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Holden Calais Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Holden Calais Review Australia

It will be unbelievable to say that you haven’t heard about Holden Calais. This company is the status symbol for elite communities, worldwide. No one can compete with their astonishing packaging techniques, engine setups, incredible exterior, and excellent driving experience.


The company has made sure that every model works for every individual as it feels like every upcoming version is tailored according to the buyer’s desires. It almost feels like “dreams coming true”! The manufacturers have a long line-up of wagon-shaped vehicles and have been making surprising upgrades every year which is not only helping them financially but also in expanding their network of customers and fame, all around the world. And, you will never regret buying it even for a higher price.


Their vehicles have always been designed with such excellence that it offers extra sizable, relaxing and well-equipped family liftback wagon. Now, you must be intrigued to know more about their remarkable collection of cars! If you are in the mood of a comforting and enjoyable journey, pick any Holden Calais car and experience a ride only with pleasurable vibes.


This well-known company was a startup of The Holden Commodore Family, a popular communal family with an Australian background. It has a list of automobiles of 5-seater cars with 4 doors and a Wagon Passenger body. By the start of 2018, the most successful variant of their industry was introduced as “Holden Calais V”.


It is loaded with a brilliant engine, unbeatable firepower, and a competent gear system. You must be thinking about its engine and wheel system as the car is based on these two features. Added to the surprise, they exclusively enlisted options of either 4 or 6-cylinder engine selections. And not only this but also an option to choose a car with amazing front-wheel drive (FWD) or all-wheel drive choices means it is based on 4*4 on demand.


If you are here searching for its specifications, then you must be looking to shop for family-sized wagons or SUVs. Internationally, Holden Calais V and Holden Calais V Tourer are listed among the top-most midsize wagons with extraordinary features.



The company has put full efforts in meeting its buyer’s demands. The wagons are the perfect choice for family hangouts. And how wonderful it is to find a variety in wagons.


The two presentable categories on the base of doors are:

Four-door liftback sedan.

Five-door wagon.


Engine setup:

The car runs fast only if it is characterized by an effective and highly operational engine. Their engines are of top-notch quality and authentic machinery which offers efficient road holding. You will find an option of cars with exceptionally operational and efficacious three engines enlisting 2.0-liter turbo petrol and diesel and V6 petrol engines.


It has pricey mechanical makeup but it provides the value of it. The specifications of the engines in their latest variants include 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo-petrol and turbo-diesel, harmonized with 9-speed and 8-speed quick and automatic gear or speed transmissions respectively. Moreover, it has the feature of the front wheels’ drive. Every other edition of Commodore car has a built-in autonomous emergency brake system that is considered highly responsive and acts quickly offering full and all-time protection to the driver. 


The company has modified its key engine to a remote engine start. It is structured in a way to stay as a low center of gravity which allows you to drive smoothly. It has leather-trimmed, instinctive, and electrical steering with complementary shifting paddles and crosses axle torque distribution function. 


Petrol consumption: 

In a comparison of the engines:

The cars with turbo-petrol have recorded a value of 7.4L/100km (LT Liftback) to 7.9L/100km (RS Sportwagon).

The cars with the V6s model consumes around 8.9L/100km to 9.3L/100km (VXR).



It gives sporty steering and wheels appearance which gives you an inexplicable comfort. The interior is accurately structured and designed with a handy dual-cockpit in the front section with low-slung seating spots. How tempting it is to enjoy a ride in a car with an extremely luxurious interior featuring leather-wrapped seats with automatic heating and cooling features. and,


OH! Are you tired of driving for so long? Not a problem because if you have Holden Calais, you will get the seats with an additional feature of refreshing massage. Want to enjoy music? Play songs on full volume in its classic built-in 7 speakers audio setup. Want a car with a high-grade AI setup? It comprises a helping system of digital and touchscreen infotainment with the additional service of visual radio. The care has an all-time approachable voice recognition control system and USB input. You can use its competent navigation setup for mapping the location.


It also has a standard feature of the wireless mobile charger. Another highlight is its full-length sunroof and automatic rear door. The car has fancy LED headlamps with insane Dusk-sensing technology and Bluetooth connectivity. A lot of spectacular features have been discussed yet more left to talk about! Its engaging and bright 7inches color multimedia touchscreen is another quality which offers you an automatic connection with iOS and Android CarPlay.


Additional features:

Body type: 4D sedan or wagon

Max Power: 210kW @ 6400rpm 

Max Torque: 350Nm @ 2900rpm

It comes with an all-side rotating camera or a 360-degree camera.

Responsive parking sensors in the front and rear views.

Premium refueling system or fuel consumption.

Holden Calais has 17-inch alloy wheels.

The Compression Ratio of Holden Calais is recorded as 11.3

Quick rain-detecting front and rear wipers.

Incredible cruise control for active navigation.

With its advancing specification, the possibility of crash-avoidance has increased double-fold.

6 built-in and precisely air bags offering full safety.

Power to weight ratio: 139.6 kW/t

Holden Calais V has a capacity of 61 L fuel.

The evaluated towing volume with brakes and unbrakes are 2100 kg and 1000 kg, respectively.



The high fuel consumption of V6 engines make it a bit overpriced.

Calais-V features the most expensive tyres.

Split-zone cooling makes you adjust the temperature without bothering other passengers.


Final verdict:

Their vehicles are adjustable, spacious with fine-looking design, and powerful engines with a push-button feature to drive effortlessly. It has multiple safety features which makes it a more acceptable choice. It has alarm features to avoid collapse and unnecessary obstruction while parking or lane departure along with a speed limiter. It has been rated as 5-star for following safety protocols.


Lately, the upgrade is made to all-wheel-drive V6. The progress has been made in their solidly created framework and engine fine-tuning. This company offers everything one can ask for! A well-designed composure, suspension, adaptive dampers, accurate sized and high-grade tyres, creditable accelerator and speed punch for an exciting road journey!


If you have already decided to buy Holden Calais, it is advised to make all clarifications from your side. And it is possible through learning about the car’s history regarding fraud or any unexpected and destructive incident. Exploring details before buying your dream car in real-world driving should be a preliminary step and we are providing this service for our precious customers. so, visit our website Quick Revs and get available data on the car’s history, immediately!

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