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Fulcrum Suspension Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Fulcrum Suspension Review Australia

No car is safe without a reliable suspension system. It is a basic requirement for supporting the automobile’s framework. It assists engine, gearbox transmission, and cargo. The most essential parts of the suspension include struts and shock absorbers. To enjoy a smoother journey, Fulcrum Suspension is preferable. Its suspensions are highly steadfast. These are preferred as it offers a relaxing ride.


Its logo “Suspension specialist” justifies its high quality and a vast variety of suspensions available at an arm stretch. Are you looking for a suspension to provide you steering steadiness and decent handling!? Visit their site workshop to get superior suspension advice. The company is ensuring luxury for 40 years. They offer free services to check the vehicle’s suspension and brakes.


It came to the market in 1976. And, has been serving its customers with high-quality products. The company has been expanding since. It has developed a massive network of buyers on the global level.


The extended network of Fulcrum is covering two basic enterprises:

SuperPro – an expert on suspension bushes.

Formula Suspension – the best place to get effective shock absorbers.


It focuses on providing affordable car suspensions. They are manufactured by the famous R & D team in Brisbane. And, before completion, all prototypes are subjected to stress testing. All of this to ensure the passenger’s safety and security! Their services include lift kits, performance suspensions and wheel's alignment. It is not only offering products but immediate roadside assistance. You can contact them on their “expert advice portal” for instantaneous guidance.



Fulcrum Suspension has a long list of car accessories but the highlighted products of this store are:


4x4 lift kits:

It features a wide range of advanced and feasible lift kits to modify a car’s 4WD.


The distinctive categories include:

Bilstein 4x4 lift kits (known as Performance Lift Kit). Formula 4x4 lift kits (known as Comfort Lift Kit).

RAW 4x4 lift kits (classified as Heavy-Duty Lift Kit).

SuperPro 4x4 spacer lift kits.


The addition of the kits will enhance the vehicle’s capacity to carry heavy cargo. It assists easy on and off-road handling. These are developed to adjust with any vehicle, capacity load, and road state. Valve coding is the highlight of the Bilstein kit.



The company has advanced suspension parts that are modifiable following the car’s demand.

Shock absorbers


Control arm kits

Leaf and coil springs



Alignment Parts

Strut Mount

Bump Stops

Sway Bar Link

Ball Joint

Shock Absorber Kits

Diff Drop Kits

Coil Spring Kits

Coilover Kits


The company has introduced several shock absorbers for a wide range of automobiles including Mazda, Ford, Holden, Mitsubishi & Toyota. The key factor behind their top-notch quality shocks is the use of NOK seals and SuperPro Bushings.


SuperPro Sway Bar Kits:

SuperPro 4x4 Sway Bars – Fulcrum Suspension’s 4x4 sway bars require hard labour. With engineering knowledge, they have developed the safest bars for Heavy-duty 4WD. It provides extensive durability. It has revolutionized the automobile’s turning capability. They are known to effectively resolve the issues of alignment.


SuperPro Performance Sway Bars: Fitting these bars will completely transform the handling technique, letting you have a stronger grip and stable control over steering. Its strengthened steel gives a tremendously precise sway bar design. They are highly adjustable.


SuperPro custom sway bar: These kits are customize-able as per customer’s demand to provide maximum protection and an enjoyable ride. While production, their bends, and lengths are managed carefully. To enhance the protection, every sway bar passes through sandblasting leaving an anti-rust layer followed by a powder coating process. Lastly, the blue coating is performed and baked giving classic chrome blue finesse.


Fulcrum Suspension has an additional variety of SuperPro called “hollow sway bars”. They are reduced in weight up to 30 percent in comparison to the traditional bars. They are characterized by race-spec Chromoly giving it lower fuel consumption and higher fuel economy.


SuperPro Control Arms.

Control arms are specially crafted in Australia considering Australian automobiles. They are found to be beneficial for 4x4 ride, heavy lift, and standard cargo. They have made it easily modifiable. By using their control arms, you will never face the issues of jammed lower internal chamber bolts, or worn bushes. With the help of their superior quality, you can get rid of your vehicle’s annoying clamour, vibration, and ruggedness.


How to avail their services:

Click and Fit (online buying).

Free pickup (fast delivery at your doorstep).

Free shipping (package delivered at the closest postal zone, within 1-3 weeks but it includes additional charges).


Available brands:















Why Fulcrum Suspension?

The company has gained fame with its hard work. You should be choosing their SuperPro products not only because they are less priced, but they use the best quality spring steel. They have been manufacturing lift kits diligently. Every kit is properly tested and organized. It can manage increased cargo (beyond the limit). They offer a 3year/60,000 km warranty.


Besides, sway bars are tested virtually at an initial stage followed by real-world testing, before bringing it to the market. The control arms are specially developed from a strong alloy which weighs lesser, along with standard polyurethane bushings. The combination of top-quality oil, adjustable seals, and low gas pressure is perfect to keep your vehicle out of engine troubles.


Final verdict:

Every product is designed with precision. They are accurately weighed, tested, and manufactured. They use premium quality tools and steel. Besides, all products are powdered to make them rust-resistant. Their suspensions enhance road grip. They never compromise on quality. They offer two varieties of shock absorbers manufactured by practiced engineers. We hope our fulcrum suspension review has been helpful. What if you buy a car with all features, perfectly balanced? But for that, you should search and know about the cars’ detailed history. We are here Quick Revs to deliver you all required information regarding any car.

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