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Ford Ranger Rims Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Ranger Rims Australia


You must be trusting your Ford Ranger to offer a safe, smooth, and steadfast ride. If you want it to be a reliable car, why not keep it updated with upcoming advancements in wheels, rims, and tires. There is no better way to bring a marvelous upgrade than getting your Ford some new, stylish, and sturdy rims. Fitting a brand-new set of rims will surely boost the Ranger’s aesthetics.


Larger Ford Ranger Rims Are Heavier:

As long as you keep your rims lighter, you will get comparatively improved road performance and better acceleration than the heavier ones.


Now the question is, “what rims fit ford ranger?” As per the Ford users, for a comfortable ride, you must always pick 17 inch ford ranger rims. Because of the larger sidewall, it supports ultimate comfort. Moving on to the ford ranger 18 inch rims, they are known for producing significant road noise. Similarly, you can expect strikingly unpleasant and loud road noise in 19 inch ford ranger rims.


In any case, if you are ready to compromise on noise, the best option is to choose a rim that can support 19-inch tires. It lets you enjoy sharper turn-in and exceptional mid-corner balance.


What bolt patterns should be considered on Ford Ranger Aftermarket Rims?

Bolt patterns are the fanciful circles marked by the lug nut holes for those who don't know. All Ford Rangers models produced from 1983 to 2012 come equipped with a 5-wheel-stud. It is pretty well-known that Ford Rangers only use wheels having a 5 lug nut hole. But back in 2019, a revolution happened, and vehicles from 2019 till 2021 get marketed with a 6-wheel-stud.


For a bolt pattern of 5-stud rims, the acceptable value is 4.5 inches (114.3 millimeters). And for 6-stud rims, the value is 5.5 inches (139.7mm).


The Differences between Ford Ranger Steel Rims and Ford Ranger Alloy Rims:

In comparison to alloy/aluminum, the steel rims Ford Ranger is found to be highly durable. Although they are challenging to manage, you will never have to worry about them being cracked. Besides, steel rims are cheaper options and are fitted on base models with powerful engines ideal for off-roading. The drawback of steel rims is their heaviness, adding up to the undamped weight. Aluminum rims are lighter, come in modish designs, and will not pressurize or burden the engine with their lightness.


Five most usual types of finishes for Ford ranger stock rims:


Matte black - The most popular finishing option with no gloss. This muted black shade looks glorious and is scratch-, rust-, and heat-resistant.


Machine black - An elegant option offering a subtle shine. The raised appearance is its absolute highlight. It is well-suited for aluminum wheels that are placed on a lathe, and then the surface is cut finely to give textured ridges.


Tinted black - It is achieved through alloy and a clear coating of tinted black paint. The more the layers, the darker the shade will get.


Chrome - Find a matchless sheen in this unique finish which uses high-end chromium plating through two processes: dipping or powder-coating—best for giving a flashy, lustrous appeal to your heavy-duty Ford Rangers.


Gray - Also called gunmetal and anthracite, gray Ford Ranger rims are the ideal pick for the youngsters who like to take a truck with an elusive and equally cunning appearance to the race tracks.


Top-Rated Ford Ranger Rims To Compliment Your Vehicle:


Ford Ranger 16 inch rims – PRO COMP Series 31 Stryker Matte Black:

This rim measuring 1-inch and covered with matte black finesse offers maximum reliability and stability to your tires. Manufactured with industrial-grade Aluminum, it offers a lightweight frame of 25.6 pounds. It can be installed on most of the Ford Rangers. The best part is its ability to guarantee a great backspacing worth 3.75 inches. Truly speaking, the unique style of this ford ranger black rims will compliment your Ranger. These great-looking rims are equipped with a beautiful 2-year limited warranty.


Ford Ranger 15 inch rims – American Racing Custom Wheels AR172:

Coming to a superb option if you are looking for the ford ranger 15 inch rims. Its overall design is appealing, with a spacing of 3.76 inches. This rim will provide a memorable driving experience. Where the quality of the Black satin finish is incredible, the style is innovative, featuring chrome lug nuts. Being lightweight with 22 pounds weight and durable, it seems like a good fit for most Ford Rangers.


It is suitable for Rangers made for off-roading. Their lifetime structural warranty is the biggest plus.


Ford Ranger Alloy Steel rims – Pro Comp Steel Wheels Series 51:

One of the top-rated steel rims ford ranger if you need 15 inch rims. Painted in glossy black, the Series 51 has a distinctive appeal. This enhancement can bring a whole new dimension to your Ranger. It comes powder coated for ensuring a lasting finish. Feel free to consider them an ideal alternative to the Ford Ranger Stock Wheels. Moreover, you will find these ford ranger black rims compatible with both soft-road and off-road vehicles.


Its luxurious quality, timeless design, general spacing of 3.75 inches, and neat appearance will satisfy your standards. But hold up! It weighs 28 pounds which sounds comparatively a little bit heavyweight.


Size 16 Ford Ranger rims – Helo HE879 Wheel:

Made with commercial quality Aluminum Alloy and a quality two-tone finish of black with Silver Accents are what make it one desirable set of rims. It weighs as little as 25.55 pounds and has a 2-year warranty. The ford ranger 16 inch rims with 4.5 inches general spacing are acceptable for OEM 2000 Ford Ranger Wheels as they are lighter than steel rims. Its design and fit have won the hearts of hundreds of customers. It can change the look of your Ranger completely. In fact, it makes them look more aggressive.


15 inch Ford Ranger Rims – American Racing Outlaw II AR62 Machined Wheel:

The finest 15 inch rims have a general spacing of 3.75 inches and finish in flat black. It is manufactured with top-quality Alloy Steel. Besides, it is probably the lightest rims in terms of weight as it only weighs 16 pounds. It comes in a classic design that tends to complement every other Ford Ranger well. This ford ranger black rims stand out in the competition due to the use of innovative wheel technology. Even after the use of years, you will find only a minor coating deterioration. They are easy to clean.


2003 Ford Ranger Rims – American Racing Series AR767:

Absolutely a good match for your Ford trucks! These rims have a timeless, straightforward, and understated design. With the general backspacing of 4, it has highly attractive input details. Made of Aluminum in black finesse, it radiates a classic vibe. You will be glad about its quality and lightweight construction. The Lifetime Structural Warranty sounds amazing. Although this ford ranger black rim has lighter materials, it supports classic muscle cars.


Final verdict:

Finding a decent set of Ford Ranger rims that will give your Ranger a confidence shot for better driveability can get tricky. You can find them in multiple sizes, but from 18 inches to 15 inches are most commonly purchased. The choice is made whether you prioritize comfort, performance, or need to accelerate the handling skills.


The significant difference between these Ford Ranger rims lies in their durability, weight, and reliability. If you are more focused on increasing speed, aluminum rims are the must-have. And, if your major concern is strength, choose steel-made rims.

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