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GQ Patrol Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

GQ Patrol Review Australia

In this article, we present a review of one of our most favorite four-wheel-drive vehicles of all time. It is a vehicle that has stood the test of time. Even today, they are available in good condition to buy, if you are looking for a used four-wheel vehicle. This is a vehicle which if looked after properly, can offer a great ride and value for money. If you have not guessed yet, we are talking about the legendary GQ Nissan Patrol.


Nissan and Toyota have been neck to neck for some time now in coming up with the best four-wheel drives. The GQ Patrol was produced to compete against Toyota's 75 Series Landcruiser. For this reason, you will find many similarities between the Patrol and the 75 series Landcruiser.


The GQ Patrol is distinguishable by its square body and distinctive wheel arches. It was available in multiple body styles and engine trims.


Back in the 1980s, the best vehicle for valid rough terrain work in Australia was the Range Rover. The issue for the Japanese competitors was that up to that point they were as yet rough trucks. These trucks had a rigid structure, leaf springs, and short breath motors.


Be that as it may, such change in the late 1980s. Nissan hit first with its unique loop sprung GQ Patrol. In no time at all, full-sized Japanese 4x4 junkies had made up for a lost time. It's not unexpected that the Patrol was so appropriate to Australian conditions. Nissan truly focused on the grounds that in the early and mid-'90s, Australia was the second-biggest market for Nissan Patrols around the world.


The Patrol line-up included both a long and short-wheelbase variation. The last came with two doors, a little, restricted rearward sitting arrangement, and less inside the room.


The keen purchase was the long-wheelbase vehicle only for its heap and back seat space. All things being equal, the back seat is definitely not the most comfortable. Yet, the front seats were regularly acceptable, and the remainder of the inside was huge and stout. Given a vehicle has been cared for, it can even now work well today.


The huge, striking grille and level hat said something underlined by wheel-curve flares. Also featured huge thick haggles and a ribbed rooftop. Even today, you can get most of the GQ Patrol parts from various online dealers in the country.


Trim Levels:

The GQ Nissan Patrol came in various body types. These include a three-door hardtop or the five-door wagon. You could also choose between two and four-door utes. Among the engine variants, you had the choice of 3.0-liter petrol or 4.2-liter petrol. You could also go for a 4.2-liter diesel or a 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine. All the engines are six-cylinder.


The most popular of the engine types was the 4.2-liter diesel. It was this variant that earned the Patrol a reputation of a vehicle that can be taken anywhere. It was capable of producing 85 kW of power, applying a five-speed manual transmission.


The GQ Patrol is a part-time four-wheel drive. It offers a secondary gear lever using which one can engage all the wheels, as required. It is also compatible with GU Patrol stainless snorkel.


Driving Experience:

As compared to the diesel engine, the petrol variant of the GQ Patrol was more refined and faster. As for the transmission, the automatic is easy to drive, especially in traffic. Whereas the manual is responsive but tends to tire you. The manual transmission was also found to be less fuel-efficient.


The huge weight of the GQ Patrol had its pros and cons. The sheer amount of weight made it a great off-roading vehicle. But it also meant that the weight compromised its performance on road, where you would feel it wandering at high speeds.



The GQ Nissan Patrol came loaded with plenty of features standard. You could also opt for the various additional options as well.


Some of the features are as following:

 ✓ Seven-speaker sound system

 ✓ Power windows

 ✓ Power mirrors

 ✓ Rear differential lock

 ✓ Recovery Winch

 ✓ Leather seats

 ✓ Central Locking

 ✓ Air-conditioning



The GQ Nissan Patrol is available today at a broad range of prices. This can be attributed to the extraordinary innings that the vehicle played in its years. An older GQ Patrol from the late ’80s can be bought for as low as $6,000. While a GQ Patrol from the ’90s would cost you somewhere around $25,000. Of course, prices can also vary depending on the condition and the miles that the vehicle has seen.


Our Verdict:

Even with thousands of miles on the odometer, the GQ Patrol delivers great performance. This is a heavy-duty vehicle with astounding off-road capabilities. It can carry a lot of payloads. As well as having a towing capacity that is unmatchable.


Some of the early models were reported to vibrate at certain speeds. But that is not an issue that can be resolved with some easy repairs. Believe us when we say that this is a proven vehicle that is capable of doing big deeds. Even after so many years, this is a good value for your money.

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