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Ford Ranger Raptor Review | The best selling truck in Australia

Ford Ranger Raptor


Pickup trucks have always been the source of attraction for a lot of people. The beauty, the power, the roar, and the multipurpose use of the truck is absolutely amazing. Many companies have attempted in making the trucks more and more useful as well as making them attractive to the people and where a lot have succeeded, there have been some which failed miserably. That’s how the car market works. If you give something to the customers that they like, you will succeed in a manner that even you would not have thought about. Contrary to this, if you work on something that you know that customers would not like but would earn you revenue, you will be devastated in the long run. It is better to keep a bond with the customers and give in to their demands since that is a good marketing strategy. However, we are not here to tell you how to run your car manufacturing company, we are here to discuss one of the most successful companies; Ford. Ford Ranger Raptor is a new addition to the trucks and we are going to review everything there is about this beauty.


About Ford Ranger Raptor:

Ford Ranger Raptor is an absolute beast with its 17.5 feet length and 6.7 feet width and looks of a modern, stylish, “cool gentleman” of the pickup trucks. Yes, it looks like a mixture of a powerhouse truck and a regular, look-based truck and Ford has made this blend so well that the Raptor truck is just amazing when it comes to the looks. However, the truck is not just beauty, it is also packed with a powerful engine which, although not comparable to that of the other trucks, is pretty good when it comes to performance. All of this fits well in Ford Ranger Raptor 2019. We will review the performance and design of the truck in the upcoming sections but if you want to know just a little bit about it, know that both the truck excels in both the aforementioned aspects.


Ford Ranger Raptor in Australia:

It is worth discussing the impact of Ford Ranger Raptor on the people in Australia. The Raptor truck has made its way into the hearts of the people and is the one best selling vehicle in the entirety of Australia. Some reports even claim that it is the most used truck in Australia too, but we find it a bit hard to believe since there might be better alternatives and the older trucks sure have a place in the hearts of people. However, best selling part is believable since the truck became so famous that everyone wanted it. It is not surprising considering the performance of Ford Ranger Raptor combined with the unique design is pretty captivating and attention-grabbing.


Ford Ranger Raptor Specifications:

We will briefly discuss the Ford Ranger Raptor’s specifications since if we get into the technicalities, the length of the article will exceed the normal person’s reading and the overuse of jargon will certainly play an important role in it.


Ford Ranger Raptor, as told before, is 17.5 feet long and 6.7 feet wide. The truck uses a turbocharged 2.0-Liter Four-Cylinder Diesel Engine which is a bit disappointing considering the competitors and the other Ford trucks. It has a 10-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system is the default. The vehicle, obviously, is not a 450 horsepower one, but instead has an output of 210 horsepower which allows it to take a good 10.5 seconds to reach from 0 to 60 mph. That does not mean that it can not go fast. It goes a 105 mph which is pretty good for a truck. An average of 23 mpg fuel consumption seems fine for a truck of this caliber.


Ford Ranger Raptor Price:

Raptors' Pricing starts from AU$75,650 for the SuperCab and AU$79,800 for the bigger SuperCrew.


Available Colours:

If you are not just satisfied with the design of the truck, Ford Ranger Raptor is available in a variety of colors which you can find in the list below. All of these colors are extracted directly from the Ford website:


 1. Performance Blue

 2. Conquer Grey

 3. Arctic White

 4. Shadow Black

 5. True Red


Ranger Raptor’s Positive Aspects:



Ford Ranger Raptor 2019’s design is one of the most amazing things about the truck. While it delivers quality performance, that aspect is not as good as the design of it. The Black Ranger Raptor going down the roads is a mesmerizing sight. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself on YouTube or in person if your neighbor owns one.



It is economical. The fuel consumption, the base price, the design you get with that price, the multipurpose usage of the truck and the overall performance of it is totally worth the cost. It is not “high priced”, it is “well priced”.


Drawbacks of Ford Ranger Raptor:


As mentioned earlier, the engine is somewhat a drawback of the truck. Ford Ranger Raptor does not come with a super high performing engine like a V8, rather it has the 2.0L Four-Cylinder Diesel Engine.


Customer Reviews:


Review #1:

“First of all let me say I’m coming from a 200 Series into a Wildtrak Ranger. Now the Wildtrak is no 200 Series, but it’s still a great car. Normally I would not go for something that is new on the market, it after doing some research I’ve found the 2.0 10 Speed to have the best value for money of all the other utes I looked at. The adaptive cruise and collision avoidance technology is brilliant. The car drives well and is pretty responsive around the city. Country and highway driving is exceptionally good, especially when using the cruise control. I’m yet to take it off road, but I have been in other rangers off road and have found them to be very capable in both standard trim and modified. I’d suggest a front bar for protection if you drive in the country or go 4wding a lot.
Overall I give the Wildtrak a 4.5 out of 5.”


Review #2:

“Daily commute to cbd weekends and to farm. Had hilux previous but the ranger rides so much better off road on corrugated roads. It is more comfortable interior and feels like a car. Adaptive cruise is amazing, use it everywhere, though lane assist is stupid and never use that. Got the wildtrak, pricey but love it so far.”


Review #3:

“Same thump from gearbox on takeoff, listen to a usb one time and the next the radio comes on. Seems i have an issue from the steering column. Doesn't load all my phone contacts from an huawei phone. Maybe i need an i phone for this car. Car brakes come on at 150 mts of car turning. Maybe it should drive itself. Hate it. Too much body roll even when loaded. Told it needs Weight. Don't listen to salesmen. Now smart charging is tuned back on when software is updated. Idles terribly and am told to keep bringing the vehicle back. Like i don't need it to work.”


Final Verdict:

If you have money and have a lust for trucks, buy Ford Ranger Raptor. Seriously. That’s how much we like it.

If you are looking to purchase a car, maybe a used Ford Ranger Raptor, make sure that you run proper checks on it to ensure the legitimacy of the vehicle. QuickREVs do it all for you in the shortest of times in the lowest possible price ever!




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