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Ford Torino Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Torino Review Australia


When we talk about Ford, we always have it in our minds as the car of our fathers and grandfathers. Ford Torino is called Torino after the city of Turin, which is called Torino in the Italian language. Ford is designed with the perfect aerodynamics to run smoothly on the tracks. Ford makes one think about two major aspects of the car, a gigantic slanted lid and a huge glass window. Many also call it a ‘steel boat.’


Research says that the 1969 model had only 215 pieces made. Most Torino’s were orthodox cars, and usually, the most common prototypes were the four-door sedans and two-door hard roofed. If you have this Ford Torino or Ford Torino GT and are driving on the road, you will for sure draw the attention of most people. Just keep it well maintained, and all is set. They have provided perfect engineering solutions in this automotive vehicle. 


Keep reading for more Ford Torino specs of the automobile.


Ford Torino Engine Specifications:


1969 Ford Torino Year Model:

The engine was somewhat redesigned for 1969 Ford Torino models. Except Torino GTs and Cobras, all prototypes came typical with an innovative bigger 250 cu in I-6 engine (4.1 L). The greater transposition created extra power and torque. Optional engines encompass the 302 cu in 4.9 L -2V (standard on GTs), the 428 cu in (7.0 L)-4V Cobra Jet (standard on Cobras), etc. The 428 CJ was offered with or minus the Ram Air Induction set. However, those using Ram Air still supported the same publicized power ranking.


The 428 CJ, lacking Ram Air, came with the following items: an 80-ampere durable battery, a 3.25:1 open differential, a long-lasting cooling set, a 55-ampere alternator, chrome valve concealments, and a twin exhaust. A marvelous package for 1969 Ford Torino.


1970 ForD Torino Year Model:

The Ford Torino engine line-up for the second-generation 1970 Ford Torino model received key variations, and only the 250 CID I-6, 302-2V, and the 351W-2V were passed on from 1969. Maximum models sustained used the 250 CID I-6 as the typical engine. Optional engines included the 302-2V, 351W-2V, the new 351 Cleveland, etc. Ram Air induction was non-compulsory on the 351C-4V, 429 CJ, and 429 SCJ.


On the other hand, Ram Air did not modify the marketed muscle ratings. The Ram Air selection included a "shaker hood" where the scoop was connected to the topmost end of the assembly of the air cleaner and projected over a hole in the hood. Only the Cobra came with a 4-speed as regular apparatus. 

The Cruise-O-Matic was discretionary for all engines of 1970 Ford Torino, although the 4-speed transmission was offered on all engines, excluding two.


Ford Torino 2018 Year Model:

The 2018 model of Ford Torino altered the idea of the Ford Motor Enterprise. You will acquire a 2.3-liter engine with Ecoboost machinery and robust features. If this is not adequate for you, consider the 2.7-liter alternative with a similar design and even additional dominant features. This Ford Torino engine makes a noise on the road, which is its identity, and you’ll love it.


Ford Torino Exterior Styling:


1969 Year Model:

The more prominent center dividing bar in this model makes a significant difference. An aluminum dividing bar crossways the rear panel - shines in the daylight and reflects at night. There are a few styling modifications and cosmetic variations, but the overall appearance remains the same.


1970 Year Model:

The 1970 Torino’s exterior has more noticeable extended hood short deck designing and was lengthier, lower, and broader than the previous model. All models had a lower and less prescribed roofline paralleled to earlier ones.


2018 Year Model:

The attractive exterior of the Ford Torino 2018 model will definitely turn the heads around. The massive lines at the front of the car give it the perfect sports car look. The huge bumper has the perfect combination of short and long strips. This huge and attractive front is the main feature and has always been focused on all Ford models.


Ford Torino:

Equipped with either a whole host of V8 or Cobra Jet engine this muscular and strong machine with eye-catchy style drives carefree. It has as high power as its durable body can support. Absolutely, a great car to buy if you are not interested in Mustang. Comparatively, they are found cheaper.


For 1968 Ford Torino GT you will be paying around:

✓ $2,772 - hardtop

✓ $2,747 - fastback

✓ $3,001 - convertible


When it comes to the engine capacity and performance of the 1968 Torino GT, you will be satisfied. Its 4.7L V8 engine is enough to offer a 195-horsepower.

What makes it an exotic car is the attention-grabbing wheel covers, stylish exterior trim, and modish door panel lamps. It has amazing road grip with classic brakes. The gearshift will feel a bit corroded, rigid, and resisting.


Do you know the Ford Torino GT has been filmed in Gran Torino? That is why it is called the Ford Gran Torino. Truly speaking, its drivetrain seems indestructible. But, for a safer side, if you are buying an old model, look out for the normal wear and tear.


Ford Torino Interior Styling:


1969 Year Model:

The central core, transmission, and melodies are everything you need when you hop into this beauty. This car has all the essential features and functions one requires in a motor car.


1970 Year Model:

Interiors on the 1970 Ford Torino were all new to give the Ford lovers a brand new outlook. The new dashboard used a chic linear speedometer and a different "ribbon" style tachometer for the V8 models. A temperature scale was the only presented device; oil pressure and electrics were observed with caution lights alone. High back bucket seats were the most evident feature of this model.


2018 Year Model:

You might not find the latest gadgets or facilities around when you’re sitting in, but you will certainly discover the most vital features for pure pleasure on the street. The Ford Torino interior is simple but not boring at all.


Pros Of Buying Ford Torino:

✓ Agile and quite fast

✓ Comfortable seats

✓ Provides sporty fun

✓ Fun to drive

✓ It looks like a muscle car

✓ Easy maintenance

✓ Great sound

✓ Classic look


Cons Of Buying Ford Torino:

✓ Poor gas mileage

✓ Not suitable for driving in snow

✓ Paint color needs innovation

✓ Lack of spare parts


Final Verdict:

Two million Fords were produced in less than a decade, but unfortunately, there are very few pieces that have survived till now. Ford Torino remains the most iconic car, also seen in a lot of movies and screens. It is the car that can really be customized according to how one dreams. It can be recreated with a little paint job, suspension changes, etc. This car has a more attractive and comfy interior with perfect aerodynamic qualities. It is one of the classic cars which gives the perfect sports car sound on the road. 


You do need to fill up the tank every time you give it a ride, but this doesn’t matter for the motor lovers. Because adventure always requires a price to be paid. This car offers real excitement on the road and a fun ride. This tremendous automobile has a huge fan base, and many call it the 'superstar of cars.’ 


Before making the decision of purchasing any vehicle, always ensure that its past history is crystal clear. At Quick Revs, we provide Australians with the hidden past of any car. 

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