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HARROP Review Australia | Engineering Superchargers, Driveline

HARROP Review Australia

At the end of the 60s, Ron Harrop (an engineer) became involved in the motorsports business. Harrop Engineering had already been in operation, however, it was at this time that Ron got interested in making cars perform better, modifying an EH Holden. In the early years, Harrop used this car in drag racing, making further modifications to it.


 In late 1993, the Holden Racing Team, via Tomas Mezera, approached Ron to provide some technical assistance to boost their performance. This proved positive and the following year he became the Chief Engineer for the team. During the 5 years that he held this position until resigning in 1999, the team became the benchmark. As well as specialized race components Harrop Engineering manufactures prototype and production parts for the automotive, rail, mining, medical and scientific industries.



The company’s machining facility is air-conditioned and protected by constant video surveillance and machine monitoring equipment. Consumables and tools are managed by an online automated inventory management system. A comprehensive integrated factory and commercial system provide all areas of the business with live data logging and on-line status reporting. Computer technology throughout the organization is synchronized with the most current applications being used by businesses today.


In-house manufacturing processes include tool and pattern design and machining, CNC finish machining of parts, assembly, verification, and testing. A team of qualified engineers and technicians utilize their extensive experience of modern manufacturing to deliver high-value engineering solutions to the industrial sector. 



The Harrop range of Superchargers utilises Eaton’s Twin Vortices Series™ (TVS™) technology. The range is a Roots-type positive displacement supercharger designed for a variety of engine applications delivering more power and torque for uncompromising, high-performance driving.

The TVS supercharger’s patented design features twin four-lobe rotors with 160-degree twists and high-flow inlet and outlet ports that greatly enhance thermal efficiency, deliver higher volumetric capacity and enable higher operating speeds. It is capable of running with high thermal efficiency (up to 76 percent) across a wider operating range.


The higher helix angle of the rotors coupled with redesigned inlet and outlet ports improves the air-handling characteristics without increasing the overall size of the unit. The TVS improved noise and vibration characteristics eliminate additional noise-reduction treatments, complexity, and system cost. Additionally, the supercharger incorporates a bypass system to reduce air handling losses when a boost is not required, resulting in a better fuel economy.

The improvements incorporated into the TVS design allow for the use of a smaller supercharger, reducing the package size and weight of the system. The superchargers range from 900cc to 2300cc per revolution, and all TVS superchargers have a 2.4 pressure ratio capability and a thermal efficiency that exceeds 70 percent, which enables more compact packaging and greater output.

Some of these Superchargers are found below:


TVS2650 | RAM 1500

Key Features:

 ✓ 40% increase in power and torque measured on our hub dyno at Harrop Performance Centre

 ✓ Designed using Eaton’s largest 2650 rotating group with 170-degree lobe helix angle for unrivaled thermal efficiency

 ✓ Front Drive/Front Inlet design for shorter less restrictive intake path to improve boost response

 ✓ Latest high-density fin, extruded tube dual pass intercooler core ensures maximum thermal transfer

 ✓ Interfaces with factory and aftermarket Airboxes, retains all factory ancillaries including A/C and requires no cutting or fabrication by the installer

 ✓ Huge Torque increase at low rpm is perfect for towing or off-road driving

 ✓ Designed & Manufactured by Harrop to OE levels of appearance and operation


TVS2650 LSA | ZL1 5th Gen Camaro Offset

Key Features:

 ✓ Utilizing the latest in Eaton TVS technology with 170-degree twist lobes

 ✓ 25 percent more airflow at 18,000 RPM and 14 psi boost than R2300

 ✓ High-efficiency water to air integrated intercooler system

 ✓ Integrated by-pass for improved driveability

 ✓ GM Factory and 102mm Aftermarket throttle body compatible

 ✓ GripTec Supercharger Drive Pulleys available in 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm and 85mm 

 ✓ Offset spacer required to provide the necessary clearance to the rear cowl on the 5th Gen Camaro

 ✓ Recommended for 5th Gen Camaro and CTS-V



Braking performance is essential to success on the track and confidence on the road. Harrop Engineering has its roots firmly planted in the development of vehicles that have successfully competed at the highest levels of motorsport in this country, as a result, the name is synonymous with high-performance brake systems. The company continues to develop progressive designs, based on our extensive knowledge, to manufacture state-of-the-art brake technology with distinctive styling to enable us to deliver genuine brake upgrade systems for a multitude of applications.


Ultimate Kit | BMW E9X & E82:

The 2-piece bobbin drive system utilized in the front rotors is the same system that is used in motorsport applications to handle the heat differential between the cast iron rotors and aluminum adaptors (hats).

The rotor and caliper design push the boundaries of extreme braking to achieve world-class performance with independently tested 100-0 km/h stopping distances less than 35m. The kit provides the ultimate in performance while maintaining a perfect braking balance under all driving conditions.

 ✓ Front Rotors: 381mm x 32mm 2-Piece, 48 vane, bobbin drive with 24 broken slots.
 ✓ Rear Rotors: 356mm x 28mm 2-Piece, 36 vane directional with 24 broken slots.
 ✓ Front Calipers: 6 Piston lightweight aluminum calipers available in selected colors.
 ✓ Rear Calipers: 4 Piston lightweight aluminum calipers available in selected colors.



Driveline systems designed to handle increased engine and braking performance are fundamental to success. Harrop Engineering strives to develop progressive design, manufacturing, and quality systems in order to deliver outstanding driveline products. The company is recognized for designing and developing driveline products for a variety of high profile race categories and these capabilities translate into world-class manufactured aftermarket products.


As a distributor of Eaton differential products, Harrop Engineering is uniquely able to offer you access to the world's widest range of traction solutions. Eaton's innovative differential products are rigorously tested to meet OEM standards, they dominate the global automotive aftermarket scene, and are the choice of professional racers in NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, CORR, NMRA, and NMCA series, just to name a few. Beyond the rigors of everyday use, all Eaton differentials are validated at their Proving Grounds in Marshall, Michigan.


 ✓ Detroit Truetrac | Dana 44 | 3.92 & up

Proven design, low cost, and effective performance all make the Harrop Eaton Truetrac differentials the ideal choice for a wide variety of vehicle applications both on and off-road. 


The Harrop/Eaton Truetrac was the first helical gear differential ever introduced into the automotive aftermarket. It is based on technology derived from the Eaton Detroit Truetrac limited-slip differential (LSD) which is a pioneer in helical gear based traction technology and remains the leading helical gear-type limited-slip diff in the industry. The Truetrac’s proven helical gear design eliminates the need for wearable parts, resulting in maintenance-free traction recognized not only for its toughness but its smooth and quiet operation as well.

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