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Ford Falcon Ba Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Falcon Ba Review Australia

Ford Australia has been manufacturing and producing cars for some time now in the country. They saw many ups and downs, and there was a time when the operations were close to shutting down. You may well remember the Ford Falcon AU, which was unveiled in 1998. The reaction was appalling by the people, with a plunge in sales and reputation for the company. Things change with the new Ford Falcon BA.


And for the better as well. Ford Australia worked tirelessly on the design and manufacturing of the BA, discarding the previous controversial styling. Instead, a more conservative path was chosen resulting in a car that looked both modern and attractive.

Some new technology was introduced in the BA, including a simpler independent rear suspension and the famous Ford Falcon BA diff replacement. The in-line six-cylinder engine also received an upgrade after years, greatly improving the performance. The single overhead camshaft was replaced by twin camshafts. The camshafts operate four valves per cylinder.


The default transmission is the same old four-speed automatic, which has been around since the 1980s. Some lower trims levels also feature a five-speed manual transmission but are rarely seen.


Production for the Falcon BA started in 2002 by Ford Australia. They labeled it as a full-sized car and was placed as the sixth generation of the Ford Falcon series. The series also included the Ford Fairmont BA, a luxury variant of the range. Production ceased in 2005.


Since the previous Falcon AU series had received such a poor reception, Ford Australia knew they had to compensate for that. Due to this reason, they invested greatly in the new range. The new Holden Commodore VY was also being launched at that time and was the biggest competition for the Ford. They knew that they had to deliver.


The result was a car with a heavily updated exterior and styling. With the improvement in the suspension and the engine, Ford finally came up with the perfect car to relieve the pressure that had built up after the AU.


The fruits were reaped in 2002 when the BA received the Car of the Year award by Wheels. It was a much-awaited award that Ford Australia received after 36 years, finally breaking the jinx. The car went on to win Australia’s Best Cars award for four consecutive years. The Ford Falcon BA was finally replaced with the Falcon BF in 2005.



The Ford Falcon BA is available in two engine variants. One is the Barra 182, a four-liter six-cylinder engine. The other is the Barra 240T turbo version. Both engines deliver improved performance with significant upgrades.


The engine applies a new four-valve cylinder and a chain-driven double overhead camshaft makes the engine superior. The overall performance is enhanced as well as improved fuel consumption.



The exterior styling was driven by plan chief Scott Strong, at that point boss originator for Ford Australia. After Strong left from activities at Ford in 2001, Simon Butterworth assumed control over this role. Ford Australia's expectation was to make a European impact for the vehicle, whereby most parts of the AU's "New Edge" plan would be reexamined. The outcome was a critical update of the current AU body shell, as opposed to a totally new design.


The Ford Falcon BA model presented an incorporated ethereal in the vehicle's back window. Rather than the traditional retractable receiving wire. The flying arrangement improved the vehicle's optimal design and finished the breakage that had tormented the retractable sort found on past models. Obstruction from the motor did not influence the radio reception.



From the inside, the "New Edge" inside of the AU was disposed of for a contemporary style. Marcus Hot black, the head of inside plan, zeroed in on improving ease of use. The subsequent plan was an ergonomically-right inside, featured by the glossy silk finish dash. The subject was additionally reached out by the sound and voyage control switches' area on the directing wheel.


Inside shading plans differed from model to model yet shared a typical plan approach. The base-level XT highlighted a dark plastic board for the upper portion of the dashboard, with either a dark, charcoal or beige board for the lower half. Not all variations offered the particular shading palette; the game's variations could not be optioned with the two-tone inside.


Trim Levels:

Falcon XT:

This is the entry-level variant in the range, with the most sales. It incorporates the Barra 182 six-cylinder engine and a five-speed manual transmission. Standard features include front power windows and air conditioning.


Falcon XR6:

The Ford Falcon BA XR6 builds on the features of the XT and includes a specifically designed body kit. It came with a standard five-speed manual transmission and a naturally aspirated engine like the XT.


Falcon Ute:

The Ford Falcon BA Ute was introduced in October 2002. It included a total of eight different model guises.


These include XL Cab Chassis

 XL Wellbody

XLS Cab Chassis

XLS Wellbody

XR6 Wellbody

XR6 Turbo





The price range for the Ford Falcon BA differs according to the different trim levels available. When the range was introduced in 2002, the XT was available for AUD 16,000. The subsequent Future started at AUD 17,500 and the Fairmont at AUD 19,500. Last was the Ghia, which came with a price tag of AUD 23,500.


Today, the Ford Falcon BA 2004 market value is approximately between $1800 and $4,000. There are some vehicles which can cost you more than that, depending on the condition and the kilometers seen.



With the significant changes in the styling and performance, the Ford Falcon BA successfully delivered an iconic car. The improved front and rear represent a much more appeal and charisma to customers. We conclude that the Ford Falcon BA is among the smartest Falcons produced for some time now.


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