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Golf R32 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Golf R32 Review Australia


Golf R32 Review Australia

If you are a fan of lavish, sports, and modish cars, then you must be a fan of Volkswagen. This company needs no formal introduction. It has been producing masterpieces for ages and undoubtedly, Volkswagen Golf R32 is one of the greatest successful creations that indicates a sport or top performance automobile. The best part is its high resale and used-car value making it a smart investment.


Planning to buy a new car? You must look into Golf R32. You can even spot it from the distance with its "R" badge placed right on the front of the grille. Marketed in 2003, it is available in a limited-production model being an ultimate on-road performer. Where Mk4 has aggressive styling, Golf R32 Mk5 comes in a subtle and nimble design. You can buy it either in a modish hatch style or spacious wagon.


Engine and performance

No matter if you have chosen Golf R32 earlier or later models from Mk4 or Mk5, you will be provided with satisfactory performance. With enough power and torque, it will take you on a thrilling yet subtle, amazing yet fun, adventurous yet comforting ride. It is an absolutely usable car that offers passengers safety, too. The road grip is strong and stability is impressive. The highlight is its turn-in that comes with no hint of understeer.


Where Golf R32 has responsive throttle, the brake pedals are surprisingly engaging. You might find the throttle a bit too sensitive. The perfectly positioned engine, the drive the heel, and toeing have made it easier. Even if you have pushed hard on twisting highways or city tracks, it will guarantee to display brilliant road manners.

If you are facing the problem of over-revving particularly on down-changes, you will get easy and capable of handling them better after several drives. Once seated behind the wheel, the steering will feel amazingly precise delivering superb road holding. The steering is weighted appropriately letting you have skillful cornering and minimal body roll. Even around the tightest corners, the performance of the power steering remains excellent.


When accelerating slowly, the tire firms up nicely. The installed suspension is perfectly balanced, low and tight with enhanced flexibility. The suspension is not only adaptable but also sharp and acts clean soaking all the umps decently. When all of these great elements are combined, a predicted and happy driving experience is assured in Golf R32.


Each motor is made durable and has mechanical packages that are designed to deliver the promise of a soothing family ride.


Golf R32 (Mk4)

Starting from 2002, the very first model is Volkswagen Mk4 R32 that was introduced as a 2003 model year. One of the major highlights is its dual-clutch gearbox (DSG). Even when compared to 2021-year vehicles, you will find them loaded with all the required essentials for smooth performance, reasonable safety, and luxury. Golf R32 comes with a long list of comfort specs. 


As far as the engine is concerned, it is equipped with a refined and fast-acting 3.2L DOHC 4v engine that runs on petrol. Its VR6 engine is capable of producing a maximum power of 177 kW @ 6,250 rpm mated with an acceptable torque of 320 Nm @ 2,800 rpm. Two of the highlighted features are Haldex Traction-based 4motion and on-demand 4WD system. When combined with a 6-speed manual transmission, it will rev up quickly. The gearshift is neither notchy nor jittery.


Apparently, it has an appealing design with a robust looking exterior and spacious interior. It has advanced climatronic automatic climate control with ultra-comfortable sport seats. The seats have R32 badging that looks chic. The three most important exterior features are:


 ✓ 18-inch alloy wheels 

 ✓ Sunroof (for the USA model)

 ✓ Xenon Headlights (for Europa model)


Golf R32 (Mk5)

Upgraded in 2005, the 2nd generation of Golf R32 was introduced which can also be a good option to buy. Installed with a powerful 3.2-liter VR6 engine of a similar configuration, it is made more reliable and quick. With the addition of extra 7 kW power now, get ready to enjoy a ride at the power of 184 kW @ 6,300 rpm. Although, torque remained unchanged.


2006 model specs

Fast-forwarding to the VW Golf R32 2006 model, the styling is loaded with luxury and convenience. It might give you nice little odds but can be compensated with amazing footwells, dual-zone air conditioners, and trick heated leather-wrapped seats. Considering it a grown-up hot hatch, the luxuries are straight to the point making its presence a big plus. It is absolutely a sensible vehicle with a solid and durable chassis supported by stable wheels.


Its layout is easy to steer and can be manhandled easily. One of the meaty features is the steering that can get muted with the 4Motion setup. Even if you have lightened the throttle, you will see its front pretty elevated. The stopping power has been enhanced with its aggressive braking set. In all road situations, Golf R32 responds better and seems pretty committed.


Initial throttle response is classic, mated with a hoarse, metal yowl that's quieter from within the cabin. In short, every feature is poised and balanced with impressive levels of grip. The mechanics have well-balanced springing and the inside has the necessary stiffness to let you cruise Golf R32 in the real world. Gear Shifts are fast and smooth, particularly in the automatic ‘sport' mode.


Volkswagen Golf 90TSI Trendline and 118TSI Comfortline - VI Auto MY10 model specs

In both FWD variants, you will have the same engine configuration 1.4L 4-cyl petrol engine. Where Trendline has other options of 1.6L and 2L. That is not the only difference they have! The most prominent difference is the power and torque values of a 1.4L engine.


 ✓ Maximum power and torque in petrol trendline 1.6L are 77kW and 250Nm, respectively

 ✓ Maximum power and torque in petrol Comfortline 1.4L is 118kW@5900 rpm and 240 nm@1750-4000 rpm, respectively

 ✓ Maximum power and torque in diesel trendline 2L is 103kW and 320Nm, respectively


In trendline, the transmission choices are all floor-mounted but have options of a 5-speed manual and a 7-speed DSG. But R32 Golf Comfortline has only a 7-speed DSG installation. The fuel tank capacity is also satisfactory at 55L. Some of the essential features are:


 ✓ 7 airbags

 ✓ 8-speaker stereo

 ✓ CD player

 ✓ MP3 decoder

 ✓ USB and AUX

 ✓ Air conditioner

 ✓ Pollen filter

 ✓ Electric level adjustment headlights

 ✓ Fog lamps (front and rear)

 ✓ Power windows

 ✓ Heat insulated power windows

 ✓ Intermittent and speed sensing wipers

 ✓ Height adjustable seats with cloth trimming

 ✓ Digital clock

 ✓ Trip computer

 ✓ Automatic and heated mirrors

 ✓ Tachometer

 ✓ Power, speed-sensitive, heated, and adjustable steering


Final verdict

Overall, Golf R32 is an imposing bit of kit – an exciting vehicle that will put a delight on your face – guaranteed – and leave you yearning for the next drive!


Well, just to be sure, get the necessary history details of the vehicle. We have a 24/7 online portal available on our site to provide you with legal accidental, theft, and driving information.


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