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Ford Maverick Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Ford Maverick Review AUSTRALIA


If we talk about famous automobile manufacturing companies, Ford will be ranked top high for marketing some of the finest vehicles in various body styles. Well, Ford Maverick is also one of their masterpieces. This compact car is genuinely made from 1970 to 1977 in America but also sold under several nameplates or rebadged series as Nissan Patrol Y60 from 1988 to 1994, Nissan Terrano II from 1993 to 1999, and finally the latest European version of the Ford Escape as SUV from 2001 to 2005.


Ford Maverick is built to offer an inexpensive range of sturdy engines that come with impressive styling. It can be spotted from a distance due to its distinctive long hood, fastback roof, and petite deck. On a whole, it is absolutely a reliable family car. It performs remarkably on the mud or any kind of drivetrain. The Ford Maverick 4×4 mode must be your priority if planning to purchase.


The engineers have made its drive and ride highly comfortable with a durable motor. Well, if you prefer luxury to reliability, it isn't worth a chance. It is definitely not the sexiest car but firm, steady and steadfast.



Truly speaking, the earliest models are found short on speed, power, mileage as well as performance. Typically, the range of the power offered in all the trims starts from 73kW and ends at 149 kW. The plus point is its smooth and adjustable transmission offered in both manual and automatic mode. Apart from the durable motor, Ford Maverick has firm steering that is light enough to let you have a comfortable ride.


Do you like petrol or diesel engines? Doesn’t matter because it has both with the fuel tank capacity of 58 to 80L. Pretty satisfactory to take on long drives, huh!

Coming to another important aspect of engines that are fuel performance is also acceptable for the maverick. Depending on the type and capacity of the engine, the estimated values for the fuel consumption lies within the range of 9.7 to 12.8.


The latest models or high-spec trims are loaded with power and speed, torque, and throttle. The braking and suspension systems are hard-wearing. Whereas the pedals and gear-shifters are responsive and quick.


1970s models:

Are you a fan of antique classic cars? Then Ford Maverick models manufactured within 1970-1977 can double your joy and meet your liking. The largest engine you can get is the tremendous V8 engine of 4.9L capacity. Choosing this would be a sensible decision as others are all inline-6-cyl engines. The three configurations are 2.8L, 3.3L, and 4.1L. In comparison, you would find their power and torque unsatisfactory to the V8 motor.


1988-1994 models:

The re-tuned coil-sprung suspension has significantly increased the driving comfort even on rough grounds. The steering handling seems much better. Some wagon platform trims are equipped with adaptable front and rear disc brakes. Whereas, the UTE models feature rear drum brakes. Well, both are efficient and responsive. Personally, the advice is to choose the variants with the LSD such as XLT. Coming to the engine configurations, a wide variety can be pretty confusing.


Need a petrol model? Go for a standard wagon, XL wagon, XL hardtop, and a top-of-the-range XLT hardtop.


Need the best diesel models? The cab chassis and pickup variants having a 4.2L engine are the ideal options. It will provide you 125kW of power at 4200 rpm and 325Nm of torque at 2800 rpm which is reasonable for daily use.


As the users say, for an efficient road grip and fuel use, top of a range XLT hardtop having a tough 4.2L engine mated with a 5-speed manual gearbox is something extra and too genuine.


1993-2005 models:

Like we said, if you really want to experience what the Ford Maverick has to give, the selection must be done from the latest models. The Ford Maverick 4WD Terrano II having a 2.4L petrol engine placed front is a decent choice. BUT why choose less when you have a better choice!? Its 1993 variant with a 2.7L turbocharged diesel engine is a real star.


Moving forward, the 1996 diesel engine featuring an advanced intercooler accompanying a 2.4i and 2.7 TDi motor setup is another highly preferable one. It not only accelerates quickly but also lowers the body roll. In short, a subtle ride is what it gives.


A 3.0L TDi DOHC diesel engine made from 1999-2006 practically drives its self with pleasure. On the downside, the ride can get slightly hard sometimes. Considering it more efficient in terms of fuel consumption and road grip, it is worth your attention.



With an unibody construction, the Ford Maverick chassis is strong and conventional. You can get an idea about its expansive interior with a cargo capacity range of 470 – 830. Depending on your budget, you can choose to have a ride in either soft felt cloth or lavish velvet trimming.


As basic specs, you will get a digital clock, electrical mirrors, powered windows, and a special rear wiper with a washer system. With a lot of storage compartments and accessibility of a 12v outlet, the inside seems pretty laid-out.


1988-1994 models:

DX models have manual mirrors and vinyl-trimmed cabin as standard. There is no central locking, and AC is optional

RX is an upgraded version featuring electric mirrors, central locking, and AC as standard. The carpeted interior seems plush

ST also has the same specs as RX but the addition of electric windows and automatic locking hubs is made

Ti trims starting from late 1989 have the velour accented interior, alloy 3-spoke wheels, rear AC, and premium 7-speaker stereo system apart from the previous specs


The SUV manufactured during 1992 Series 2 has larger wheels, premium cabin trim, and detailed side intrusion bars. The standard equipment includes 2 Speaker Stereo, Power Steering, and a radio cassette.


Standard specs in the 1988 XL Ford Maverick wagons and hardtops:

Vinyl-trimmed cabin with cloth wrapped seats.


Gauges showing oil pressure, water temperature, and battery voltage in

AM/FM radio/cassette

Dual speakers

Comfortable front bucket seats


Standard specs in the 1988 XLT Ford Maverick wagons and hardtops:

Tilting sunroof

Power windows

Central locking

Improved bucket seating

Higher quality AM/SW/FM radio/cassette

4-speaker stereo system

Electric aerial


Standard specs in the 1990 XLT SUV:

Radio cassette

Power steering

4-speaker audio system

Central locking

Power windows (front and rear)


Power steering


Safety features of Ford Maverick:



Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

ISOFIX for children

Engine immobilizer

Heartbeat Sensor

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)


Final verdict:

Ford Maverick surely deserves a second look. Besides, if you are worried about its lack of actual on-road performance equipment, let’s view it from other perspectives such as its amazing lightweight chassis, well-laid layout, and long-lasting machinery. It is a usable and fun car to ride on city roads. The most common problem you will face is rust.


As you can guess, old cars have old problems, probably tougher to solve. So, why not purchase a car with outclass features firsthand? Just to be sure, get the desired car’s history information within seconds from our online portal, which is all-time available and open to everyone.

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