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Hire a Bomb Reviews Australia | Service, Features, Prices, Reviews

Hire a Bomb Review Australia

Traveling is always an attraction, exploring different corners of the world. But when it comes to traveling, transport is the primary obstacle coming your way. Cars are the safest and the most comfortable source of transport. Not everyone has cars that are why they avoid traveling most of the time. Therefore for the easy approach of traveling RENT  BOMB is a productive way introduced. They offer cheap cars on rent to their customers for their convenience. They offer a variety of best car rental deals to their customers as well as provides desired cars too. 


For example: If someone wants to hire Mercedes for their wedding as a dream car on their special day Rent a bomb comes first in mind as they provide your desired car to make your day special. The best quality economy car hire in your town.


Branches include:

  Car rental Cairns,

  Car rental Melbourne 

  Car rental Brisbane 

  Car rental Gold Coast 

  Car rental Tullamarine 


Convenient and Affordable Car Rental Service:

When it comes to rental transportation rent a bomb is a fantastic solution to your problem. With their huge range of new and used business and traveler vehicles for hire, you can select the best option for your needs and budget. It doesn't matter if you’re staying somewhere for a day, a week, a month, or longer, they can offer the best budget car hire with amazing quality car hire services to suit your stay.


If rental car breaks down:

If in case of a breakdown or other unforeseen situation, call us during typical available time and they will convey a specialist to make you go once more. For night-time issues, they offer assistance through RACV, NRMA and RACQ. 


Reliable cars:

On a daily basis, they service cars and have a full safety check on every service made. Their professionals work 24 hrs to make their rental services reliable for all of the trusty customers.


Features offered:

  Their car service providers ensure the comfort for your traveling and makes sure that you don’t need to worry at all. 

  Car rentals are a help to make you stress-free from everything and lets you enjoy your trip without any hustle.  

  Car usually involves many expenses than these rental cars that include insurance costs, mitigation, and pollution checks. 

  Saves your time as well as money and provides you an amazing journey. You don’t need to worry about minor details rather than that few documents require for the assurance and assistance of these rental services.

  o make sure you get a car at your new location without any hustle. However, it's difficult to find cars in another town that is why rent a bomb provides online services for their customers to get a car whenever and wherever you want. 

  To get a comfortable journey, one must book a car with the number of persons traveling. Offering a wide range of cars and vans etc.

  In case of any emergency, you can cancel your booked reservation at any time without any fine involved. The car booking made can be canceled before time.

  Select the right vehicle that suits your journey with the best features that comforts your trip. 

  Reliable services are available 24/7 for everyone.


IS hire a bomb really worth?

Review #1:

Using rent a bomb Richmond was the worst decision I have ever made. The most unprofessional experience, the staff member I dealt was, was rude and actually lied to my face. They allowed me to book a van online at their closing time, on my way I realized and saw their closing time, I then called them to say I would be 6 minutes late. They refused to stay open for 6 minutes while i got there - 6 minutes past my booking time for me to get my van, they just shut the shop and didn't call me back when she said she would. I had a major event the following day which I told her, and I needed that van. I have since called them for an explanation and they were nothing but rude. They should not be booking vans out online at the time they are closing. Do not use this company. Thank god for Car Next Door i got home booked one with them. This was the worst experience I have ever experienced.


Review #2:

Spoke to staff member twice on the phone a week before our trip to book. Confirmed to hire their 7 seater and gave all our details (dates, pick up time, drop off time and amounts due, contact numbers). On the day we were meant to pick up, we called an hour before to advise we were going to be half an hour late in picking up only to be told my booking had not been recorded and that their one and only 7 seater had been given away to someone else the day before. Was told by the lady on the phone that "I should've called the day before to confirm". At no point in the 2 conversations I had with the previous staff member was I told that I was SUPPOSED to confirm, making me feel as if it was MY fault. So we ended up having to drive 2 cars to accommodate a family of 6 to our trip 3.5 hours away because they stuffed up. While they offered to have the car returned an hour earlier by the person they lent it to, it would've been too late as we would've gotten to our destination late in the afternoon. Next time, we will pay the extra money and go somewhere else.


Review #3:

Efficient, reliable car, excellent pricing and superior customer service from Paul at Tullamarine. How refreshing it was to communicate personally with the guy who runs the store. The personal attention in correspondence with Paul made our travel plans so much smoother and he very ably accommodated our requests. I wish I had used Rent a Bomb years ago ... I would have saved hundreds of dollars. Give them a try.


Review #4:

Have rented a few times through the Preston branch, and have always found them great value for money, with friendly & helpful customer service. Starting from $35 a day, the vehicles of course are fairly basic but get the job done well. Especially great for me as I usually hire to collect eBay/Gumtree furniture purchases, so getting a ute or station wagon for so cheap is amazing. I also really appreciate being able to leave a cash deposit, as opposed to a credit card pre-authorization that can sometimes take weeks to be returned. Will continue to hire from here :)



Within all the positive and negative reviews, in my opinion, Rent a Bomb is the efficient service introduced that don’t make you an alien in your own country. The availability of required cars on accurate time is a reliable way to deal with customers. Therefore these rental services provided make the customer remember the quality of the car.

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