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Ford Falcon XY Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Falcon XY Review Australia


If you are into Ford, then Ford Falcon XY is one of the best choices to buy, even in 2021. It is a full-size car that you can have in two exotic layouts FR and F4. Both support the drive and body balance brilliantly. It was manufactured in October 1970, and its production ended in 1972. The best part is that it includes the Ford Fairmont (XY). For those who don't know, Fairmont is the luxury-oriented model of the Falcon. You can call XY Fairmont "XY Futura," too. Ford Falcon XY stands out in the competition of automobiles with its desirability and stability.


Although 300 are built only, they will always be in the spotlight!


With a refreshing divided grille and smart rear lights, it will surely steal your heart. Compared to previous versions, it comes equipped with better 8-passenger seating, higher safety equipment, and better ride quality. In case you need variety, it has three impressive body styles: station wagon, coupe utility, and panel van. We can say it is one of the most liked and appreciated Australian muscle cars.


Ford Falcon XY Engines:

If we talk about its driving and road stability, you will be amazed. Ford Falcon runs smoothly and makes an excellent daily life commuter. It has the ability to take you on the long roads with ease. The engines are placed ideally supported by sustainable suspensions and adaptable coils. In addition to a stable engine setup, the brakes are found compatible. They offer a good stopping power. Moreover, the throttle is exciting. No doubt, the pedal placement is impressive and evidently enhances the drive confidence.


In all the models, you have four excellent engine options:

✓ 3.3L Inline-6

✓ 4.1L Inline-6

✓ 4.9L "Windsor" V8

✓ 5.8L "Cleveland" V8


On the one hand, it has directional, linear, and highly strengthened steering. On the other hand, it has a cheeky gearshift. Available in a 3-speed manual, 4-speed manual (all-synchronised), and 3-speed “Cruisomatic” automatic, you can have fun in this old car whether you choose manual or automatic.


Ford Falcon XY GT:

In the same year, 1970, Ford falcon XY GT was also marketed. A luxuriously designed sports sedan! It comes in two-year models 1970 and 1971. Nearly 1,557 units were manufactured in 1970, and only 300 were produced in 1970 that were marketed as GTHO Phase III. With a Fairmont GT badge, it has been shipped in South Africa.


1971 Ford Falcon XY GT HO Phase III engine: 

When it comes to engines, you can rely on this piece! 


It wouldn't be wrong to say that it is built to overpower every other muscular Holden. Unbelievably, Phase III has always remained the most incredible Australian car ever manufactured. Truly speaking, Phase III has become more famous for its value rather than its abilities. Phase III being the third evolution of the Ford’s Falcon, the HO stands for ‘Handling Option.’ No matter how old it gets, this variant still feels plenty fast.


In terms of speed, it is the fastest 4-door sedan globally. It comes fitted with the classic 3.25:1 Bathurst diff ratio. In simple words, it can take you to 97km/h (60mph) in just 6.4sec. The top speed for GT is 228km/h. The abilities of the machine and level of efficiency are excellent. Ford Falcon GT has its rev limiter disabled, letting it offer 252 kilometers per hour. Spectacular! What makes this Ford Falcon XY a special one include: the higher rate springs, heavy-duty front anti-roll bar, sharpened handling, and larger globe wheels.


The royal and upgraded 5.8L Cleveland V8 engine setup is placed under the bonnet. It is the reason behind its marvelous road performance. It is capable of producing 224kW power at 5400 rpm in compliance with the torque of 515 Nm at 3400 rpm. What a pretty combination! Now, it has the potential to cross 7,000 rpm in fourth gear. But hold up! It might lead to sudden fatal engine damage. The rev-limiter has been set to 6,150 rpm.


As far as the configuration is concerned, the engine is front and longitudinal mounted. The advanced fuel system is used with 600 CFM Autolite with a 4-barrel carburettor. The single point distributor is pretty powerful. The transmissions are chosen sensible to form a complete package. 1971 Ford Falcon XY are offered in three splendid choices of all-synchronised manual and automatic gear shifts. Besides, the fuel tank is also suitable with 75L capacity.


Do not worry if you are driving on mountains, wet roads, or slippery surfaces! It has a 9-inch LSD traction lock. XY Ford Falcon comes as a standard featuring 31 spline optional or 28 spline axles. The engine is entirely laid out sensibly with independent ball joints, adjustable coil springs, flexible shock absorbers, adaptable wishbones, and a resistant anti-roll bar.


Ford Falcon XY GT Design:

On sitting inside, you will see how basic the inside is. No doubt it has certain instrumentation required for a trouble-free ride. BUT, it lacks several features making it less enjoyable. It has a speedometer and Cleveland tachometer with readable displays. You will get an oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge, and water temperature gauge. Ignition and brakes have warning lights. On the upfront, it has high beam lights. The clock is analog.


Overall styling is legendary. Absolutely a shaker!


The best, lovable part about GT is the subtle aerodynamics. The vehicle has a distinctive, aggressive look. Apart from being aggressive, it indeed looks more refined, eye-catchy, and dignified. It does have a good supply of usable components. The two highlighted aspects are comfortable seating and relatively better safety equipment. The level of comfort it provides is magnificent. Its unique Autoart will turn heads your way!


When you look at the front, you will see a complete set of dashboard fascia panels. It is for a little bit of an extravagant look. All inserts and switches are placed nicely and practically. The 8-Track cassette player comes as optional. The GT has a Mustang-type front grille. The upholstery feels somewhat cheap. The rear-light style looks attractive as it comes in a two-sector wrap-around assembly. The real deal is the central chrome strip. The interior is modern and efficient that perfectly complements a smoother, quieter ride.


Where the bucket seats add to the comfortability, the floor console is also responsible for the easy driving experience. There is a power steering, efficient air conditioner, electric windows, and a tinted laminated windscreen. The vinyl roof is standard. The beauty of the Ford XY Falcon is significantly augmented with low-profile radial tires. Ford Falcon XY specs are pretty captivating, considering the affordable price tag.


Final Verdict:

The people who like collecting old cars must have this GT in the collection. Yes, it is known for its simplicity, but it still images to grasp the attention. Buying a Ford Falcon XY will not be a bad decision, in fact, consider it an investment in your hobby. And it's GT or GT-HO are top-of-the-line fully optioned Falcon GTs to buy. This fantastic old car has a reliable injection system. The new Falcon GT special is still unnamed, but can borrow its performance pack name that is “the Shaker.” It has impressive handling characteristics.


After reading the review, if you have decided upon buying one of its variants, don’t forget to check its history. At Quick Revs, we also provide our readers with an affordable online platform that provides car detail instantly. Just write the needed details of the car you want to buy and get an accident or theft history report that is easy to read! 

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