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Holden Adventra Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Holden Adventra Review Australia


Looking for a wagon that guarantees a fun and safe ride? Look no further as Holden has an exclusively designed AWD wagon called Holden Adventra. Made from 2003 to 2005 only, it is a soft-roader. The splendid combination of stable steering, outstanding road grip and power is what makes it a preferable choice. And, yes, its killer price tag is a key to its appeal.


Concerned about safety? Its VZ generation is loaded with impressive active safety features.


With amble on-road dynamics, you can consider it a rockhopper with driving manners. If we focus only on the driving dynamics, it would not be wrong to say that the Adventra is the top-selling SUV all over the Australian automobile market.



Designed to take you on long, fun, and adventurous rides, the Holden Adventra is based on a wagon platform. It is featuring the best powertrain combination in both generations. The engine is not only powerful but also hard-wearing that requires no extra servicing. We can say the options you will be getting are limited to only the V8 engine mated with an automatic gearbox. But, you would be amazed by the Adventra dynamic strengths.


Driving on the Australian gravel roads and in the harsh climate? Do not worry, it tackles the on and off-road situations brilliantly. The company has put effort into making the transmissions suitable for all AWD environments.


The 2nd generation is known to work better in terms of shorter shift times, no engine lags, and reduced steering harshness. Adding to your surprise, the gear and steering set up an engaging link between driver and engine even Holden Adventra has no manual option.


Do you know what is the best part? Amazing torque split offering supreme suppleness and steadiness supporting chassis dynamics. The smooth gear shifting unit will always be providing you the quicker slips between ratios. Complete suspension systems are strengthened. In the latest models, braking and inter-cooling systems are highly compatible to offer long-lasting heavy-duty use.


Adventra VY:

It comes in two trims Holden Adventra CX8 and LX8, out of which the CX8 should be your first choice. No doubt, they have pretty similar mechanics, especially the engine capacity and power. While driving, CX8 feels too smooth, quiet, nice, and subtle.


The single powertrain installed is a 5.7L V8 engine capable of producing the maximum power of 235 kW. Well, the small ranging 4-speed automatic transmission might bug you a little. It is definitely relaxing to drive.


The steering management with revised suspension settings has made Holden Adventra a comfortable vehicle to perform and handle highways as well as city streets driving. Sometimes, it will give you a hard time for cornering.


Adventra VZ:

Available in four trims (SX6, CX6, LX6, LX8), every level is equipped with a petrol 3.6L V6 engine. Considering their 6-cylinder models, they can provide as much as 190 kW power complemented with a 5-speed automatic transmission.


The second option you have is the 5.7L V8 engine offering 250 kW power. Well, sad to say, but it is only provided on the Holden Adventra LX8 model, which is the top-range trim. With inspiring suspension tuning, the power steering is carefully calibrated to offer improved control.


All fresh electronic throttle is something you would love as it guarantees a smoother pedal response. The real fun factor is its revved-up power. In regard to comfortability and practicality, Holden Adventra LX6 is the best choice. And, how can you miss out on Holden Adventra's marvelous trackability that is not only responsive but chuckable and highly entertaining?



First, the focus of every buyer must be comfortability, and the Adventra is loaded with comfort features. With a 60/40 split rear seat, the interior feels more and more spacious. Considering it a 7-seater, you would find multiple practical convenience specs. True to its envisioned purpose as an adaptable leisure wagon having a family-friendly focus, it brings unconventional safety technology, flexible, roomy, and securely appointed passenger accommodation.


If we look for the exterior, you can spot them from a distance due to their distinguishing black plastic featured on the front and rear bumpers. Visually, its rear window shape and full-length Euro-style roof rack are the real highlights. It is not appealing from the front only but also the rear where the tailgate has a uniquely shaped rear spoiler accompanied by a full-width LED rear-light.


Willing to pay extra money? If yes, you will get 3-row seating, additional cargo hold-down nets, and an amazing off-road recovery kit. Every feature has its built-in extra adaptability. The pointedly reinforced underbody such as front and rear 'bash plate' undertrays and a hard-wearing engine cradle add up to the chassis stability.


Having an auxiliary power outlet and carpeted 'lockers' sounds like a luxury. Every model has good quality standard equipment. The decent room inside a cabin makes Holden Adventra a relaxing ride even for long road trips.


VZ specifications:

CrossTrac AWD system letting you split the drive by 38/62 front to rear

Extra plating of the underbody for maximum protection


Remote/keyless central locking

Powered windows

Electric mirrors

CD player

Responsive cruise control


LX6 and LX8 models of Holden Adventra offer sunroof and leather/suede trimming to keep the fanciness. Besides, the fog lamps are installed, for maximizing the ease, sports seats are found inside along with eight-way electronic adjustments for the 1st-row seats. Unfortunately, LX8 misses out on ESP, HDC, and EBA. The finest 10-speaker audio system is another silver lining.


Besides, it comes with:

Dual-zone climate control

Active head restraints

Sport gauges

Heated mirrors with memory

Stainless steel sill plates

First aid kit

Roof-mounted luggage carrier

Cargo and tie-down safety nets

Priority Key


The CX6 adds:

6-stack CD player

Climate control

Leather-wrapped cabin


Adventra CX8 and Adventra LX8:

Two of the most stylish trims, both are laid out well. The major specs include:

Driver, passenger, and side airbags

6-disc CD player

Climate control AC (electronic)

Rear parking assistance

5-spoke 17’’ alloy wheels

Trip computer

Electronic windows

Soft-felt velour seat trimming

Leather-wrapped steering and gear knob

Anti-lock brakes

Electronic brake force distribution

Traction control

Stability control


Cons of buying Holden Adventra:

The V8 engine is fuel thirsty

5-speed automatic gearbox can trip up

Sometimes, the steering feels too heavy


Final verdict:

Holden Adventra's appealing looks, passenger car qualities, go-anywhere functionality, graceful V8 performance, and heaving power demand the immediate attention of the buyers. Adventra's rough appearances are emphasized with an extensive track, flared wheel arches, and elevated stature. Bold styling compliments all-road skills while keeping a performance edge.


If you are planning on purchasing Adventra's, how about knowing the car's past details beforehand? It will help you out to finalize the deal. Besides, giving you the car’s review, we would like to help our customers by offering an online, all-time accessible portal, where you can get your hands on a vehicle’s accidents, theft, and driving history. Click here.

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