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Ford Ranger 2017 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Ranger 2017 Review Australia


Are you in the search of a good looking, reliable, and powerful UTE? What better option you have other than the 2017 Ford Ranger. You can say, it is one of Australia’s top-selling automobiles. Also known as Arquus Trigger VT4, 2017-year models of the Ranger are loaded with comfort features. It is a well-rounded UTE but you will find it high priced, particularly the higher XLT versions.


The smooth transmission and diesel engines are the highlights which make it an ideal vehicle to drive both on and off-road. Hi-tech safety features are a plus. Apart from an efficient motor, the car is easy to steer and comes with upgraded software which is comparatively more receptive. 


Do you need to carry a load? Not a problem because even with the weight, Ranger offers a secure, firm, and stable ride. You can choose any of the trims depending on your budget and requirements. The available trims are XL, XLS, and XLT.


Ford Ranger 2017 Engine:

After driving the 2017 Ford Ranger once, you will feel like it is specially designed to drive on Australian roads. The Ford Ranger will deliver you a desirable steering, power, and weight balance. Regardless of the trims, all vehicles offer satisfactory road handling. Apart from impressive handling, it comes with durable and hard-wearing equipment delivering a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. The company has engineered all Rangers (2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive) with similar ground clearance.


Even in the basic/standard trims, the composure of the engine and gearbox is significantly maintained. To offer a steady road performance, the system is equipped with tough rear-leaf suspension.


Like to drive at higher speeds? Its throttle calibration is wonderfully capable of getting adjusted swiftly and effortlessly. The stopping power comes from extremely receptive brakes. You will get disc ventilated brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. The engineers have done an outstanding job by complementing a revved-up engine with lightweight steering to provide excellent body control. The powered steering stands out at all speeds making gear shifting an easier task. While driving you will feel no exaggerated body roll. In short, the Ranger has always been striking in its driving dynamics.


The Ford Ranger 2017 versions are powered by the diesel engine “Duratorq TDCi”. The motor is complemented with both, 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Its super-relaxed truck-based engine is famous for being intuitive. The dominant driving position signifies it more.


Except for a few differences, both engines have somewhat the same specs to offer such as:

Fuel tank capacity of 80L

Reasonable fuel consumption of 6.5L/100km even at the higher speeds

The engine immobilizer is offered for better fuel efficiency


2.2L engine:

Its 2.2L DOHC inline-4-cylinder engine with 16V has a massive intercooler. It works through a Direct injection for fuel delivery. It drives with a bearable sound and a nimble vibration. Apart from its wide range of power and torque, it offers a remarkable smoothness on the road.


The engine is offered in four versions with different torque and power from maximum to the lowest to give something to everyone:

88 kW power with a torque of 285 NM

92 kW power with a torque of 330 NM

110 kW power with a torque of 375 NM

118 kW power with a torque of 400 NM


3.2L engine:

The very first difference, apart from its enlarged size, is the availability of the turbocharger. And then its 20V Inline-5-cylinder setup. Along with an intercooler, it is found more powerful. But, unfortunately, it is only equipped in the Double Cab variant. Besides, it is manufactured with fixed power of 147 kW @ 3000rpm and torque of 470 Nm @ 1750 to 2500rpm


XLT trims:

The highest spec model of the 2017 Ford Ranger might be a perfect choice due to its sturdy 3.2L turbocharged diesel engine with 5 cylinders. Under its bonnet, you will be amazed by its incredible motor including suspension with adjustable bars and bump-absorbing brakes. The Ford Ranger XLT 2017 has this stout engine with comparatively more advanced refinement and is coordinated with an auto transmission having an option of the manual override.


Ford Ranger 2017 Design:

The more money you spend, the more elite features you will get. The basic versions come with no fanciness, no luxury touch, or neat finesse and have a strictly function-driven cabin. Whereas, upper-level trims are laden with posh features. For instance, the Super Cab has suicide doors and the Double Cab has an exceptional wheel sizes range of standard 16 to large 18-inches. The top range models give you a leather-trimmed interior with satin metal accessories.


To glam up the style, you can have a contrast stitching. Well, if you are interested in buying the 2017 Ford Ranger Wildtrak, you will be able to point it out from the distance due to its visually distinguishing features. The front has a tailored grille and runs on spectacular 18-inch wheels. 2017 Ford Ranger Wildtrak is reasonably stylish.


With a modish and ergonomic dashboard, the seating position is also astounding. To support a delightful ride, nicely supportive seats with height-adjustable steering are equipped. All trims have vinyl flooring.


Other features are:

Keyless entry

8-inch high-resolution touchscreen but XL has a dual-color 4.2-inch

Understandable digital instruments

6-speaker setup but XL has a 4-speaker stereo

6-way modifiable driver's seat (manual) with lumbar support


XLT trim specifications:

Overall, the interior will give you premium feels with advanced tech and appealing styling. With a tub liner, the inside is roomy, relaxing, practical, and entertaining. The very first thing to get your attention will be its Ford SYNC3 infotainment setup. The user-friendly interface and unproblematic smartphone integration make Ford Ranger 2017 suitable. With the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto phone mirroring, you can talk on calls without getting distracted.


More spec details:

Even if you want to carry luggage, the 2017 Ford Ranger has a large tray at the rear.

High-quality stereo system with a splendid sound quality

USB portals

Responsive satellite navigation control

Understandable buttons and steering controls  

DAB+ digital radio

Rain-sensing wipers

2-zone climate control

12V socket

Strong privacy glass


Safety features of 2017 Ford ranger:

Full-length called curtain airbags (dual front, side chest, and side head)

Automatic headlights

Hill launch assist (HLA) for ascend and descend

Reversing camera (standard)


In the special trims of the Wildtrak and the XLT, an optional Technology Package is present that provides:

Rear collision avoidance

Built-in Lane keep assisting with lane departure assistance

Adaptive cruise control. 


Besides, the XLT offers the following safety features that guarantee your road safety:

Front and rear parking sensors

Automatic high beam driver impairment monitor

The reverse camera comes with the options of the adaptive grid lines and zoom mode. It works precisely.

ISOFIX hooks at the rear seats for the child seats



Cloth trimmed interior feel cheap

The 2.2L engine faces a conspicuous turbo-lag

The cabin feels cramped at the rear (too upright)

Lacs powered seat adjustment and has no memory feature

No digital touchscreen in XL version

Higher spec trims are unnecessarily expensive

The cabin gives the plastic feels

No voice control in the XLT version

On long trips, the problem of injection failure is common

Exhaust-Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve failure issues


Final verdict:

In terms of looks, comfortability, and safety, the 2017 Ford Ranger is found satisfactory enough. Fuel efficiency and decent torque make the ride more amusing. It is a plethora of choices to meet the desires of all sorts of buyers. In several ways, the blend of practicality, adaptability, power, ease, and off-road performance make it the supreme vehicle for a lot of drivers.


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