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Holden Barina Review Australia | Features, Specifications, Price

Holden Barina Review Australia

It is often said that good things come in small packages. We would be bold enough to include thrift to the equation as well. Thanks to Holden Barina which has been around for more than thirty years. Alas, after three decades, the production of the Holden Barina has now been terminated. It is still not clear as to why the production ceased for this miraculous little car.


The Holden Barina has been known to the masses since the 1980s. It gained popularity over the years for various years. One is that it was locally manufactured. And the fact that it offered good performance and fuel economy for driving within the city.


In 2017 alone, Holden sold more than 3500 Barinas in the country. Compared to the previous years, this was a slump in sales. This can be attributed to the factor of Holden closing down their local operations. But you can still find plenty of new Holden Barinas and their parts and accessories throughout the country very easily. So, what makes the Holden Barina so desirable? What makes it a worthy competitor in the already tough class of superminis? Read on our Holden Barina review to find out.


Currently, the latest Holden Barina hatchback features a 1.6-liter engine. It is categorized with the almost similar Holden Barina Spark and labeled as a supermini. Even though it has been around since 1985, the Barina saw many facelifts and modifications over the years. A local team from Melbourne worked on the latest model in 2016, with a design that was attractive as well as mature.


Despite the three decades, the Holden Barina continues to attract buyers due to its beautiful exterior and sensible drive. It faces fierce competition in the category with many top-of-the-line cars available. But the Holden Barina continues to hold against them, more so due to the sportier look it received in recent years.


It is not only the exterior that was improved recently. The new Holden Barina hatchback also saw major changes in the interior as well as the features and specifications. The sleek and smart design is appealing to young drivers. It is also a great option to buy if you are looking to buy your first car.


Engine Specifications:

The Holden Barina is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine, outputting an impressive 85kW of power. That may not seem enough when compared to competitors. But the engine is refined, and the power delivery is smooth, leaving little to complain.


The power is delivered to the front wheel via a six-speed manual transmission. But you can opt for the six-speed automatic transmission as well. The manual transmission goes well with the 1.6-liter engine. However, the automatic transmission is also competent.



The 2017 Holden Barina was redesigned to give it a more appealing look. Sure enough, Holden admits that they took inspiration from Camaro in the designing of the front. And we all know how beautiful the Camaro is. As a result, the Barina is more handsome than ever, from the front at least.


The rear did not see many changes. Newly designed taillights were included which gave it more grace. And a chance to compete against more modern cars when it comes to looks alone. The rear door handles are hidden which gives it a lopsided look, but then its Holden we are talking about. Apart from that, the front grille is great and the LED daytime running lights to complete the menacing look that Holden has tried to achieve.



Considering that the Holden Barina price is reasonable, you might be surprised by the quality of the cabin. The instrument cluster is well placed but is a little conventional to say the least. The upholstery may not be leather, but it still is handsome and looks great. The material used is not cheap and does well against hard-wearing. The front seats offer ample leg and headspace. In the rear, space may not be that spacious, nut you can still easily seat two adults there.


Driving Experience:

The Holden Barina is shockingly amusing to drive. With its reasonable valuing and oversimplified mechanicals may recommend. It probably will not have a torquey turbo-petroleum under the hood, or a smooth twofold grip programmed. However, the 1.6-liter factory is nothing if not willing. It fires up joyfully right to the redline. And the six-speed transmission really works superbly clutching gears when you need quick advancement. Be that as it may, when we state 'quick,' we mean about as fast as a smaller incubate ever truly gets.


What the Barina is acceptable at doing is guaranteeing punchy, responsive advancement through urban circumstances. It gives you simply enough snort to prop you up on the motorway. Also, it would be ideal to recall that the Barina's powertrain truly is simple enough. This means that you should not expect any hair-raising tricks.



For a low-cost car, the Holden Barina has tons of features and technology. Some notable safety features and other tech include:

 ✓ Standard six-airbags to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers in all situations

 ✓ Traction control

 ✓ Anti-lock braking system

 ✓ 5-star ANCAP rating

 ✓ Parking sensors

 ✓ 7.0-inch touchscreen

 ✓ Automatic headlights

 ✓ Adaptive Cruise control

 ✓ Heated front seats

 ✓ Keyless Entry

 ✓ Smartphone mirroring


Holden Barina problems include that it does not have many of the advanced driver assistance features like:

 ✓ Autonomous emergency braking system

 ✓ Forward collision warning

 ✓ Rear-cross traffic alerts


Final Verdict:

The Holden Barina has various reasons to make buyers flock towards it. The dynamics and engine are great, with low servicing costs. The manual transmission is impressive, with lots of fun features. On the downside, the interior uses a lot of plastic. The suspension is good on the highway but tends to be harsh on the countryside.


With such a sharp price and plenty of options, the Holden Barina is a good buy for the young. It would not be wrong to label it as a youthful car. And without a doubt, the best price and value for money that you can get your hands on.

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