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Ford Courier Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Courier Review Australia


Ford has been in the market for ages and has been providing a strong engine, smoother transmission, and comfortable cabin. These couriers are best to consider for long trips. Or if you have a big family to accommodate. The highlight of the Ford Courier series is its multiple variants with an upgraded engine and motor system. The company produced it from1952 to 1960. Surprisingly, they come back with modernised models. The higher trims from 1971 to 2013 have higher-voltage battery packs.


 ✓ Sedan delivery (1952-1960)

 ✓ Compact pickup named under Mazda series (1972-2007)

 ✓ Fiesta-based models in two trims of compact panel van (1991-2002) and coupe utility (1998-2013)


Mazda series has four generations offering stable drive train with first-class brakes on bumpy roads. A combination of speedy engine, and satisfactory low-range gearing! The gearbox offers a smooth, light transmission. A safe and enjoyable automobile with satisfactory on and off-road performance. But, it has unfortunately inadequate legroom in the rear.


Ford Courier has manufactured a variety of vehicles under the name Courier series. Starting from the early 1950s sedan-styled delivery vehicles are available. Moving to the latest models made till 2010 includes compact pickup trucks, panel vans, and coupe-styled Ford Courier UTE pickups. Courier models are equipped with exclusive bold chrome grille with stylish headlamps up front. To add a sturdier look, an upgraded front bumper and front fenders are noticeable. Another major face lift of the series is robust door handles, visually-appealing hatchback doors, and striking halogen headlamps.



All ford courier 4x4 features LSD (limited-slip differential) bringing maximum stopping power. Its double-wishbone suspension with an adaptable torsion bar gives a reasonable drive train. You will always find the vehicle sure-footed. In the rear axle, the team has fitted modern leaf springs. We must acknowledge their impressive modifications made to give smoother transmission and enough engine to carry a payload with great towing capacity. If you are looking for the latest models, you can get 6-spoke heavy-duty alloy wheels with robust rims. In an RWD Sedan delivery, you can have a front located engine. Unfortunately, it has not such an impressive and reliable engine. With specific advancements, the Mazda series has an amazing engine setup with enough torquey touch.


1st generation Mazda series:

The 1970s model from its 1st generation has an efficient fuel-consumption. As a standard on an RWD, you will have a 1,272 CC or 1.3L engine with 4-cylinders. It features a 1.8L overhead-cam engine which can offer 55 kW maximum power at 5,070 RPM. The recorded torque is 125 NM @ 3,500 RPM. It comes with a 4-speed manually controlled transmission. The gearbox is on the floor with maximum functionality. But, as we know it is the world of automatic vehicles it also has the option of a 3-speed automatic gear shift. Are you still not satisfied with its speed shift? Get yourself the 1976 model with 5-speed manual transmission.


2nd generation Mazda series:

The basic trims of this generation have received a substantial upgrade in the engine and brake system. The engine of 1.8 L or 1,796 CC accompanied by ventilated front brakes brings ultimate safety and speed to your ride. The 1979 variant features a 2.0L engine with an optional 2.3L (only in Brazil). Quite impressive for a Compact pickup! Ford is known for its revolutionising upgrades and so do 1980, 1983, and 1984 Mazda which received a high-grade 2.2L diesel engine with 4-cylinder offering 66 horsepower @ 2,100 rpm. The real luxury you must experience is in its 1985 to 1987 Ford courier series. It has a fuel-efficient turbocharged Mitsubishi 4D55T 2.3L engine that runs on diesel.


3rd generation Mazda series:

It comprises four-wheel-drive vehicles with a 5-speed transmission. It is also manual. The highlight is its V6 engine that comes at a fairly competitive price. It has progressive feels and offers sufficient power to take you on the roads.


Fiesta-based models:

The renowned B-segment trims are available in Europe 1991 model. Its compact panel van has a piston front-fitted engine with a front-wheel-drive layout. Their 1.3L OHV petrol and 1.8L OHC Diesel engine are the perfect fit for such strong sturdy vehicles. Get ready to experience the thrust of the diesel engine at 44 kW maximum power @ 4,800 rpm. How can you not enjoy its torquey engine with 110 NM torque @ 2,500 rpm? Its coupe-styled UTE made in Brazil has a standard Endura 1.3L engine and the Zetec-SE 1.4L 16v engine. It was replaced with the Zetec Rocam 1.6L engine in 2000, to give the incredible speed of 180 km/hr.


Design of ford courier:

Ford Courier has a highly comfortable cabin which is also sturdy enough to hold the payload. Every version comes with ample adjustability with an appropriately designed dashboard. All controls are manageable and easy to understand. Twin enforced roll-bars polished with smooth finesse gives an impression of robustness. You can have power steering with automatic windows. The latest trims have a key less lock, adjustable seats, and headrests with dual-shade upholstery.


The 1952-1960 sedan delivery has a distinguishing rear stowing area with an exclusive door. The specs that make the sedan model stand out are clamshell tailgate with hatchback fashionable gate and dandy tailgate. Gracefully designed with sharp curves and eye-fetching windowed style. The best part is its remarkable payload capacity of 635 kg. Well, the Mazda series has new things to offer, bringing comfort and safety. We can say it lacks basic luxuries but you will be satisfied with its soft-felt fabric-trimmed interior, uniquely styled front grille, and massive single headlamps.


And, yes, you can flaunt it with the emboldened "COURIER" written on the tailgate with "FORD" insignia in 1972-1973 trims. For a fresher outlook, search a 2nd generation Mazda compact pickup. Its classic blocky structure with angular fashioning is the key feature. But, in case you want a spacious cabin, 3rd generation cars have it.


Coming to the latest versions, Fiesta's facelift in 1999 is just marvellous including transit rear lights, making it lighter and more efficient. Brazilian 5-door trim has comparatively short doors with a massive load capacity of 1,543 lb.


2002 ford courier and 2004 ford courier details:

4-door UTE with 5-seater

Four-Speed-Automatic transmission in 2002 but manual in 2004

Floor shifted gearbox

2.6L, 4-Cyl Petrol engine

Maximum power: 92kW @ 4600rpm

Maximum Torque: 206NM @ 3500rpm.

 93L fuel capacity

Ventilated Disc Brakes

Dual-speaker stereo

Intermittent wipers

Adjustable and speed-sensitive steering

Clear Side Indicator Lenses

CD Player

Trendy dashboard with metallic finesse

Rear long-lasting Mud Flaps

Braked towing capacity 1800

Unbraked towing capacity 700


2005 Ford Courier:

It is an All-wheel drive model with two trims: Ford courier XL Super Cab Utility (4x4) and GL Cab Chassis. They have a 2.5L, 4-cyl Turbocharged engine offering 82 kW @ 3500rpm power and 271 NM @ 2000rpm Torque. Even though it runs on Diesel, it has a fuel-efficient engine.


Other distinctive specs are:

5-speed transmission

Floor-shifted manual gearbox

Fuel capacity of 70liters

Air conditioner

Radio cassette player

Limited Slip Diff


Final verdict:

Ford Courier is one of the most reliable and sturdiest vehicles, no doubt! Plus, it has a competent engine and smoother gearshift. All come with a fairly small price tag. Even it carries extensive advancements, making it more appealing you must ensure all the details first! And the quickest way is to enter your car details on an online portal and get your hands on all the accidental, theft, and driving history within minutes. So, without wasting your time, visit our website Quick Revs and get access to our 24/7 available portal.

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