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Ford LTD Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Ford LTD Review Australia


When you think about the Ford LTD, you can either go for the Australian models that were manufactured from 1973 to 2007 or for American models available in the year models from 1965 to 1986. Depending on the style, there are several options including 2- and 4-door pillared and hardtop sedans, a 2-door convertible, and the Country Squire 5-door woodgrain station wagon. LTD can be simply defined as a full-sized luxury automobile. 


Do you know what does "LTD" means? It stands for "Lincoln Type Design", later changed to "Limited Type Design".


We can say, every model comes with a distinctly unique styling along with motor functions. The highlight is the lighter curb weight followed by the fuel-economical engines. Make no mistake, the Ford LTD is definitely a tank of a car, but it might be precisely the kind of car you desire for daily life work, even if it is that old. Truly speaking, if you are interested in buying, you must choose from the models made after 2000. Because these are comparatively more stylish and rarer in design.



Well, we can all agree that it is surprisingly a maneuverable car. The car is known for handling gravel roads effortlessly. The motor is considered durable and a chassis is made hard-wearing to stand the use of years. Despite the body heaviness, the engine pulls pretty decently. All the latest models are surely nice to drive. But remember, it is not designed for a race track so don’t expect it to be a thrilling ride. To reach somewhere hurriedly, you would find LTD Ford more than enough.


All latest models are installed with an efficient catalytic converter. Overall, the engine is designed and set up with comfort as well as style. All engines, even the older ones show a healthy peak of torque particularly at low speeds. The car is of a relaxed nature and a soothing ride.


As far as the power and performance are concerned, the Ford LTD certainly offers a definite satisfaction. The dynamic stability control and traction control in the older versions are not so impressive. Coming to the transmission, all auto and manual gearboxes offer not only excellent on-road performance but also assists in managing fuel consumption. When you are buying any version, do not forget to look out for the noises of the engine.


Fuel consumption:

V8 engine should start smoothly and stay smooth even at the higher revs. The main difference lies in the engine fuel mileage. Where the V8 engine keeps the value around 12L/100 km, the 6-cylinder motor system can beat 10L/100 km covering the same distance.


Best picks:

The 1973 ZF model with manual transmission complementing 5.8L V8 engine powered by 186 kW power

ZG / P5 model (1973–1976) with a similar 5.8L V8 engine but featuring automatic transmission

ZH / P6 model (1976–1979) with a standard basic engine of 4.9L. The other option you can opt for is the same 5.8 L.

G8 model of the BF series has an 8-cylinder engine with an advanced exhaust system that is capable of delivering power of 230kW@5,350 rpm with the torque of 500NM@3,500 rpm.

BA models made from 2003 to 2005 are also an ideal choice of having a 5.4L Modular V8 engine. It is mated with the best sequential automatic transmission.



The interior of Ford LTD is magnificently comfortable and will leave you awestruck. With NA/DA to NC/DC series, you will be amazed by its visually appealing exterior having unique door panels. The latest models are featured with exclusive exterior lighting that you can spot from a distance.


If you like luxury along with comfort, the models manufactured after 2000 will provide you with lush, plush, oh-so-comfortable leather seats. Besides, the storage pockets make it a desirable car. The sound system is sufficient to let you enjoy a fun ride but not so outstanding. You would get climate control only in the latest Ford LTD models but still not advance. The dashboard styling and knobs look pretty refined. On the darker side, the cheap plastic wood might bug you. It feels below standard. The complimentary brushed chrome is just not adequate to make you buy it.


As far as safety is concerned, you would definitely not get a long list but necessary specs. For instance, dual airbags at the front, anti-lock brakes, and seat-belts with a pre-tensioner.


Among the older cars, the ZF model will give you an attractive swoopier bodywork with hidden headlamps and a nice-looking vinyl roof.


P5 model specs:

On the front of the Ford LTD P5, you will get a 4-horizontal-bar grille that adds to the robustness. The rear-light lenses are sparkly and the garnishing panel looks just fine. Real luxury is a 2-door coupé Ford LTD called the Ford Landau. Well, apparently, both have similar styling.


For instance:

Concealed headlights

Vacuum-operated grille segments

Air conditioner

Powered windows


The 1975 model has distinctive 15’’ wheels matching with the soft-felt leather trimming.


P6 model specs:

With the lengthened front and rear, the car appears so bulky while giving a luxury impression. The 1976 models are featured with louder grille mated with quadra round headlights.


In terms of styling sense, 1977 made limited-edition of Ford LTD called "Silver Monarch" under the plat of Ford LTD P6 has surpassed all previous models. It is impossible to take your eyes off of the classic silver vinyl roof, complementing a pretty Cranberry red velour cabin trimming.


2001 model specs:

Recessed rear seats

Privacy glass

Individual lighting

Seats with a 2-stage pressure map

Climate control


Powered seats with 3 memory positions

Detail-oriented instrument panel representing battery voltage and oil levels

Premium 6-speaker audio system with a parcel-shelf-installed free-air subwoofer


6-Stack in-dash


BA series specs:

Uniqueness is brought to the G220 through:

17’’ Elegance alloy wheels

Ebony headlight bezels with an exceptional lens

Redline leather-trimmed seats complementing vibrant charcoal-perforated leather detailing


A 2005 Fairlane is laden with chrome-fined exterior such as rub strips and rear appliqué. In 2005, G220 was upgraded to have 7-spoke alloy wheels and dual-colored skirt paint. Both the Ghia and G220 now have an 8-way power-assisted driver’s seat with memory function and leather-trimmed sportier steering.


Cons/Problems of buying Ford LTD:

Lacks propane fueling infrastructure

Powerful yet slouchy V8

Spare parts can be hard to find

Lacks Bluetooth connectivity

The interior looks cheap and subpar

The chassis may appear weird in the older trims

Old-fashioned leaf springs are installed

The car is not very satisfactory for carrying heavy loads

The V8 engine is fuel thirsty


Final verdict:

On average, Ford LTD is a nicer, quieter, and a relaxing car. The inside seems big and roomy with massive boot space for storage. We can consider this car tough mechanically. V8 is not so fast in speed but cruises securely and smoothly at highway speeds. Although it has received criticism over its angular stylings, it is still a preferable vehicle for a family journey. Upon purchasing, you won’t regret it, for sure.


No matter how old or new the car is it is better to try to make sure every character is balanced. The best way to ensure is through the car’s accidental, driving, theft, and traveling history. And, we are pleased to provide you an online portal with 24/7 accessibility to get history details.

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