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Ford Fiesta ST Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Fiesta ST Review Australia


Ford has been manufacturing the Fiesta series since 1979. One of its impressive vehicles that have received a lot of upgrades Ford Fiesta ST (street). Its oldest variant is available in the 2014-year model, considered as a high-performance supermini. Ford has made it exceptionally convenient by adding a powerful and fuel-efficient engine. It comes with hi-tech interior features, and strong chassis that neither lack style nor practicality.


The EcoBoost Turbocharged engine is definitely a plus. But, remember it comes with a manual transmission. It is unsuitable for the drivers who ride in auto-mode. A Hatchback-styled vehicle with powered and leather-and-suede-trimmed seats, robust alloy wheels, and sunroof has everything extra to give you. You can choose any from its petrol or diesel engines. One of the distinctive features of 2020 is all-new 3-switchable driving modes, "Normal", "Sport" and "Race Track".


Ford Fiesta ST Review Australia:

Ford is the automobile industry that has been designing and producing cars economically to the elite range. Fiesta, a series of supermini vehicles has given us 7 tremendous generations.


You can have these in:

3- or 5-door hatchback

4-door sedan

3-door van, available only in Europe


One thing that’s common in all trims is that the engine is located up front, under the sturdy bonnet. The vehicles do not come with the option of multiple but single drive option that is front-wheel drive. Especially, the Ford Fiesta ST is made for a friendly ride offering maximum steering handling and speed control.



If you think Fiesta ST is all about the speedy and economical engine, you are mistaken. It has so much more to offer. With its efficient motor system, you will experience remarkable road holding, impressive on-road, and off-road performance. Even on bumpy, gravel terrains, it will give you a steady and firm ride. The company has made sure that the chassis remains flat and in balance when moving around road turns.


2017 till present:

We must say, 2017 model year vehicles are equipped with a highly stable engine that is responsible for providing a comfortable ride. If you buy a car within 2017 trim, you will get an imposing 1.6L Ford EcoBoost engine. Be ready to get impressed not only by its performance but also by efficient fuel consumption. This turbocharged engine is complemented with Twin-independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT). A deadly combination, indeed!


Ford Fiesta ST 2017 produces a maximum power of 134 kW with a balanced torque of 240 Nm. The most significant upgrade is the addition of an incredible "over-boost" feature. Perfect for speed lovers as it will amplify the power up to 197 bhp, which could last for 15 sec. You will get the chance to drive the turbocharged engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox in the 2017 Fiesta ST. Very few people have shown concern about its damaged coolant circulation although it is characterized by an aggressive rear diffuser with a dual exhaust setup. You will get all three ESP modes, as well.


2018 till present/2020:

The 7th generation, Ford Fiesta ST 2018 brings more suitable motor equipment of 1.5L EcoBoost 3-cyl turbocharged engine. The golden feature is the cylinder deactivation option. In the 2020 trim, the biggest modification is the engine that is also made more economical. The one thing that hasn’t changed is its transmission. It still has a 6-speed manual gearbox, with no option of an automatic. LSD offers maximum stopping power and a stable ride. Well, if you need more advanced features, the 2020 model got you covered.


Do you know why Ford Fiesta ST is called 200? It provides exact 200 PS power. Now, you can enjoy "Normal", "Sport" and "Race Track" modes. Are you imagining a disturbed and interrupted speed switch? It is not the case in Fiesta. With every change, you will feel the change in steering handling and throttle. For a dramatic touch, the exhaust flaps will become aggressive giving a sound to the engine, steering will become heavier, and the throttle will get sharper. You will be amazed after experiencing its nimble yet controlling engine setup. Moving on to the most important part, the fuel efficiency. It is known to consume 6.3L/100 km.



As we know, it is available in various body styles in different states. If you are looking for a perfect 4 door hatchback body treat yourself to the North American model. In the model year 2018, you have the option to choose from a 3-door vehicle with an attractive layout and a 5-door style with a spacious cabin. On the outside, 17-inch wheels are on the top of the list. And, inside features reinforced Recaro driving and passenger seats. Well, everyone wants luxury, so you can get a partial leather-trimmed interior in a North American model. The sportier décor will become your favorite, right away!


2020 model year:

Although manufacturers have put a lot of effort in making beneficial upgrades, you will find the interior somewhat similar. Not old-styled but lacks a new fresher touch. To the world, it is introduced as a HOT HATCH, because it still has no paddles with but old-themed fun-filled hot hatch. The flat-bottomed Recaro seats facing ST-embellished steering are premium. Fiesta’s basic cabin is infinitely better than the button-festooned anciently styled car’s plastic trimming. The wheels are bigger at 18-inches.


The highlighted specifications are:

Sync3 infotainment (HD 8-inch touchscreen)

Enhanced active safety features

Lengthened wheelbase

Grippier, powered, tilt, leather-wrapped, and heated steering

Automatic LED headlamps with dipping high beam

Power-foldable side mirrors

Keyless entry

Push-button start.

High-grade 10-speakers audio setup

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible

Digital radio

Receptive satellite navigation


Ford Fiesta ST 200:

This is a limited-edition of the 2016 Ford Fiesta ST trim, unfortunately only available within Europe. The personalized grey paint with exclusive 17’’ black-colored alloy wheels and the illuminated treadplates adds to its fanciness. The interior is designed with Recaro bucket seats maximizing comfort. It will provide you a balanced power to weight ratio which lets you enjoy its 200 PS power to the fullest. The engine is made enough torquey (214 lb (ca. 97 kg)-ft).


Ford Fiesta ST 2019 - Performance Edition:

Back in 2019, another limited-edition model was introduced. It is available in the market under the name of "Performance Edition". With no power upgrades, you might not find it impressive enough. If you like the ST-3 model, you would like it, too, because it is designed in the same layout. You can find every other specification as a standard in other generations, which makes it dull. The only thing that is separating it is the availability of Performance Pack and lighter multi-spoke alloy wheels.


Final verdict:

In comparison to many other superminis, you can say Ford Fiesta ST comes with a more refined engine, comfortable ride, economical fuel consumption, and easy-to-use motor/gear kit. In the 2020 model, you will be provided with a lower driver’s seating position enhancing your visibility.


It would be better to look into the vehicle’s history before finalizing our deal. We are pleased to help you out by offering an all-time available online portal Quick Revs. Enter your vehicle’s details to check accidental, driving, theft, and traveling history.

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