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Ford Probe Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Probe Review Australia


The car Ford Probe was introduced in 1988, and its production continued till 1997. Ford came out with the idea of Probe after collaboration with the automobile company Mazda. When it was launched, it had a high competition with Acura Integra, Isuzu Piazza, Nissan 200SX, and the Toyota Celica. Later in 1997, Ford started putting all its efforts into designing and producing the Ford Mustang, so Probe was discontinued.


The Ford Probe is gorgeous and exceptional – and they're a flat-out deal!


Its name being the aim of many jokes, the Probe is extraordinarily modest and an exemplary roadster. Intended for Europeans by Americans and designed by the Japanese, the modern-looking Ford filled the two-entryway car market for the organization. Two motors were accessible. Both came from Mazda, as did the mechanicals. 


Let’s dive into the Ford Probe review!


Ford Probe Engine:

The Ford Probe and Ford Probe GT were power-driven by a 2.2 L SOHC 4-cylinder Mazda F2 engine. It has an intercooler engine that produces 145 hp (108 kW) and 190 lb/ft of torque. The GT sort also came with a 4-wheel disc power-assisted brake with ABS, a 3-way amendable suspension using adaptable damping shocks, and a speed-sensitive variable-assist power steering (VAP). The 1994 Ford Probe and Ford Probe 1997 are 60% Mazda and 40% Ford. The Ford Probe GT is known to have a noisy engine that makes huge sounds on the road.


The two engine options, found in Ford Probe GT, Ford Probe 1994, and Ford Probe 1997, are Mazda, similar to the gearboxes. Japanese mechanicals ends up being dependable in the Probe, in spite of the fact that cambelts ought to be changed every 60,000 miles. The V6 is non-impedance, which means the cylinder doesn't go into the space where the valves open. Manual and programmed transmissions are accessible and are hearty enough for regular use.


Ford Probe Exterior And Interior Details:

The first style of the Ford Probe was a wedge-shaped design that combined a number of drag-reducing structures like enclosed back wheels and pop-up headlights. The 1994 Ford Probe was hatchback-shaped and was a significant compact car. The Ford Probe 1997 was an innovative presenter with enclosed wheels, but its bodywork changed into the more orthodox. Ford Probe GT was regarded as the “Front Wheel Drive.” 


Though the 1994 and 1997 Ford Probe protracted and broadened 2 inches, it was 125 pounds lighter in weight than Ford Probe and Ford Probe GT. The prominent features of the Ford Probe GT are GT front outlook but lacking fog lamps, matchless 15-inch (380 mm) aluminum wheels.


Almost all Probe Ford came with automatic locks, automatic windows, electrically adjusted outer mirrors, a storing tray beneath the front passenger seat, as well as a non-compulsory flip-up sunroof. The 1994 Ford Probe was the first to have within it the airbags. It had no stripe on the dashboard, but there was a stripe on the internal panels. The Fog light button on Ford Probe GT is slightly reformed than other models. Window seals are a flimsy spot on the Probe Ford. Put it down to those rich frameless windows. 


Wet covers and carpets are a giveaway that dampness' getting in. Supplant the seals, and it should fix the issue. A spilling sunroof is normal, as is rust. Watch out for rust air pockets in the paintwork, and inquire as to whether it's been supplanted. On the off chance that the sunroof is uproarious, it very well may be addressed by fitting some froth between the sunroof edge and rooftop to prevent them from scouring. Cowhide seats are more attractive than fabric, which is significant when considering resale esteem.


Talking about the interior, it has certain factors that cannot be neglected, such as high-end air conditioners and CD players. The central locking looks pretty old yet workable. It keeps your oldie goldie safe. The MP3 capability is also impressive. The powered steering adds up to the ease of driving. And, yes, it has a reversing camera.


The addition of cruise control also seems like a good point. Besides, the manufacturers didn’t compromise on safety and offered driver airbags. The windows are electric are easily adjustable.


Ford Probe Brakes:

Brake cautioning lights can streak upon the scramble and are exceptionally touchy. One way of combating this is to actually look at the brake liquid repository. In case it's not full to the edge, you'll have to top it off to make the light go off.



✓ Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, and off-roading, etc.

✓ Fast car

✓ Easy to handle

✓ Powerful engine

✓ Beautiful appearance

✓ Tight axel

✓ Not too costly

✓ Responsive to drive

✓ Sunroof

✓ It feels like driving a turbo



✓ Old car

✓ Hard to find spare parts

✓ Expensive parts

✓ Aluminum heads warm-up fast under heat

✓ Expensive to fix

✓ Passengers in the back have very little leg room

✓ Hard to lift heavy things in and out

✓ It rattles a lot when a sound system is installed

✓ Interior seems cheap


Final Verdict:

If you've been thinking of getting a car that accomplishes well but also performs with evenness and poise, it’s impeccable to own a new Probe Ford. The firm suspensions make a perfectly smooth ride with a bit of bumpiness off roads. Many people may not be fond of the Ford Probes interior, but the exterior of this car is flawless. The Probe has two engine options, a 2.0-liter Mazda four-pot, and a 2.5-liter V6, which presents interior and an exterior design by Uncle Henry, and stage, drivetrain, and suspension by the Japanese corporation. 


So basically, Ford Probe is a joint venture of combined companies and people. The main reason Probe got hit in the market was its pop-up headlamps. You need a Probe since you desire low support, pointedly styled car for not a considerable amount of cash. What other American V6 Coupé would you be able to purchase for £1000? For some, the Probe is all that was directly around 1990s America. In case you're searching for an inexorably uncommon, modest, elective roadster, you've found it: the Ford Probe. 


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