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Ford Capri Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Capri Review Australia

There are few cars which have earned a cult following and are considered a classic. The Ford Capri is one of those lucky few. The car has enjoyed much and more popularity over the years. The parts and accessories are readily available throughout the country, evidence of the car’s demand even today. There is various active owners club with car enthusiasts who have maintained and customized Ford Capris.


The cult classic title that the car has earned can be partially attributed to the Capri’s styling. Even though a European car, it still has an appearance which is closer to the American produced cars. That gave the car a bold look that appealed to Aussies. 


Previously, Ford has seen sheer success with Mustang in the US. And decided to produce a similar car for Europe. The prices were cheap, the shape appealing and lots of scope for customizations. That was enough to make people flock towards it.


The car has made many appearances in movies, stunts and even race car events. Some notable appearances include a regular spot on the TV show, Minder and in the film Brannigan. 

The marketing team of Ford had put the famous ad-line, which proclaimed the Capri as ‘the car you always promised yourself.’


Labeled as a fastback coupe, the Ford Capri GT is built by the Ford Motor Company. Its production started in 1968 and ended in 1986, almost two decades later. A fun fact to note here is that the Capri is designed by the same person who was involved in the design of the Ford Mustang. Indeed, you can see that both cars have the same attractive build.


The Capri has proven to be an extraordinarily successful car for Ford, with nearly 1.9 million cars sold throughout its tenure. Throughout the years, there have been various trims levels and engine variants. Like the Ford Capri V6, Ford Capri Perana, and the Ford Capri Clubsprint.


Mk I (1969-1972):

The Ford Motor Company in Australia assembled the Capri in Sydney. The variant continued to be produced and marketed through 1969 till 1972. It had a European design, with various trims levels and variants. Initially, it was offered as 1600 Deluxe and 1600 GT, using a 1.6-liter Kent OHV engine. Later, the Capri GT 3000 was launched which came with a 3.0-liter Ford Essex V6 engine.


Finally, in 1972, the local production for the Ford Capri ended in Australia. A total of almost 15,000 vehicles were assembled and distributed. Some later models were imported in the country, like the RS3100 models and the MK II.


SA30 (1089-1994):

In the year 1989, Ford Australia started the production of a two-door convertible sports car, which had the name Capri attached to it. A small portion of the car was sold in Australia. While many and more cars were exported to the United States as the Mercury Capri.


Engine Specifications:

The base model is the Capri 1300, utilizing the same old Kent engine. It came with twin-choke Webers and consequent power grains. There are some problems associated with the engine. Such as a noisy valve gear, after which the engine would need a rebuild. A reason is worn timing chains, which can be identified from the rattle produced from the engine front.


The good news is that the Kent engine is relatively easy to work on. Which means that rebuilding should not be a problem. And when you compare the Kent engine with the V4 one, you might find yourself going for the Kent.


Next are the Capris which are fitted with the Essex V6 engines, which are way better than the V4. It does have a tendency to overheat, especially when the radiator gets clogged. It is recommended to frequently check for oil and water leaks to keep an eye on the engine's health.


The final engine for the MK I Capri was the Pinto. It came as a replacement for the Kent engine in 1972. Even though it proved to be more successful than the Kent, the Pinto engine had some drawbacks. If there was any lack of lubrication, the camshafts would slowly integrate.


Naturally, the Capris with the Essex V6 engine are the most sought after. Even though the engine is based on the less popular V4, the V6 still has some advantages.



The standard Ford Capri MK3 had good features. But with the arrival of the 2.8i, the car saw numerous improvements. Most notable were the halogen headlamps and the five-speed gearbox. The car also features pepper pot alloys. The Special variant models also included a color-coded front grille, leather interior upholstery and seven-spoke wheels. Oh, and the limited-slip differential as well.


final Verdict:

You will find many car enthusiasts around the World who have owned a Ford Capri at some point in their life. It is one of those iconic cars which you will see customized and being owned by serious car collectors. The 2.8-liter variant is outrageously good and is the top of the line. For some people, the Capri might appear to be a car of the previous century. Well, just drive on and assume that they have never heard of postmodernism. For more car related information please visit our website Quick Revs.

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