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Ford Focus RS Review Australia | Features, Reliability, Specification, Price

Ford Focus RS Review Australia

The Ford Motor Company is a giant when talking about car manufacturing companies, and one of the top car manufacturing companies of the United States. The company has its headquarters in Michigan, Detroit and sells vehicles all over the World. Commonly known as Ford, the company is more than a century old with a rich history in manufacturing and selling luxury cars and commercial vehicles globally.


You might have heard of their many subsidiaries and child companies, such as the Lincoln, which only deals in luxury vehicles in the United States. Another famous one is the Troller SUV company which works in Brazil primarily. Ford Motor Company has also invested and has shares in the famous Aston Martin and the Jiangling Car manufacturing company. The list of ventures and companies that Ford has invested in is long, due to which it is the second-largest car manufacturing company of the United States, trailing loosely behind General Motors. On the global level, Ford falls in fifth place after giants such as Toyota Motor Company, Volkswagen, Hyundai and General Motors respectively.


There was a time, not long ago, when Ford was very close to bankruptcy and went through an extreme financial crisis. But due to their genius methods for manufacturing cars on a large scale and being the pioneers in their industrial workforce methods, they soon pulled themselves out of the situation to return to being one of the most profitable businesses in the World. Today, their methods of assembling vehicles are known around the World and adopted by car manufacturing companies. They have more than 100 plants operating today around the World and producing almost 6 million automobiles per annum.


We present a review of one car that is manufactured by this car manufacturing giant, the Ford Focus RS, and the popularity it enjoys in the Aussies and the World.


The new Focus RS tends to follow the trend of the most loved hatchbacks that are available in the market today, focusing more on providing the best driving experience. Commonly, the trend that is being followed is that of fast and lightweight cars, with engines that are robust and give unlimited power to the machine. Ford uses a similar yet novel approach in the manufacturing of the Focus RS, which employs state of the art technology system to harness the extreme power which the Ford engine produces, combined in a four-wheel-drive that obeys the whim of the driver at each touch and turn. All of this is contained in a machine that is light in weight, small and much simpler in its features, paving the way for yet another Ford legendary vehicle.


What you get as a result is a vehicle that is highly effective on-road and has the effect of keeping you engaged throughout the drive, while you are in the Ford Focus RS automatic. The experience is a lot of fun as well as a robust control over the whole thing.


Ford Focus RS Specs and Features:

The Ford Focus RS 2020 is the latest variant in the family and comes loaded with many features and specifications, both old and new. Let’s talk about the engine first. The Ford Focus RS turbo is equipped with a 2.3-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, turbocharged, that is bound to leave you impressed in terms of engine power. The Focus RS horsepower is a remarkable 345 BHP, which closely rivals that of the EcoBoost Mustang, with a torque of 325.


The high performing engine results in acceleration and speeds that are quite impressive. The Ford Focus RS boasts of reaching 0 to 60 mph in a mere 4.6 seconds, with a top speed that can comfortably reach 165 mph! You might think that the vehicle would have trouble competing with other cars, being a four-wheel drive. Ford manages to prove you wrong by fitting the Ford Focus RS with a state-of-the-art launch control system that takes care of that, giving the Focus an easy and swift launch that leaves no room for complaints.


The Ford Focus RS is designed in such a way with a rigid suspension to ensure a drive that is smooth even in the rugged landscapes of Australia, improving on even higher speeds. You can always feel in control and drive confidently with complete composure.


At low speeds, you might find the Focus RS to be a bit fidgety and experience the small bumps, but all of that is reduced once you reach higher speeds.



 ✓ An impressive road trip that leaves you confident while on the road.

 ✓ Can be driven in any season, throughout the year, with little to no risk of any sort.

 ✓ The front seats are comfortable and supportive.

 ✓ One of the cheapest options if you are considering buying a hot hatch with the same or similar specifications.

 ✓ Extra options that you can get include power-folding mirrors, keyless ignition, parking sensors, and cruise control.



 ✓ The interior may look to be a bit bland and outdated for some.

 ✓ Due to the high state turbo engine, the running cost is not as low as you might expect it to be.

 ✓ Lack of design and classiness that you might expect from a Ford, as in the previous models and makes like the Ford Focus RS MK3.



In all honesty, the Ford Focus RS is a great deal, when you consider the Focus ST price and the other vehicles that are available in the same price range. What with the great road grip and impressive handling, you are sure in for a treat. Especially when compared to other rival vehicles you get a better performing car at a much lesser cost.


You might feel that the vehicle has some limited paint options with only a couple of colors that come in standard. If you wish to get your Ford Focus RS in white or blue, you will need to pay in extra for that.

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