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Haval h9 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Haval h9 Review Australia

What could be is better than an SUV loaded with dozens of advanced features!! Haval is a well-known china’s automobile company. It has been serving people for a long time. Since 2013, it has been successfully meeting its customer’s needs. Its latest creation of 2020 is H9. It has two classic variants: Haval h9 LUX 4WDH9 and Premium 4WD. They are from the MY19 series. Both comprise an impressive 4D wagon body type. Being an Australian what do you think about this china designed local car?


Worried about fitting too many people in a single car?  This family-sized H9 SUV is the best option to think about. Besides, it is much more than a petrol-based 7-seater SUV. It is featured with an exclusive dual-range 4WD.  This SUV will give you an immense pleasure of luxury and extravagance. All features are highly manageable. The producers have put so much labor that you will get impressed at a glance.


To give a smoother drive, multiple modifications have been made. You will be amazed to feel how 18-inch alloy wheels, classic engines with the effective all-terrain regulator, upgraded electrical push button, and magnificent design have made one of the most recommended cars. In its interior detailing, you can find feasible power plugins. And, how can you stop yourself from appreciating its distinctive rear lock for additional safety? Haval h9 is an SUV with exclusive five Doors. Get ready to get tempted by its striking features.



Last year, this company made millions of sales, worldwide. It is known as an expert or specialist of SUVs. Their automobiles were introduced to Australia in 2015, and it has been growing since then! Over time, Haval H9 has made advancements in its engine system, as well. The company has been trying to offer maximum pace with minimum fuel consumption as it includes idle-stop technology. Even on bumpy roads, you will drive it smoothly and effortlessly with its -speed ZF-sourced 8HP70 automatic transmission. The latest upgrade made in H9 Ultra is its eye-catching panoramic roof. Oh, I wonder, what a pretty view it will give to enjoy at the starry night!


You will be provided with smooth off-road chops. Even if Haval 9 is a bit imperfect automobile, it still lets you enjoy a wonderfully enjoyable ride with your loved ones. It has a lot of competition in the market but being a well-equipped car, Haval h9 has surpassed others in aspects of interior, attractive model details with a smoother pace.


Engine setup:

The company has put great efforts in terms of updating their engine to provide maximum performance. The car is featured with a splendid Turbo engine of 2.0 liters capacity. It is supported with standard four-cylinders providing a maximum torque of 350Nm @ 1800rpm and supreme Power of 180kW @ 5500rpm. It is a well-balanced car presenting a highly stable ratio of power and weight, 80.7W/kg. No matter if you are traveling on wilding roads, spinning mountains, or straight roads, you will be safe and provide excellent performance. It has maintained Final Drive Ratio as splendid 4.22. The engine runs on petrol and presents a capacity of 80liters which lets you enjoy a longer ride without any difficulty.


Everyone wants a car with efficient mileage and minimal fuel expenditure. Consider Haval h9 in your good book as it only consumes 10.9L / 100km. While driving, if you ever feel like shifting the gears, don’t worry, it has an automatic transmission feature which includes eight transitioning speed ranks. Its total weight is 5450Kg which makes it quite lightweight letting you run it in a lighter mood.



How cool it is to have a car with a superb, fast-paced engine with an excellent design. The first thing you would notice in its magnificent interior is the stylish, chic styled, and leathery steering wheel. It is also electronically powered giving you a cutting-edge tech. Haval h9 It is presented in appropriate dimensions. It is used for infotainment purposes. You can keep yourself updated about the car's status by analog tacho. Besides, it has an efficient speedometer to keep you posted.


It comes with a mechanically manageable chassis. Its leathery texture would definitely give you a rich feel with the happiness of massive magnitude. Even with 7 seats, every seat is delicately fitted and comes with utmost comfort. First, two rows are also heated or cooled down when needed. You would never feel tired of driving again as the driver’s seat has a built-in massage feature.


Is there anyone who can tolerate traffic loud noises? Haval h9 is almost soundproof. Moreover, other specifications to know before buying any variant of this car are heatable steering and faux-leather featured interior.  Its glovebox and door-side bin are quite spacious along with an efficient phone charger port. Listen to a song on its highly advanced and matchless audio system to have a great time while driving. I bet you have heard about dual-zone climate control, but this vehicle has brought the concept of tri-zone climate control. I’m sure you would love its wood-like trim touch.


Highlighted features: 

✓ It comes with a magnificent towing capacity of 2500 with brakes and 750 with no brakes.

✓ Addition of All-Terrain Control System (ATCS).

✓ Highly responsive and adaptable system based on various modes called Auto, Sand, Snow, Mud, 4L and Sport.

✓ In both Haval h9 models, the engines are embedded with upgraded shock absorber valving making your journey unproblematic.

✓ Easily accessible 12V and USB charging ports.



✓ Never compromise on safety and H9 is a top-rated SUV with an amazing and authentic security setup.

  1. ✓ It is capable of blind-spot monitoring,

  2. ✓ Sensors to warn you while lane-departure to avoid collapse.

  3. ✓ Timely warning on rear cross-traffic alert as standard

  4. ✓ It ensures you to get the best safe drive-by monitoring the driver’s fatigue.

  5. ✓ Hill descent control.

  6. ✓ A dial representing tyre’s pressure.

  7. ✓ The engine has quick actioning anti-lock brakes.

  8. ✓ For ultimate protection, you are provided with 6 airbags.



  • ✓ One of the major drawbacks this car has been facing is the absence of autonomous emergency braking (AEB).

  • ✓ Higher fuel consumption making it a bit pricey.

  • ✓ Their infotainment setup needs an immediate upgrade.

  • ✓ Inefficient cruise navigation.

  • ✓ Limited space and little room for 3rd-row seating.

  • ✓ With such advancements, the controlling system is quite tough to understand.


Final verdict:

SUV with an amazing 2.0-litre turbo- four-cylinder engine and tasteful modifications is nearly a dream! Its engine’s horsepower is sufficient. The striking capacity of H9 to reduce noise and provide a calmer cabin is a highlight. How premium it feels to sit in a car with a comfort-Tek eco-leather! In short, the Haval h9 is loaded with extremely extravagant and rejuvenating standard equipment giving Australians a hard time to keep themselves away from buying. H9 Ultra also has heated wipers and foldable 3rd-row seats. Whereas H9 LUX is featured with rain sensors and additional paddle shifters.


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