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Ford Falcon xh Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Falcon xh Review Australia

There was a time in the 90s when Ford was ruling the roads. In Australia, the company had acquired the top sales spot since the 1980s, well ahead of its archrival Holden. That was the time when the Ford Falcon XH Ute was launched in 1996. Holden at that time was still recovering from their financial meltdown, leaving the ground clear for Ford to test and try different vehicles in the Australian market.


The XH was the second to last model in the Falcon series, which had been in production since 1961. It was replaced by the ill-fated AU Falcon, which marked the end of the Falcon series with a bang. The Ford Falcon XH was a good car but it had its drawbacks.


The thing is, how long can you keep alive something that has been dead for some time. The Ford Falcon XH Ute might have been retired twenty years before. The XH design and features can be traced back to the XD series, which came out in 1979. Nevertheless, the Ford Falcon XH managed to stay alive for some more years until it was finally put to rest in 1999.


It is certainly not a bad car. But it can be called just mundane transport. It still managed to compete against the Holden Commodore Ute by virtue of its superior payload. Let us dive in deeper to find out more about this Ute by the Ford Motor company.


The Ford Falcon XH is labeled as a commercial vehicle, with the range in production from 1996 till 1999. It was launched as an upgrade and replacement for the Ford Falcon XG series.


Called the facelift for the Ford XG Falcon, the Ford Falcon XH was offered in panel van styles and coupe utility. It was also called the Ford Falcon XH Longreach Ute, sold alongside the EF Falcon sedan and wagon models. It was also sold parallel to the EL Falcon wagon and sedan models, after which the AU Falcon series was introduced.


Some minor changes in the exterior made it the appearance of a brand-new model. These include a new bonnet with a raised center. A revised suspension was added, as well as improvements in the steering, engine, seats, interior, and pretty much everything.


The Ford Falcon XH Ute was finally discontinued in 1999, with the AU Falcon arriving as the replacement. The XH models started to look unrefined and old, due to the fact that their design dated back to the XD Falcon two decades old. However, the XH van was not replaced and ended thus. That meant an end to the Falcon XH Van for good and the 38-years hiatus of the Ford Van which began in 1961 with the XK Falcon van.


Trim Levels and Features:

The Ford Falcon XH was offered as a coupe utility or Ute, and a panel van. Both versions were two doors.


Below are the different trim levels which were available:

Ford Falcon Longreach GLi utility

Ford Falcon Longreach GLi panel van

Ford Falcon Longreach S utility

Ford Falcon Longreach Outback utility

Ford Falcon XR6 utility

Ford Falcon XR8 utility


The Ford Falcon XH Longreach Ute and vans were available with an upgraded one-ton optional pack which included rear leaf springs and automatic transmission cooler. The Ford Falcon XH tyres size was also upgraded to give an extra punch.


Ford also introduced various limited-edition models for the XH range which came equipped with multiple features and specs. The Ford Falcon XH Longreach GLi Tradesman was one such. It came equipped with 15-inch alloy wheels, central locking, and air conditioning. It was sold in 1997, with just 520 Utes produced and less than 100 vans. It was reintroduced two years later with additional vehicles being produced.


Another was the upgrade to the S model, known as the Ford Falcon XH Longreach S Splash. It added an alloy sports bar, cruise control, leather steering wheel, and alloy wheels. A total of 300 vehicles were produced, sold between 1997 and 1998.


The top of the line model was the Longreach GLi Special Edition. It came equipped with alloy wheels, special edition decals, and air conditioning. A total of 600 were produced, sold from 1998 to 1999.


Engine Specs:

There were two engine options for the Ford Falcon XH range. One was the 4.0-liter single overhead six-cylinder engine. It had an alloy cylinder head and an impressive fuel injection. The engine had the capability to produce 157 kW of power and a hefty 357 Nm of torque.


The other option was the 5.0-liter overhead valve V8 engine. This was coming with a similar fuel-injection, producing 165 kW of power and 388 Nm of torque. The Ute and van came with a five-speed manual transmission or the four-speed auto one for the six-cylinder engine. For the V8 engine, only a four-speed auto gearbox was available.


Exterior and Interior:

Ford Motor company spent an enormous amount to make improvements in the XH Falcon range. They successfully managed to remove many of the Ford Falcon Ute problems that had been there previously. There were some changes in the exterior which included new grilles, bumpers, wheels, and headlamps.


Inside, insulation was added to reduce the noise heard inside the cabin. The glass was made thicker and tinted to further separate the passengers from the outside. New seats were added for an increased head and legroom, making it more comfortable for taller drivers.


Driving Experience and problems:

There is a lot of engine noise and vibration on the grounds that the Ford Falcon XH Ute's lodge is a dummy issue and never feels as close as a car. Hammer the entryway and there is some resonation. Nail the choke and you will be very much aware of what the motor's doing in light of the fact that there will be an overwhelming sound.


The handling and suspension were not incredible, either. However just with regards to more up to date plans. Force guiding was standard by this phase in the vehicle's life. The leaf-sprung rear suspension did not do much for ride comfort, yet it was absolutely a decent burden hauler.


Even with those inadequacies, the most recent long stretches of XH Series, Falcon utes created much-preferred vehicles over the primary decade or thereabouts, and that is generally down to the improved driveline.


Price and Verdict:

The Ford Falcon XH is an aging car with a simple yet sturdy structure. That makes them very robust, but the small issues will continue to nag and irritate. Nevertheless, Ford Falcon XH Ute parts are readily available through the various dealerships found throughout the country.


For a 1998 model, you can get one from anywhere between AUD 3000 to AUD 8,000, depending on the condition. A later model can cost you from somewhere between AUD 5,000 to AUD 15,000.


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