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Great Wall UTE Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Great Wall UTE Review Australia

You might have heard the name of the Great Wall brand. Like it or not, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is cheap. And the fact that it is Chinese.


Now, do not let the fact of the brand being Chinese misguide you. In fact, the Great Wall Steed is one of the top-selling dual-cab utes in the country. And that too at reasonable prices. In the price that you can get a new Great Wall ute, you might not even get a six-years-old HiLux.


You might argue that the low prices for the Great Wall are certainly justified. Their products are not top of the line, nor sophisticated. It might not be the safest vehicle, but it does have plenty of features that make it a good buy.


Not so long ago, the Great Wall had a blazing trail of sales and revenues. In over six years, they sold more than 50,000 utes and SUVs. But times have changed now, and so has the market. Sadly, the Great Wall could not keep up with both.


Nevertheless, the Great Wall ute 2020 has a ridiculously low price which is their top-selling point. In that price, you get the features and convenience which match the more expensive competitors in the class such as the Toyota Hilux and the Ford Ranger.


Engine and Performance:

The 2020 Great Wall ute is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine. The engine outputs 110 kW of power and a torque of 310 Nm at peak rpm. The engine specifications may seem modest, but when you look at the size, the output is enough. The average size does well to harness the power and results in a good performance on the road.


The Great Wall dual cab utilizes a six-speed manual transmission to send the power to the wheels. Unfortunately, there is no Great Wall Steed automatic option available. Initially, the transmission may seem soft, but improves after a few revs when you are on board.


Surprisingly, the engine is smooth and quiet. The gear shifting is precise and is light to say the least. Overall, you will find the engine to be refined, which some would not be expecting from the cheap vehicle.


Driving Experience:

Light yet not especially exact would be the perfect way to demonstrate the driving experience. The Great Wall ute is the most ideal approach to portray the Steed's guiding. Particularly in the light of the magnificent directing feel and exactness of the best of the current standard double taxis.


In any case, you become accustomed to the Steed in due time. Just as you become accustomed to numerous more established mainstream utes. On an increasingly positive note, the ride quality is sensible, even unladen. Better despite everything is the auto-drawing in the 4x4 framework. Which has, at its center, a Borg-Warner force on-request move case, like that utilized in the Ford Everest.


There is as yet a 2WD mode in the event that you wish to utilize that. That can be used by changing to the 'AWD' mode, which you can use on any street surface. The framework connects with 4WD if and when required. As a result, it resembles having full-time 4x4 and brings comfort and security benefits on every kind of terrain.



The Great Wall Steed cabin offers ample space. It is well equipped with features for a vehicle on such short notice. The cabin size is greater than the other mainstream utes. The driver’s seat is comfortable with good support. It also offers power adjustment, as well as an adjustment on the steering wheel.


Safety Features:

The Great Wall dual cab does not score remarkably high on the ANCAP safety rating. It does, however, come with plenty of airbags. Other safety features include an electronic stability control system and rear brakes.


Additional Features:

The Great Wall Steed includes plenty of standard features that are impressive. These include a two-stage heating for both of the front seats, a six-speaker audio system, automatic wipers, wheel pressure monitoring system. You also get steering wheel controls for cruise control, as well as Bluetooth compatibility.


If you are willing to pay extra, you can get satellite navigation as an option or an aluminum drop-side tray. More features are leather trim, automatic-dimming rearview mirror and LED daytime running lights.



The greatest thing about the Great Wall ute is its price. You might think that that is to be expected of a Chinese brand. But that does not mean that it lacks features or specifications. The most expensive variant, which is the Great Wall 4x4 diesel, is priced at a modest $30,000. You can only imagine how much the lesser variants would cost. Without a doubt, Great Wall offers its vehicles which are cheaper than the cheapest brands, when it comes to dual cabs.


Pros and Cons:

Among the many advantages, the Great Wall offers a ride that is surprisingly comfortable. You can carry a reasonable payload as well as boasting great towing capacity. The Great Wall ute also includes a robust five-year warranty and the fact that it is one of the cheapest utes that you can get your hands on. The interior is also better than many of the utes present in the market.


Unfortunately, the safety ratings are not good, which is a drawback. The Great Wall ute does not offer any infotainment screen. Lastly, the engine may seem underpowered, not producing enough torque as you might wish for.


Our Verdict:

There is no doubt that the Great Wall Steed is a good bargain in the money when it comes to the features and equipment. It is true that it lacks on-road performance when compared to other competitors, it still offers a reasonable drive. We recommend that once you spend some additional cash on dampers and better tyres, and perhaps a little extra on the suspension, this might be the best option for you.

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