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Ford Galaxie Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Galaxie


Ford Galaxie is one of the most appreciated and valued cars for its multiple features. It has been on the top of the list of classic old cars for notable specs for its time. It has a powerful engine giving satisfactory horsepower with robust bearings, carburetor, and adjustable valves. The expensive the variant, the better the engines and features. On the inside, there is enough chrome and stylish tech accompanied with adequate safety anchorage.


This full-sized car, built in the USA, is found in model years from 1959 to 1974. Its highly functional mechanism has significantly raised its drivability and comfort. The most famous Galaxies with badges of "500" and "500/XL" are available in the 1962-year model. In all the 500 versions, you can buy Galaxie 500/LTD introduced back in 1965. It is definitely worth the try! Yes, this 1965 Ford Galaxie is worth the go, even in 2021.


Ford Galaxie Year Model: 1969–1974:

The last generation of Ford Galaxie started from 1969 till 1974, has the best, most advanced, and sophisticated features in terms of engine and design. The best part is the variety of body styles it has to offer. We guarantee you will find what you are looking for: a 2-door hardtop or 4-door sedan, 2-door convertible, or 4-door station wagon. We can say it has a complete package offering a comfortable interior, muscular exterior, and improved road grip.


Ford Galaxie Engine And Road Performance:

Whenever we talk about Ford Galaxie, one simply cannot resist admiring its diversity of engines. No matter the capacity, the speed, and power are found impressive. On the one hand, the ride is engaging. On the other hand, it is trouble-free. The variation of inline-6 and V8 engines deserve appreciation for their robustness. The smallest option you can buy is a 3.9L I6 setup. It ensures soothing drivability. The next option is a big jump to 4.9L Windsor V8. Among all the options, you have the striking engine configuration of 6.6L, 7.0L, and 7.5L V8s. Marvelous!


1968 7.0 L "ThunderJet” is what you need to have a long ride. It is made strong enough to deliver power worth 270 Kw supported with good torque. Models before 1970 are equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission that comes as optional. The engine line-up in the '71 model year is the most astonishingly imposing. Where you can have a fast 351 2-valve V8 engine as standard equipment, the exception is made for Custom & Custom 500 versions are made as they carry the old 240 straight engine as a standard.


A gear shifter seems to be responsive and quick. On 240, 302, and 351 Ford Galaxie engines, a fully compatible 3-speed manual transmission is offered as a standard. They do have Select-Shift automatic as optional. 1972 onwards, all V8-powered Fords have SelectShift automatic transmission as standard.


Ford Galaxie Design – Exterior And Interior:

In the 1968 Ford Galaxie variant, you will find its dashboard built sturdy and graceful. It is designed as a pod wrapped around the driver. Regarding the XL and Galaxie 500 Sportsroof, their most exceptional and evident features are rear sail panels. They help simulate a fastback roofline. Apart from the sail, there are rear trim panels. They are styled right below the taillights. These stylish lights let you differentiate between variants.


The top-notch Country Squire is the best pick for road enthusiasts who like driving luxurious and fashionable cars. Squire is rewarded as the pinnacle of design when it comes to the wagon. The distinctive spec is concealed headlights. 1969 onwards models have headrests. In comparison to the 1979 models, very little difference is evident in the 1970 models. The only feature that makes it a slightly better option is a new ignition lock placed on the steering’s right side.


If you need a car that will make heads turn your way, the 1971 model is your answer. It has an eye-catchy horizontal wrap-around front bumper. The bumper is complemented with a huge vertical center section. Instead of outdated "rocket" exhaust-themed rear lights, it comes glamorized with horizontal lights. And yes, the prominent trimmed central section. Rooflines are squared off and feature a "formal" air.


The 1972 models look better with a vertical central grille and enlarged rear bumper with inset tail lamps. If you are into cars with a strong body and a shorter wheelbase, you have the 1973 model. They have a heavier chassis and bulkier appearance. The most outstanding feature is the 3 towing packages fitted as optional. All 1973 appealing "Pillared Hardtop" models have a slim-profile "B" post with a frameless door glass.


Ford Galaxie 500 – 1963 Year Model:

One name that will always live in the automobile industry is “Ford Galaxie 500.” As soon as you hear 500, you can imagine a huge vehicle equipped with ‘big’ features and a potent machine. A car that can take you on a safe and pleasant ride in suburban streets. 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 comes fitted with an incredibly powered V8 16-valve engine of 5766CC. It is OHV, and the relaxing ride is provided due to a 2-barrel carburetor. It delivers the power of 164kW @ 4400rpm coupled with a torque of 455Nm @ 2400rpm.


As far as the gearbox is concerned, there is a single option of a 3-speed automatic. It shifts swiftly, smoothly, and linearly. The steering is directional, making the ride engaging enough. It has an eye-popping top speed of 170km/h. Owning this timeless automotive piece is definitely life-enriching. The stunning exterior perfectly complements the presentable interior. This magnificent beast is easy to steer. You will be surprised how quickly the Galaxie can be propelled.


The first thing you will notice inside the cabin is a finger-light gear selector. It looks crisp and endures an uncanny refinement. Being a four-door pillar-less Hardtop, it has rareness in its design. It has luxury and professionalism, functionality and style, practicality, and modish essence altogether!


In the list of extras, it has:

✓ Powered steering

✓ A band-tinted windshield

✓ Push-button AM radio

✓ Rocker-panel moldings

✓ Padded dashboard

✓ Front lap seatbelts

✓ Deluxe wheel covers

✓ Windscreen washers with 2-speed setting


Standard 500 specs:

✓ Crank-handle vent windows

✓ 3-speed heater/demister

✓ Door armrests

✓ Full carpeting

✓ An electric clock

✓ Reversing lights


Standard 500/XL specs:

In addition to the above-mentioned features, in Ford Galaxie 500XL, you will get:

✓ Posh pleated trim

✓ Bucket seats

✓ A front floor console

✓ Courtesy lights in the foot-wells & doors


Ford Galaxie pricing:

The Ford Galaxie 1969-1974 prices range from $3500 to $6600 across a range of models. 


Final Verdict:

All said and done, Galaxie makes a desirable vehicle. If you want to experience a fun ride in its retractable hardtop, you better not go for the less expensive variants. The most dazzling structure is offered by the Ford Galaxie convertible.


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