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Holden Astra 2005 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Holden Astra 2005 Review Australia


Holden Astra is one of the all-rounder small cars that are loaded with features and a powerful engine offering durability, road performance, and style. The key appeal is its comparatively low pricing range.


Are you planning to visit the 2nd hand car market? It is definitely something money can buy even if you are low on budget. The major specs that will make you like it are the stylish looks, easy handling, and practical interior. Along with its sharp lines and dynamic on-road performance you would not trust that this amazing car was manufactured 10 years ago! The cabin looks fresh as new and the car handling is agile. But, remember, Holden Astra comes with a few shortfalls but those can be compensated with its elegant road manners. You must consider it in your buying list because it is not only larger but also safer and fashionable than many other compact cars.


In short, it is a small car giving a big car a feel because it is more than just your average small hatch!


Engine performance:

The 2005 Holden Astra model is one of the earliest and is available in all-time driver’s favorite setup of a 1.8L 4-cyl engine. When mated with a 5-speed manual gear shift, it guarantees to deliver the power of 100Kw combined with a fine torquey touch of 165Nm at 3800 rpm. Seems sufficient for a car of its size. The best part about the engine is its transmission that is not only smooth but also quick and responsive. Offering a solid and swift gear change also helps you achieve better fuel mileage.


With a brilliant fuel economy of 6-7L/100Kms, it appears an economical choice. Once seated, you will love its directional and receptive steering. It keeps you engaged with the road and the car handles bumps effortlessly. The road stability is dramatic due to the braking setup (ventilated disc brakes). Making your drive sportier than expected. 


The credit for the significantly improved drivability of Holden Astra can be given to the suspensions that work so nicely. It has helped minimize the car noise and engine vibration along with improving the steering response. The most impressive feature is its double-walled U-profile torsion beam fitted to the rear axle.

So, what exactly does it like to drive the Astra? Simply explained, it does not fight to overtake or to accelerate. You will find the engine configuration pretty faultless, making you feel comfortable on the road even if you are going on long rides. Well, you can expect a slight body roll but no exaggeration. 


A Sports Mode button is something EXTRA. It let you adjust how the Astra will respond directly to your command of steering and accelerator pedal.



Jumping to the exotic designs of Holden Astra, you will find both interior and exterior pretty impressive. The use of high-quality material makes its cabin appealing with a lot of soft-touch materials to modernize the design. You will feel how nice the environment it offers to all the passengers to sit and enjoy the ride. The most outstanding feature of the 2005 Holden Astra is its design. The one-body construction of this 5-door hatchback makes it a good pick. No matter what model you choose, a good vision is guaranteed.


On a small budget, you can get yourself a CD, the premium level, which seems to not lack any necessary hi-tech features. The other choices you have are CDX and CDXi, which blend comfort with luxury and lavishness. Bringing extra sportiness to the design with satisfactory safety is how we would define these models. The cabin is curated to store luggage. It is designed big enough to offer a comfy ride to the four-seater, or five even.


All Holden Astra trims come with full-size steel spare wheels with tires matching the other wheels. All models have a class-leading soft-touch trimming inside, now. The use of tech is made brilliantly. The gauges appear clear with fine detailing. Gear selectors got a neat touch. The unique feature is its advanced CANBUS electrical system letting you shift the indicator stalk to the right of the steering column without putting extra effort. 


Basic/standard specs in CD models:

An air conditioner with pollen filter

Single stacker CD player

Electric windows (front)

Heated Power mirrors

Accessible and fashionable steering mounted audio controls

Touch control hatch release

Rear fog lights

Intermittent, rain-sensing Wipers

MP3 Decoder

Rear Wiper/Washer

Speed Dependent Volume Stereo


Remote Boot/Hatch and Fuel Lid Release 

7-speaker Stereo

15-inch alloys

Adjustable, Tilt & Reach steering

4 airbags


Adaptive cruise control


Basic/standard specs in CDX models:


Going for luxury? CDX is a higher-spec model that comes with the touch of wood grain fanciness. Leather-trimmed steering with velour-wrapped seats is the big plus.


The doors and dash are keenly finessed.

Bigger16-inch alloy wheels complimenting low profile tires

6-stacker CD player

Multi-function graphic display

Roof-mounted sunglass holder


Basic/standard specs in CDXi models:

8-way adjustable sports seats

Sports trim

Highlight stitching

Sports steering wheel

Electronic climate control 

Side curtain airbags

Aggressive sports alloy wheels

Chrome grille 

Front fog lights


Cons of buying Holden Astra:

Insensitive and slightly flat manual gear

Tardy throttle response 

A bit odd Sports mode

Needs frequent belt changes

The short life of the air-conditioner

Hatch opening narrows at the base


Final verdict:

We can say, the Holden Astra gives absolutely sophisticated feels in the drive. You might find the hints showing that it lags in road handling. General fit and finish are respectable. Only squeaky interior plastics can make you dislike it.


Like other old-aged cars, it might come to give you unexpected and expensive motor problems. Buying an accurate car with the best features and clear history is the way to ensure future comfort. And, to get a valid history, we are providing you with an instant online portal Quick Revs. Enter the car details and get updated with the vehicle’s original accident, driving, and theft history.


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