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Ford Zephyr Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Zephyr Review Australia


If you search for an executive car that looks amazing, feels lavish, and runs swiftly on roads, Ford Zephyr will cater to all your needs brilliantly. Manufactured by Ford, you can have this great car in any model from 1950 to 1972. The best part of Zephyr is the variety of luxury variants, called Zodiac and Executive. These are built strong and ensure a relaxing ride with 4 and 6-cylinder engines. The Zephyr has an appealing interior and sturdy chassis that seem to complement its speed and power perfectly.


In short, Ford Zephyr carries the shocking ability to offer all the essentials one needs in a car – a tendency to run plenty of miles, no compromise on-road comfort, easy maneuverability, and safety.


Ford Zephyr Mark I:

Considering its old age, you can say this version works nothing like any of the latest Fords. But it will surely let you have a smooth and pleasant ride, enough to keep up with 21st-century traffic. One thing that will win your heart is its gorgeously designed structure.


Ford Zephyr Mark I Engine:

Ford Zephyr MK1 has a powerful engine setup having 2262 CC, 6-cylinder OHV machine. As far as the power is concerned, it delivers satisfactory 68 BHP @ 4000 RPM coupled with a torque of 112 lb.ft @ 2000 RPM. The whole engine configuration seems well-placed that tends to start quickly and settle smoothly. We can say its long-distance refinement is fairly desirable. You can expect a smooth, secure ride and trouble-free handling. And yes, it will surely fit your budget with an acceptable fuel consumption rate of 20mpg.


The engine is constructed with fortified iron-block material. But as Ford Zephyr is old, it might demand maintenance such as regular oil changes. All units, including camshafts, pistons, and suspension, are strong and reliable. A responsive 3-speed gearbox perfectly supports the engine. It usually shifts quickly and along with directional steering; it makes your ride as much engaging as possible. The MacPherson struts suspension system has a simple arrangement providing trouble-free steering.


Ford Zephyr Mark I Design – exterior and interior:

Ford Zephyr MK1 has an unbeatable style! Yes, it does look too basic and simple from the inside, but the rare charming essence is always there to capture your attention. The interior looks like a fine place to hop in, offering plenty of space for a relaxing ride. The seats are placed strategically to ensure a good driving position with no hindrance in the view. You will find its controls quite nicely weighted. ‘Simplicity’ perfectly explains its interior. The seats are comfortable yet not posh, and the carpeted floor looks classic yet slightly cheap. You will find a lot of painted metal on display. The higher trims have leather trimming, as well.


It has unitary construction making its bodywork pretty classic and equally timeless. There are wings, attractively styled wheel arches, front chassis rail, sills, front and rear outriggers, and door bottoms. For extra strength and safety, there are double-skinned sections in the bonnet. But remember, its body is highly prone to rust. The front and rear foot-well feels adequate. On the exterior of Ford Zephyr MK1, you will mostly get Mazak, chrome, and stainless steel.


Ford Zephyr Mark II:

Made from 1956 to 1962, you can have this tremendous Ford Zephyr MK2 in a 4-door sedan, 2-door convertible and coupe utility, 5-door station wagon, and estate. Different in looks and comparatively improved in road performance, Ford Zephyr Mark II ensures that you have a memorable and hassle-free time of your lives when hitting the road. On the one hand, it is stylish. On the other hand, it is spacious. This roomy vehicle is a suitable family pick.


Ford Zephyr Mark II Engine:

These year models offer a magnificently smooth 2.5L engine featuring straight-6 cylinders. This OHV setup has impressive power output. It can provide a high as 86 bhp. The significant evolution that has happened to a Ford Zephyr MK2 is the highly refined turning circle. With the increase of top speed up to 88 mph, the fuel consumption is also enhanced at 28 mpg‑. The robust mechanicals of this Ford Zephyr takes it to the top of the list of car enthusiasts. The major problem behind the restricted performance of the Zephyr is the rudimentary exhaust system.


Unfortunately, there is no addition to the manual gearbox. You will get the same 3-speed manual transmission. The striking feature is “overdrive,” that comes optional. But what matters the most is the offer of automatic transmission. If you like driving an auto car, search for the models of 1956 and beyond. They are fitted with a top-notch Borg-Warner DG automatic transmission.


Coming to the brakes! The stopping power is absolutely acceptable. The remaining credit of an uncomplicated ride goes to suspension. The setup is adjustable and straightforward.


Ford Zephyr Mark II Design – exterior and interior:

Designed in hugely appealing two body styles, the Highline and Lowline, the difference lies in their overall height that has been decreased in Lowline by cutting the roof panel. In the "Highline" variant, you can look for the high-end hemispherical instrument cluster. In comparison, the "Lowline" carries a distinctive rectangular panel. The best decision was to increase the wheelbase. As the width has been expanded, the inside has become more accommodating. No more sitting in cramped seats!


Apart from the overall hugely appealing simplicity, the 2-door convertible Ford Zephyr version has a power-operated hood that makes it look really posh. It has distinguishing chassis that will make you stand out in the race of old classical cars. Be careful of corrosion, but its bodywork is quite rewarding. Interior has not such extravagant accessories but has enough to satisfy your road needs.


Ford Zephyr Mark III:

Designed by Roy Brown, you can have the latest variants of Ford Zephyr in 1962–1966 years. They are relatively the most advanced and robust. Apart from offering a reliable ride, they ensure to bring a style to your life. You will never be disappointed in the engine power or performance of the Ford Zephyr MK3, but yes, one constant thing is “RUST PROBLEMS.” You can have it either in a 4-door saloon or a 5-door estate. Both are powerful and captivating options.


Ford Zephyr Mark III Engine:

You must be thinking about what this has to offer! Well, it has a potent 1,703 cc straight-4 engine to offer. No doubt, it does have specific similar mechanical components. It is more refined in drivability and usability. The most significant step in the engine setup is the enhancement in manual transmission from 3-speed to 4-speed. It works marvelously and smoothly. The gearbox is quick to respond and easy to shift. Besides, this manual gearbox comes equipped with synchromesh on all ratios. And yes, the “overdrive” is also made standard in Ford Zephyr MK3.


As a drawback, it has automatic transmission still available as an option. In the braking system, the front disc brakes are made standard. The stopping power is imposing coupled with stable suspension. In all the versions, you must opt for Zephyr 6 Mark III. It has a 2,553 CC inline-6 engine. Due to 6-cyl, it has value-added power and better-quality mechanics.


Ford Zephyr Mark III Design – exterior and interior:

Once seen, you will be shocked how dramatically Ford Zephyr has a restyled body. The basic chassis design seems similar to the Mark II models. But, in one way or another, the Ford Zephyr interior looks completely different. It has altered nose styling along with a bit of lowered grille. Zephyr lettering is shifted from the bonnet’s front edge to below the bonnet, leaving a visible space. Pretty decent touch-up! What we don’t like is the removal of the ‘4’ badge that was used to be placed below the grille.


Final Verdict:

Ford Zephyr is one tremendous old car that has retained its standard of quality, style, and performance through decades. And yes, it is definitely worth the money in 2021. No matter the model year, you will find it pleasing to see and active to ride.


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