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Holden Barina Review Australia | Things You Need to Know

Holden Barina Review Australia

When it comes to cars, it's hard to know which one to choose. You can find a lot of options to choose from. Each car is unique, which makes it tougher to make the right decision. There are 3 basic things you should always keep in mind when you’re going to car shopping:



The one, most essential thing you would need when buying a car is money. When you’re buying something as complex and heavy as a car that costs you a good amount of money. So, it's better to make a budget.



Don’t go on buying the first thing you get your hands on. Do some research. Know what kind of car you’re looking for and make sure, the material attached to your car won’t rust within a few months. For this, research is important.


Test Drive:

When you set your mind on a car, go for a test run. See if someone around you has a similar car and drive around to see if it fits your needs. It also helps if you can speak to someone with experience of using the same car you want to buy.


About Holden Barina:

Since we’re talking about cars, let’s talk about the Australian, subcompact automobile, Holden Barina. Holden Barina has had many manufactures in the past;  including Suzuki, Opel, GM Daewoo and now, General Motors. The old Holden Barina is said to be in a bitter condition. Compared to the new Holden Barina which has been improved into a new model.


Here's the thing about Holden Barina, its last model came out in 2019. it is, until now, considered as the last model of this car overall. The reason behind it that the car is smaller and generates lesser revenue when it comes to sales. Since the car has stopped coming out with new models, that doesn’t mean people have stopped buying it. Due to this, its cost has decreased and the value of money has increased. So, if you really think about it, it’s all beneficial.


The different models of Holden Barina include the following:

 ✓ First-generation (MB, ML; 1985–1988)

 ✓ Second generation (MF, MH; 1989–1994)

 ✓ Third generation (SB; 1994–2000)

  Fourth generation (XC; 2001–2005)

 ✓ Fifth generation (TK; 2005–2011) 

 ✓ Sixth generation (TM; 2011–2018)


Moving forward, let’s talk about why the Holden Barina is the right choice for you. For that, we’ll have a look at the specifications of the car.



In Australia, Holden is a very popular and well-known brand. People prefer using this car more than any other because it’s easy to travel in and reliable. One of the things that makes this car so easy to use is the fact that it is a small car, with a small engine and automatic gearbox. Which just makes it easier to drive around especially if you’re owning the car just for yourself. Yes, for families, it’s a little difficult to drive around in this but if you’re a bachelor and need the car every once a day, this is your absolute perfect choice.


This car is built for the European City crowds but somehow it landed in Australia and works well. What the owners did was that they thought of putting a trunk on the two-box design Holden Barina Spark then decided to rebadge it and finally made it join the cities Down Under. If you Compare the fifth generation with the sixth generation, which was based on the European hit-model Opel/Vauxhall Corsa, the Barina was lacking one thing and that was a little appeal. However, the sixth generation filled up that gap and gave us a whole new model that people loved to drive around in.


Moving forward, let’s talk about the structure of the car. The best thing about the car is that it has hard surfaces inside and even with the cheap material, the car is quiet appealing and strong. The Holden engineers, however, thought that the car needed more work, so they worked and made the suspension of the car better. The engine offers a 1.6 Liter mated with either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed manual.

The cool thing about this car is that all latest Barinas are equipped with Holden’s 7.0-inch MyLink infotainment system which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along with six airbags, auto headlights, rear parking sensors, a rear-view camera, and cruise control!


Another technology-oriented feature that The Barina has is the voice recognition system which works well and doesn’t require a lot of manpower to operate. Usually very understanding of what you’re saying.

Furthermore, it has a comfortable driving position and even though the car may appear as small from the outside, from the inside, it has a lot of space and area. Especially for taller drivers to adjust in with ease.  Its rear-view camera is pretty clear and broad as well.


If we talk about fuel consumption, it’s quite decent. It also has a reliable powertrain. Additionally, its trunk is big enough for people to carry a lot of material in it. So, if you’re going out for a picnic or on a trip with your friends, you can carry a good amount of material in that big trunk!



Last but not the least, if we talk about the Holden Barina Prices range from $10,450 to $18,590 but you can get them for a good deal if you’re looking for a used car within your budget. It depends of where you’re looking from. You can find Holden Barina for sale anywhere in the Australian Market. You can find Holden Barina Black and Holden Barina White, both the colors are really appealing and attracting people.


Holden Barina Reviews:

Now that we’re aware of the specifications of the car, the next thing to look at are the reviews. Many people who have this car or have been using this car for a fair amount of time are more than satisfied with the energy produced by it. Following are some of the Holden Barina reviews that the users have given:



“The Barina is a hoot to drive, which will be a critical purchasing decision for more buyers in this segment than you might initially think. When you step into this micro car segment, you expect zippy performance, sharp steering, an exceptional turning circle, and go-kart-like maneuverability and the Barina delivers across all those expectations”



” We liked the steering, which played its part in ensuring the driving experience is as much fun as it is. The Barina turns on a dime, and perhaps most crucially, the suspension tune is excellent.”



“Even with the larger 17-inch rims of our test example, the Barina manages to soak up the worst of Sydney’s urban road network with composure, something it needs to do given it will play its trade most commonly on these very road surfaces.”

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