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Ford Sierra Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Sierra Review Australia


Ford Sierra has been produced since 1990 January, and seven different modifications of this model have been produced. This car is available in both manual and automatic versions. The best part is the acceleration speed of this car. It can accelerate from zero to hundred kilometers in just 6.9 seconds. The car dimensions are very decent, with a length of 447 centimeters. The Ford Sierra is just 4 centimeters longer than the BMW 3 series sedan. This car weighs approximately 800 to 1350 kg, and the difference in weight is due to the type of modifications used.


The Ford Sierra sedan is comparatively cheaper when we cross-compare it to other sedans of other companies. Talking about the reliability and engineering of the car, Sierra is a good solid car. Sierra is normally considered to be an original, exciting choice with entirely of '80s charm. The name of this car is derived from the Spanish language, meaning mountain range. The leading manufacturers of this car are Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.


Ford Sierra Engine:

This car’s initial versions are available with many options in petrol engines like Pinto engine, CVH Engine, Pinto engine with fuel injection, DOHC engine, YB Turbo, and Cologne V6 engine. When we talk about diesel engines, we have the Ford Sierra Peugeot Diesel engine and the Endura-D engine. Its engine yields an extreme power of 104 bhp - 77 kW at 5200 rpm and a maximum torque of 115 lb/ft at 4000 RPM. The power is conveyed to the road by the rear-wheel-drive (RWD) with a five-speed manual gearbox.


The average fuel consumption of the Ford Sierra in a petrol engine ranges from 7.5 to almost 10.6 liters for 100 km. Still, for a diesel engine, the consumption is approximately 6.4 liters for 100 km. If we talk about the drive, it feels smooth and effortless. The steering is directional and linear, making driving an easier task. But the brakes, oh-so-marvelous!


All Ford Sierra models are pretty easy to play with. It has a thrilling throttle and satisfying speed. Overall, you will be amazed at its engine and ride smoothness.


Ford Sierra XR8:

It is one magnificent machine that comes equipped with a powerful 5.0L Ford Windsor V8 engine. Its 216bhp is another big plus. But what will really amaze you is the torque - 3250 rpm. Ford Sierra RS500 is basically its homologation special European cousin, and both are the same in an excellent, intriguing way. Their sturdy bodies are coupled with efficient technical prowess.


Moreover, this incredible piece has unparalleled road car tractability. You might face a little bit of a problem when it comes to clutch; it feels unnecessarily heavy.


Ford Sierra Exterior:

Despite the newer designs of Sierra’s competitors, the styling of its exterior cannot be matched. It is designed in a perfect aerodynamic way that reduces the fuel consumption of the car. Its body is well-known for its groundbreaking design engineered in the best way possible. One of the most outstanding design structures of the Sierra is its locked front plate instead of a grill.


The headlights are perfectly immersed in the front panel, with indicators and footlights combined with each other on the top of the bumper region. The additional Sierra copies had a different old-fashioned front end with a two-bar grill amid the headlights and indicators in the bumpers again but without the fog lights. Ford Sierra Cosworths nose has a cooling slot, a huge wing, and a dragged bumper. The benefit of this bumper is reduced slipperiness. The schematic door panels with triangular-shaped door handles are an innovation to be seen.


Ford Sierra XR8’s most unique factor is the fox-body style. One thing that will surely make heads turn your way is the dodgy front grille. On the contrary, it has a bog-standard Sierra-like nose supported with an extensive front section well. It offers enough space to accommodate the radiator.


Ford Sierra Interior:

Ford Sierra has a very conventional interior slanting the middle of the dashboard near to the driver. As compared to the cars of that time, its interior is the most modernized one. The seats are not according to sports cars but are the most fabulous ones shaped gorgeously. Good clutch, shifter, and control action, and decent wheel and pedal location give you the perfect control over the car. 


The rear seat of the car is very roomy and spacious and can be folded to provide you with a massive car truck that can accommodate your huge luggage or anything you think of carrying with you (maybe your bicycle or BBQ stand for a picnic). Moreover, the Ghia and Ford Sierra XR4i models contained a vacuum luminous display warning the car driver of hazards such as lamp failure, doors opening, or cold outdoor temperatures.



✓ Breaker less ignition in engines

✓ Carburetors you’ll love

✓ 5-Speed transmissions

✓ Expansive luggage compartment

✓ Inexpensive to run and maintain

✓ Good fun in the snow

✓ Good torque and carburetor engine

✓ No rust interior

✓ Beautiful backlights – look like black crystals

✓ Immense power, performance, and handling

✓ The sport wheel blocks the view of the speedometer and the tachometer

✓ The engine is preferably lighter, quieter, more powerful, and smaller in size

✓ Color-coded mirrors, sunroof, and that essential boot spoiler

✓ Comfortable and easy to drive

✓ Super light power steering

✓ Pressure sensing relief pad to prevent the rear wheels locking under heavy braking applications



✓ Crosswind stability problems in earlier models

✓ Bumper design pounced back after slight impact

✓ Critics call it somewhat underpowered 

✓ CVH engine has substantial problems with oil consumption due to poorly planned seals of the valve stem 

✓ Door skins rot away in two years’ time as it is made from recycled steel

✓ Cars leave blue smoke behind

✓ Poor quality pistons

✓ A little heavy on insurance 

✓ Very few sales of this car


Ford Sierra Cosworth RS 500:

One best thing about the Sierra RS500 is that you can spot it instantly, even from a distance. There is no doubt that it is a pretty handy vehicle if you like driving rear-drive cars. It is well-suited for all the road conditions. Its 2L engine runs fast, smooth, and effortlessly. This Ford Sierra RS500 resembles Pinto four-banger but differs in electronic injection. It delivers brilliant 170kW power. It has a perfect balance of fine clutch, quick shifter, and thrilling throttle. It is combined with an ideal wheel and pedal placement.


In a single look, you will be inspired by its outstanding ergonomics. Every aspect is perfectly shaped, uniquely textured, and properly placed. Well, there is one big problem, and that's the blocked view. Considering the driving position, the tiny, leather-wrapped wheel evidently hinders the upper parts of the speedometer and tachometer, causing problems in reading the values.


Final Verdict:

Ford Sierra was undoubtedly Britain's second blockbusting car in 1983, 1988, and 1989 and was still Britain's fifth best-selling Sedan in 1992. It was labeled "the salesman's spaceship" on the justification of its rank as a popular fleet car in Britain. In the road test done in 1982, Ford Sierra outranked the Passat and the Ascona.


Buy Ford Sierra, drive it and enjoy it because it’s an exceptional, proficient, fun, and hands-on family car with extraordinary competition history. It can be of additional value if you modernize it according to your desires and increase its worth by modifications.


Before making the decision of purchasing any vehicle, always ensure that its past history is crystal clear. At Quick Revs, we provide Australians with the hidden past of any car. 

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