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An Overview of Hazard Perception Test NSW

hazard perception test nsw


Driving is a passion for a lot of people. We sometimes take time off our busy lives to spend with ourselves all alone with just the love of our life with us; our vehicle. That beautiful feeling cannot be expressed in words at all. However, to give you a general idea, have you ever passed a test without studying? Well, the feeling is just like that times ten. To replicate that feeling or trying to do something else to feel the same would be in vain. Up and coming teenagers are really excited about getting their first vehicle and feeling this same feeling we are exaggerating something.

However, just passing that learner's driving test to attain a learner’s license is not the same as having an actual license in your hand. One of the most basic and important steps in stepping forward from a learner’s license to an actual driving license is the Hazard Perception Test in NSW.

About Hazard Perception Test:

By putting it simply, the Hazard Perception Test in NSW is a type of test performed to measure a future driver’s hazard perception skills.

How is a Hazard Perception Test performed?

Kind of similar to a driving theory test, Hazard Perception Test is not up and right consistent of MCQs and involves actual situations related to traffic incidents. The candidate is presented with the situation on a screen and they have to make sure that they tell what to do at the right moment. For example, suppose a video is showing a car taking a turn at an intersection. The candidate will have to list all of the steps of taking this turn and minimizing all the risks and hazards. If they fail to do so, oh well.

This test does not include paper or written answers. This is not your typical high school exam. It includes real-world scenarios that are shown to you and you have to act accordingly. One wrong move and everything is bound to be messed up.

Note that this is not an upfront HAZMAT test. You will not be asked about what you would do in case of a chemical outbreak or anything. It is kept as realistic as possible.

What does a Hazard Perception Test aim to find out?

Hazard Perception Test NSW can be classed as a theory test since it does involve theoretical situations. However, to go any further than that would be overkill. A Hazard Perception Test generally aims to find out your hazard perception skills, reaction time, and general reaction to a particular type of situation. What you do, how you do, how well you do, how quick you do, etc. is found out at a Hazard Perception Test.

Is it really that important?

Considering that driving requires you to have a quick reflex and good response time and decision-making skills, yes. Hazard Perception Test is really important. While an actual driving test does not force you to run into a hazard of some sort and just checks your driving skill etc., hazard perception test in NSW is the one that judges your “critical decision making” skills.

Pre-requisites of the test:

In order to be able to give the Hazard Perception Test, you have to be holding your learner’s driving license for a minimum of ten months. After that, you are free to give Hazard Perception Test. However, under no circumstances should you feel forced to give the test as soon as possible. You should take as much time as you want to understand driving and hazard perception before giving the actual test. It is better to learn from driving experience than to fail over and over again trying to learn from your failure; although that works too is not as fun as it sounds. 

5 Most Common Types of Crashes:

Hazard Perception Test mostly focuses on five major types of crashes and wants to check your reaction in a circumstance where you might face such a crash. These five types of crashes are:

 1. Rear-End Collision

 2. Intersection Collision

 3. Head-On Collision

 4. Running off a straight section of a road and getting crashed into an object

 5. Running off a curved section of a road and getting crashed into an object

General Risks While Driving:

A lot of risks are involved while driving. As per the statistics, young drivers (of age less than 25) are more prone to take risks and being involved in crashes than drivers over 25. Some of these general risks include:

 1. Being too close to the vehicle in front

 2. Over-speeding

 3. Not inspecting the road properly

 4. Over-taking, changing lanes, taking turns from small gaps


As per Roads and Maritime Services, New South Wales, Hazards are defined as:

“A hazard is a possible source of danger that could lead to an incident.”

Hazards are important to be kept a note of as they can be life-threatening. They are pretty dangerous and quick and require a swift response and action from the person behind the wheel to get to safety. A few hazards include:

 1. A road crossing pedestrian

 2. A broken-down vehicle

 3. A road accident

 4. Road works

 5. A car applying brakes in front of you

Preparation for Hazards:

Many of the companies and online websites claim to “prepare you for your hazard perception test” in NSW. However, although their preparation schemes are pretty good but it is still better to not fall for these hazard perception test practice online and instead, go out and practice for yourself. See how real life is. It would give you a lot of experience.

Hazard Perception Test Cost: 

As per RMS NSW, the Hazard Perception Test in NSW costs $47 for each attempt.

How to pass the Hazard Perception Test NSW?

Hazard perception test practice includes basically nothing other than sharpening your reflexes and knowing what you have to do at what time. This is best practiced when you have a clear mind and are on the road. There, you will have a lot of these hazards to practice upon.

In order to pass the Hazard Perception Test NSW, you will have to follow a few guidelines. These are as follows:

 1. Think with a clear mind.

 2. These are real-life situations, make sure to take all factors into consideration before making a decision.

 3. Know your time. You usually have a very small time to think. Brakes always help, just saying.

 4. If you want to prepare for your hazard perception test NSW but don’t want to do it on a car, you are welcome to take a hazard test online and see where it takes you.

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