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Ford Everest SUV Review Australia | Features, Specifications, Price

Ford Everest SUV Review Australia

There are a few American motor companies that have gained popularity as much as the Ford Motor Company, or more commonly known as only Ford. This multinational auto manufacturing company is headquartered in Michigan, Detroit. Founded in the early 1900s by Henry Ford, the company has today become a giant when it comes to automobiles.


With many subsidiaries and child companies that you must have heard about, Ford has its web of operations spread throughout the World. You must have heard about the famous Lincoln brand, known for its luxury vehicles. Or the Aston Martin in the United Kingdom. Both have stakes that belong to Ford. Not only that, but there are also multiple automobile companies in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Russia in which Ford has invested.


With such a rich history and background, and operations that span several continents, it does not come as a surprise when you look at how popular and well-liked vehicles that the company is known to produce over the years. Indeed, if you are looking for the best 7-seater cars for your family, Ford has the answer for you: The Ford Everest 4x4 SUV.

The Ford Everest is a Sports Utility Vehicle and can be argued as being of the best 7-seater cars that you can buy. Ford Motor Company has been manufacturing this vehicle since 2003. To date, there have been three generations that have been introduced to the market. This five-door SUV may also be looked at as being a variant of the Ford Ranger.


The main difference between the two SUVs is that the Everest is a five-door SUV while the Ranger is a four-door variant. The Ford Everest Trend and the Ford Everest Titanium received some additional features just a couple of years ago, belonging to the third generation. While the Everest Ambiente comes loaded with some extra features, which are described in the further sections. We break down the three generations of the vehicle until the latest models that you see on the road nowadays, i.e. Ford Everest 2019 and 2020 models.


First Generation:

This was the first generation and was produced in 2003. This model was loosely based on the Ford Ranger and was discontinued in 2006.


Second Generation:

The second generation of Ford Ranger that came out got the first facelift in 2009 and another one after two years. This generation was discontinued in 2015, after nine years of being produced.


Third Generation:

This is the model that is being continued to this day. This generation was designed in Australia and manufactured in Thailand and got a facelift in 2018.


Ford Everest Features and Specifications:

Keyless Entry:

You don’t need any key to take out of your pocket and insert the key anywhere. Just open the door, press the ignition button and you are good to go!


Smooth and steady:

The Everest comes with an excellent suspension which gives you great control on road and steering that is precise and smooth. 


Panoramic Sunroof:

The Ford Everest Sports Titanium has a large panoramic sunroof which lets you enjoy the outside view and lets you have a good time when you are outside.


Security features:

Everest puts in a good deal of effort to provide the maximum security to put your mind at peace. The most notable of the features are the seven airbags that are mounted throughout the vehicle, to ensure that the driver, as well as all the passengers, stay safe and sound in case of any unpleasant incident. 


Active Noise Cancellation:

A bit of complicated science is used to actively cancel out any engine and outside noise. It involves several microphones to detect the noise from the engine and then cancel that out with sound waves of opposite nature. You can be sure to be completely relaxed and have peace inside the Ford Everest.



If you have been looking for a family SUV with loads of space and wish to load up half a dozen children in your vehicle, the Ford Everest is the answer for you. The Everest interior is comfy, and the seating can vary in the Ambiente, Trend and Titanium models.


Slopes negotiating:

If you have a fear of slopes and find it difficult to go up and down hills, with Ford Everest you can avoid that forever. It comes loaded with Hill Descent Control which allows you to go downhill at a safe and steady speed, never giving you the feeling that the car is out of control. The same goes for when you wish to go uphill; just use the feature and sit back while the science takes over.


2.0L TDCi Bi-Turbo Diesel:

Behold the advanced turbo engine which has 10-speed automatic transmission delivers more power and engine refinement plus the fuel efficiency is something surprising for an engine of this size. You can also get two turbo turbos which further enhance the torque and power of the vehicle.


3.2L TDCi Duratorq Diesel:

This variant is specially designed if you like going for off-roading adventures and trips. It has the power, the grip and the suspension that you will require for your next adventure as well as the smooth cruise that you will get used to within city limits.


Load Capacity:

Alright, so there is no doubt about the fact that the Ford Everest can seat as many as seven people. But what about the other things that you would like to take with you to your trip? For instance, you might need to tow additional equipment or things for which the company has allowed a payload capacity of a decent 757kg, plus a towing capability of up to 3100kg.


10-Speed Auto Transmission:

This is Ford’s latest technology fitted in your Everest which not only makes the car more fuel-efficient but also offers smoother acceleration and quicker gear changes.


SYNC® 3:

This is one of the more of the special features that you would be getting with the Ford Everest. Voice-activated and fully integrated, you can be sure to keep your full attention on the road while your device is synced with the system, allowing you to make calls play music and many other things, all with your voice without any need of taking your eyes off the road.


Active Park Assist:

Never have to worry about getting the perfect car parked; Just use the active park assist option, with a single button, and let the system find the right size parking for the vehicle and then watch as the car steers itself in the spot. 

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