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Ford f100 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford f100 Review Australia

After the Second World War, things started coming back to normal and business started booming. People got back to work and there was an immense boost in production across many industries. The increase in the industry meant work and the use of trucks for commercial use.


This led to innovation in the design and implementation of trucks leading to some of the classiest trucks that are known to man to date. It was Ford Motor Company, who came across the idea of producing trucks that could be accessible to the common man as a utility vehicle, instead of just using them as commercial fleets, which would include every comfort for the driver. And that was how the F-series by Ford came into being.


Before Ford started producing the F-series, there was no real stress by auto manufacturing companies on the driving comfort, handling, and safety of the trucks that were being produced. With the introduction of the F100, things changed for the motor company as well as the trucking industry, changing peoples’ perspective about how the trucks were perceived at that time.


Ford has been known for producing and representing pickup trucks since the time when Henry Ford built his first truck, more than a century ago. Then the F-series arrived in the mid-50s and became the epitome of Ford’s trucks for decades to come.


The Ford F-100 was manufactured and deployed in 1953, to be exact, and quickly gained popularity among the masses. The truck featured a V8 engine and the Ford F100 interior was not like the traditional trucks that had been in the market before.


It was soon after that Ford realized the potential of their F100 trucks and the concept that they had applied and rolled out a better version of the truck. It featured a much more powerful engine, called the Power King, with an improved exterior design to give it a boxier look. A formal series was launched in the honor of the F100s, with a variant being launched every five years and not long after they introduced four-wheel-drive trucks.


Entering the 70s, the F100 truck was replaced by the new F150 as the base truck but that did not mean that the F100 lost any of its appeals. The F100 continued production till the late 80s. The last of the trucks in the line that were produced were integrated with powerful V8 engines, enhanced than before.


F100 Specifications and Features:

The F100 engine varied across the generations of their production, with the initial model fitted with a six-cylinder standard and you had the option to replace it with a flathead V8 engine. Later, the company’s first overhead valve engine was introduced, which was their step into modern technology in the shape of a Y-block V8 engine.


The valve-head V8 quickly replaced the older flathead engine, and even though it had some issues with the oiling system, it soon grew in popularity and subsequent fixes were available in the market. The F100 came in various varieties of manual transmissions.


In the early generations of the F100, in ingenious body design, Ford introduced a front bodywork that was widened to accompany the front fenders and cab together. The hood was also integrated with the bodywork for an innovative design, which would be the base design for the truck for years to come. The chrome grille on the front came as optional and gave a certain prominent look to the truck. Since this was meant to be a pickup truck, loading boxes were offered in the rear of two types: The Style Side and the Flare Side boxes.


Customizing a Ford F100:

It is a widely accepted fact that the F100 custom trucks can be easily restored or customized as per your need. This can be attributed to the fact that trucks are manufactured in the most basic of features with every part and accessories readily available in the market. Also, since this is such a popular vehicle, you will find that mechanics can be easily found in the whole country. You can even get the correct upholstery on these cars. The first and most important rule is to make sure that you start with a good structure. Other than that, the overall experience of building your custom F100 truck is a fun experience.


Ford F100 price:

Even though the F100 pickups have been around for more than 70 years, they are still in demand and have gained considerable value, despite being produced and used in millions. If you are looking to buy an F100 collectible truck, we offer a guide to you of the price in which you can get your hands on.


The models which were produced before 1952 are rarer here in Australia and you would find one after searching for days, even weeks. Given their rarity, they will cost you around $45,000 and the next generation will come cheaper at around $35,000.


The F100 trucks that were produced in the 1970s were used for various purposes such as ambulances and police vehicles and are easily available today. You can get your hands on an unmodified truck well below the $10,000 mark, and if you go for a customized stocked model, it will cost you $20,000.

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