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Haval H6 Review | The New luxury family SUV in Australia? | Price, Specs, Features

Haval H6 Review

Everyone in the world has their interests while talking about cars, the most important thing we learn is the changing trends in the world. With every progressing day, we witness the changes and trends of cars. With unique advancements and improved quality of technology, cars have become a trend that needs to be updated from time to time. 


As time changes everyone opts to have a luxurious car in their garage. This usually shows that everyone working wants luxurious ways of living. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the specifications and changes made with every advancing day that focuses on the latest technology being used in modern cars just as Haval H6.


Havel H6 also called great wall h6, which is manufactured by a Chinese company named auto great wall motors which made this standard car launched in 2011. Havel’s previous models were unique, but h6 is modified uniquely. However, it is a sport utility vehicle that boosts up all the racers and individuals focusing on speed.


The performance of this model is more efficient than previous versions of Havel. This luxurious car is available at high cost performing accordingly as the cost, it is the best option for anybody searching for an easygoing vehicle however with great looks and execution. Its modern look and stylish structure have made it the best option to opt for customers as their first choice.


What’s so special about Havel H6?

With every model of Haval, there is always a unique and innovative structure that advances from the previous one. The medium of the SUV market in Australia is considered as the biggest amongst the growing competitors.


With every model, there are some special features as well as a few drawbacks:

 ✓ List of Features include:

 . 17-inch alloy wheels

  LED daytime running lights

  Blind-spot monitoring

  Six airbags, including full-length side curtain airbags

  Front/rear parking sensors

  Rear-view camera

  Tire-pressure monitor


 ✓ Leather steering wheel

  Keyless entry

  Keyless start

  The 7.0-inch color LCD screen

  Seven-speaker audio system

 ✓ Bluetooth hands-free with audio streaming

 ✓ Privacy glass

 ✓ Dual-zone climate control air-conditioning

 ✓ Rear-seat A/C outlets

 ✓ Pollen filters


Additionally, as comparing Haval H9 with Haval H6 Lux Includes:

 ✓ 19-inch alloy wheels

 ✓ Panoramic sunroof

 ✓ Comfort-Tek (fake leather) seats with heated front and rear seats

 ✓ Eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat

 ✓ Four-way power-adjustable passenger seat

 ✓ Eight-speaker sound system (adds sub-woofer)

 ✓ Xenon headlamps with automatic leveling

 ✓ Passenger side kerbside camera


With all of the perks and feature, there are few Drawbacks for Haval H6 which includes:

  Strange steering

  Annoying hazard lights that come on under hard driving

  No sat-nav yet

  Not very fuel-efficient


Haval H6 Specs:

The H6 additionally offers a decent and spacious seating arrangement with more space than other cars, the sofa called recliners with ISOFIX grapples back vents, lights, back warming (in the Lux). 

Considering the components of the vehicle are a standard-for-the-class 4549mm long and 1835mm wide, and that the 2720mm wheelbase is about the standard, the bundling is exemplary.


The rearward sitting arrangements overlap genuinely, however, there's no place to store the load spread. Under the floor is a transitory speed-restricted extra wheel.  

The Haval H6 will assure five-year/100,000km warranty and five years of roadside help, alongside topped the value adjusting. That should give some surety, however, don't expect extraordinary resale esteem.



Havel H6 is available in different shades that fit incredibly on the structure of the vehicle:

 ✓ Ebony

 ✓ Bronze

 ✓ Atlantic Blue

 ✓ Sleek Silver

 ✓ Monza

 ✓ Titanium

 ✓ Pure White


Haval H6 Price:

Haval has been part of many criticisms at the cost and worth condition of its current H2, H8, and H9 models, yet the H6 strike nearer to the mark, estimated against the base Tucson, Tiguan, Sportage, CX-5. The two trim levels off the Haval H6 are the Premium and the Lux. Befitting the brand's presence, they won't undercut players, however, following them on the basis of specifications.


The Premium has an RRP of $31,990 in addition to on-street costs, while the Lux is $34,990. The organization is retailing them at $29,990 drive-away and $31,990 drive-away, which makes each somewhat more appealing. H6 Premium ranges in between $31,990 ($29,990 drive-away at launch) while H6 Lux is in between $34,990 ($31,990 drive-away at launch).


Exterior Special Features:

 ✓ Matt Aluminum Sport Roof Rack: Being straightforward fit as a fiddle, chic and decent, it completely emphasizes the sporty features.


 ✓ Shark Fin Roof Radio Antenna: With the trendy and energetic shape, it completely coordinates with the total, vehicle, and can adequately take out electricity produced via friction. 


 ✓ 17" 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels:  With the new shape, structure, it looks like a lot of trendy and completely highlights the lively components.


 ✓ New Type Rear View Mirror: Coordinated with LED blinker light, graciousness light and FRH vulnerable side visual framework, intended to glare back view reflect flaunt the electrically movable and foldable capacity. 


Interior Special Features:

 ✓ Airbags: AUTOLIV brand. Blind airbags spread all through the front and back traveler segments, guaranteeing all-around security for travelers.  


 ✓ New Type Steering Wheel: Being 3-talked fit as a fiddle, coordinated with sound, Bluetooth and voyage control. It feels good and brings all the more driving delight and driving security.


 ✓ Multimedia Equipment: Coordinated with CAN arrange association, invert radar show, A/C show, and new age various media framework, it's anything but difficult to work and drive, in this manner giving you a charming encounter the whole journey.


 ✓ TOD and Suspension: TOD Intelligent four-wheel drive framework Detecting distinctive surface conditions and modifies wheel speed and quickening in like manner, the 4WD ECU advances main impetus dispersion among the front and back wheels. McPherson autonomous front suspension and free back suspension with betray arm and torsion bar springs.


 ✓ The Perfect Engine: Three sorts of the motor are accommodated, 4G69S4M petroleum motor, Max. Force 120 kW/6000 rpm, Max. Torque 210 Nm/3,000~4,500 rpm; GW4G15B oil motor, Max. Force 110 kW/5,600 rpm,Max. Torque 210 Nm/2,200~4,500 rpm; GW4D20 diesel motor, Max. Force 110 kW/4,000 rpm, Max. Torque 310 Nm/1,800~2,800 rpm. 



In an Italian magazine, Al Volante Haval car reviews defined Havel motors as the most comfortable and finest car as compared to the competitors at high prices. The defined quality features promoting the car and making it relatively different from others. A sporty impression made by Haval H6 on all the individuals is quite breathtaking. 


It is structured in an attractive shape that was actually designed by the man working for the first BMW X5, Pierre Leclercq. It's not copied, nor it's radical and it has a complete finishing. Therefore, choosing Havel H6 as a priority while buying a car might be a good decision.


If you are thinking about purchasing Hava H6 or any other car, make sure you run proper checks on it. QuickREVs helps you scan a vehicle for its history, make and model and its legitimacy very easily at a really low cost!

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