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Ford Laser Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Laser Review Australia

As compared to the rest of the World, Australians are slow at grasping new technology. Especially when it comes to automobiles. Where the rest of the world had accepted diesel engines in their respective markets, we were slow in adopting them. And that is certainly not a bad thing. I personally think that we are better off without diesel engines.


Conversely, Australians have been huge fans of four-wheel drives. In the last few years, this obsession has reached new heights and you will see SUVs and 4x4 vehicles freely roaming around the roads here. So, it comes as a surprise when you see that Australians have not been a fan of a 4WD passenger car.


That does not mean that car manufacturing companies have not tried. Time and time again, companies have invested in all-wheel drives cars offering a number of cars to get the public’s attention. Mazda, Subaru, and Mitsubishi, all have offered similar versions over the years. Ford has also been competing in this class, with the introduction of the Ford Laser in 1987. Unfortunately, the model failed to grab the attention of the audience. That is until the newer version of the Ford Laser was revealed in 1990. Find out more of this 4WD performance car, and what it means to the people.


Labeled as a compact car, Ford Laser was initially sold as a subcompact car for the first three generations. In most of the markets, the Laser has been available as a Ford Laser hatchback or a sedan variant. However, it has also been sold as a convertible, picks up, and wagon version as well. The station wagon version was sold as the Ford Meteor here in Australia.


After Ford acquired a 25% stake in Mazda, it meant that they built cars that followed similar platforms. The Ford Laser is one such example. It is basically a restyled version of the Mazda 323 which was produced in 1980.


In Australia, the car was produced by Ford Australia which is a local brand. It easily outsold the Mazda 323 which was imported. According to local research, Ford Laser buyers were not aware of the fact the Laser was based on the 323.



The Ford Laser is powered by a 1.6-liter Carby engine. The engine is not powerful and produces 64 kW of power. It can reach 0-100 km/h in 12 seconds. The fuel economy is excellent, due to the efficient engine. It can do 8.5 L per 100 k within the city. And on the highway, things get better with 6.5 L per 100 km. The manual transmission is fun with the gear ratios placed out in a way to make things enjoyable.


Another variant in the KC generation was the Ford Laser TX3. It used a similar 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with around the same power. Things changed considerably with the introduction of the Ford Laser TX3 turbo which added an all-wheel drive.


In 1990, the TX3 turbo applied an improved engine which increased the power output to 117 kW and provided 206 Nm of torque. It came with all-wheel drive, five-speed manual transmission, and a lightweight. It was a killer combination and the TX3 could reach 0-100 km/h in less than eight seconds. Even today, there are many Ford Laser TX3 Turbo 4WD for sale in Australia which can be bought for ridiculous prices.



These days you could select out a GL Laser for around $2,000. That is with a street worth of 200,000km with maximum elements being pretty reasonably priced. To restore and clean to return back via way of means of thinking about this below all of it is a Mazda323. In addition to being the pleasant offering of the small automobile of its year. Servicing is fairly reasonably priced too and for individuals who like to earn a living from home on their motors. They are clean to paintings in addition without a plastic cover!


The maximum hard component of proudly owning a TX3 is locating one. Cars like our well-stored black instance hardly ever seem on the market withinside the open market. Owners with motors of this first-rate will commonly have a string of numbers to demand.


Scouring online sites found some 4-wheel drive TX3s available. However, none which becomes going to have lovers queuing across the block. One automobile on provide lately regarded OK however had carried out extra than 350,000 so an asking price of just $5500 became in all likelihood fair.


TX3s can command double that cash and extra however they want to be in an exceptional, unique circumstance or substantially modified.



When you talk about the technology, there is not much on offer on the Ford Laser. There is a cluster with no taco, a funky display clock. And a standard cassette player. Even though the cassette player does get swapped out in most cases. There are no power windows or mirrors. The air conditioning is manual like everything else.

But you need to keep in mind that this is a car from the previous century. Talking about safety features and specs, there is none. Except for seat belts, there are no safety features to speak of, least of all any airbag.



The Ford Laser offers a surprisingly decent drive. The steering wheel could be more responsive for sure, but the overall experience is pleasant. The car responds well to the driver and performs well around corners. The GL model has power steering which makes it easy to drive. But the rest of the models are not so lucky, and you sometimes feel as if you are driving a truck.



Roomy interior and seats

Handling is responsive and sporty

Great economy

Excellent 90s styling



No safety features to speak of

Lack of power



All in all, this is an all-rounder car with some minor issues. It lacks technology from today and even the most basic of safety features. But it makes for a great first car due to the economic engine and the roomy interior.


As you have reviewed the car thorough details here, are you still interested in purchasing the car? We have another service to help you finalize the purchase. Offering you a 24/7 available online portal to search your car history within minutes. 

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