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Ford Ranger Wildtrak Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Review Australia


The range of Ford Rangers has always been the best when it comes to functionality, all-around drivability and comfort. The new Ranger variant, Ford Ranger Wildtrak, has raised the bar even higher for other uses. It is the most premium version of Ford’s ute line-up. It was built in Thailand and has become the most popular pickup. Ford is hoping that this kitted-out and fitted-out version of 2021 Wildtrak will lift up its position in the top utes. Ford released its four-wheel-drive double cab pickup Ranger Wildtrak to the Australian market in 2021.


Ford Ranger Wildtrak Engine:

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak has a 2.0-litre four-cylinder bi-turbo diesel engine. This engine produces 157kW of power and 500 Nm of torque. 


The Ford Ranger Wildtrak lacks a manual option; instead, it is exclusively mated with a 10-speed automatic and is co-developed with General Motors.


The braked towing capacity of Ford Ranger Wildtrak is 3500kg, and the payload is about 954kg. This implies that if you’re into hauling things around, it is as capable as the 3.2-litre engine. It claims  9.7L/100km on the combined cycle, skewed to city driving.


Ford Ranger Wildtrak Exterior:

All the Ford Ranger models have good exterior looks in standard form, so does the Ford Ranger Wildtrak. It has big-ute looks. It amazingly balances the cool charm with the premium feel and stays within the territory of geared-up utes. 


On the backside, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak includes a powered roll-top cover for the tray. Although it sounds extravagant, actually, it is really handy in practice.  It offers more space, and also it can also be remotely opened using the key.


The tailgate is lightweight, and it is also easy to open. You can even open it with a pinky. 


The new Wildtrak provides more styles and designs, the X variant also adds on the real-world functions like:

✓ Nudge bar

✓ Nudge-bar-mounted LED lights

✓ Snorkel


The Ford Ranger Wildtrak X is one of the biggest utes in Australia. They have the following measurement:

✓ 5446mm long in length

✓ 3220mm-long with wheelbase

✓ 1848mm high in height

✓ 1848mm wide


Ford Ranger Wildtrak Interior:

The interior of the Ford Ranger Wildtrak provides roomy and functional space. Wildtrak’s interior has a real touch of class. It comes with a soft-touch leather-accented upholstery with orange stitching. In addition, the ‘Wildtrak’ branding is present in the cabin, including on the seat,  dash, and floor mats. On the upfront, there are cup holders, and in the back seat, it has a fold-down armrest. All the doors also contain bottle holders.


Other storage spaces include a glovebox, a small receptacle for everyday-carry stuff in front of the shifter, and a deep centre console. And there’s always the shallow space afforded if you have no rear-seat passengers and stow those seats away. The interior also has charging points, and this includes two USB ports and a 12V socket upfront.


The Ford Ranger Wildtrak has easy to find and easy to operate controls that are mounted on either the dash or the steering wheel. 


It has an 8.0-inch touchscreen which has many volumes and tuning knobs. Ford Ranger Wildtrak’s multimedia system is easy to use, and it has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (USB-connect) functionality.


The front seats of the Ford Ranger Wildtrak are very comfortable and supportive. The rear seats are also very comfortable and supportive. In addition to comfort, the rear seats have an ISOFIX anchor on each outer seat, so it can accommodate two baby seats as well.


Ford Ranger Wildtrak Standard Features:

Here are some of the standard features of the Ford Ranger Wildtrak:

✓ Premium leather-accented interior

✓ Contrast-stitched seat trim

✓ Accent colours

✓ Illuminated scuff plates

✓ An 8.0-inch touchscreen 

✓ Sync3 multimedia unit

✓ Apple CarPlay and Android Auto


The Wildtrak X variant adds on the following features:

✓ Bi-LED headlights

✓ A snorkel, nudge bar

✓ Nudge-bar-mounted LED light bar

✓ Ebony Black wheel arch flares

✓ 18-inch alloy wheels

✓ Ebony Black rear sailplane


The Wildtrak X variant also includes FordPass Connect. This feature allows you to start and stop your vehicle using your smartphone, as well as lock or unlock it with the same device.


Ford Ranger Wildtrak Safety:

Based on testing out in 2015, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak has a five-star ANCAP safety score. The Wildtrak scored 36.72 out of 37 points.


The standard safety gear Ford Ranger Wildtrak includes:

✓ Six airbags (dual front, front side, full-length curtain)

✓ Reversing camera

✓ Park assist sensors

✓ Auto emergency braking (AEB, operational at speeds above 3km/h) 

✓ Pedestrian detection (at speeds of 3km/h-80km/h)

✓ Cyclist detection (at speeds of 3km/h-80km/h)

✓ Adaptive cruise control

✓ Lane departure warning

✓ Active lane keep assist (at speeds above 64km/h)

✓ Speed sign recognition



✓ Includes a refined 2.0-litre engine

✓ It has an excellent cabin technology

✓ Comprises small convenience touches

✓ The looks are pretty good

✓ The Ranger drives well

✓ It is also capable of off-road



✓ It is expensive for a dual-cab ute

✓ The 2.0-litre engine remains unproven

✓ There are no rear air vents

✓ It needs a bigger multimedia screen

✓ The roller cover is glitchy


Final verdict:

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak has many good things that make it a good option. According to our verdict, it is an all-around package. The Ranger is refined, capable, great to drive, and very comfortable. In addition, it comes out having real touring-friendly gear on it. Without a doubt, this Ranger is very, very impressive and remains in the top ranks of the ute market. However, if you plan on buying the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, ensure getting its background information. For that, you can always use the Quick Revs online platform. We provide all the history of the vehicle in an easy to read format and at an affordable price. 


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