grip and steering handling. Most importantly, its brake system has become so advanced that you will feel protected and will appreciate it. The Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) has made every day driving easier and unproblematic. It comprises two valves per cylinder but doesn’t lack in speed or brake. The exceptional part is its Low-end torque which starts a car within a second.



Holden Caprice is the Australian’s choice not only because of the engine but its attractive design. What a tempting interior with seats wrapped in the elite class, plush and soft leather giving an impressive appearance! Moreover, all seats are adjustable with the help of an 8-ways electric setup. The glossy exterior of the car is well-balanced with a sophisticated interior.


It features three reorganized touchscreens with advanced digital operations including DO Dayton satellite navigation at the front of the car along with twin screens at the rear for the passengers to enjoy binging DVD making it sportier. 17-inch alloy tyres add to its extravagance. All you need is to plug the earphones and enjoy any track. Or you can enjoy it with your partner at the same time by activating DVD sound via twelve speakers stereo.


It has an efficient cooling setup along with twin trapezoidal-shaped exhaust cylinders. Is it even a sporty car without featuring brig, striking, and vibrant LED headlamps? The new addition of the LED headlights in spectacularly designed 5 rows is the highlight of the car giving it a supreme appearance. No doubt, we have named a lot of interesting features but that’s not enough! Upfront you will find multiple dials for various tasks making the ride easier, safe, and entertaining.


The speedometer dials are created with fanciful chrome borders in a comprehensible way. A dial also represents the air pressure in all tyres. This digital demonstration has made driving more comfortable. It let you stay alarmed before any haphazard. The company has ranked it as the most expensive vehicle of the Holden industry, so far.



If I say that you will buy a car without knowing its safety system, I will be mistaken! If Holden Caprice is on your buying list, you must know the detailed safety framework.


Here some of the prominent specifications are mentioned:

Very responsive and quick actioning front seat head restraints.

Airbags for safety at both the driver and front traveler seat.

A standard safety protocol called an anti-lock braking system (ABS) is also present.

Effectual Electronic Brakeforce Distribution.

Another silver lining feature is its high-technology and tactical anti-theft tracing setup via satellites.

Active satellite tracking navigational setup with SOS feature.


Complementary features:

It features an excellent intuitive gear shift feature that assists the driver in case of brake malfunction.

Receptive parking sensors at both ends (upfront/bumper and rearwards). It can effectively send an alarming signal at a distance of 5193mm.

Remarkable cruise control to keep the vehicle’s speed under check.

Full-time accessibility to twin electric climate regulators.

Cool vanity looking glass with lighting details.

The peak torque arriving @ 4800rpm followed @ 5600rpm by peak power.

A homochromatic back-view looking glass.



You must be thinking that this car is a super luxury without any possible defects but you might be wrong. Every car has some deficits and in the case of Holden Caprice these are:

Out-dated and old navigational VDO Dayton setup is installed which lacks a user-friendly interface, as well. It is extremely time-consuming and even after multiple tries, you will still be confused about directions.

Holden Caprice has an efficient and speedy engine but it also consumes fuel more in comparison to other super executive cars. The V8 engine has shown the highest value of the fuel consumed with the shortest distance

It lacks rain-sensing wipers which could make the driving difficult.


Final verdict:

The manufacturers have given a squeeze to all Holden Caprice features just to make it more adjustable, presentable, and competent. With this engine, you can enjoy every ride up to the maximum but it is also high-priced which makes it unaffordable up to some extent. But, it will be worth the money. This executive car with such treats is a complete package.


The added bonus of rich leathery interior and customizable characteristics has taken it to another status in the car business. But without knowing about the car’s history it would be undeniably confusing to make a final decision! so, are you really concerned about the car’s validation? Visit the site Quick Revs and clear your doubts. With few taps, you can get all the history of important events regarding the car no matter what year or place. To end your confusion once and for all, go to the site’s page!

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