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Ford Anglia Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ford Anglia Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Ford Anglia can only be your fit if you are looking for a tamed, well-disciplined, and family car perfect for short-distance drives. This automobile doesn’t have much to offer. The car is not a good choice to have an adventurous ride. Despite lacking a thrilling engine or sportier interior, it will give you a slow but pleasing ride in its vinyl-covered cabin with limited luxuries.


The Ford Anglia is a perfect car for a small family, designed with a subtle layout and, do not mistake it for Ford Prefect or Ford Popular. It might have the longest series of automobiles with somewhat minor changes in mechanics and styling. Available in 1939 to 1967 models, all variants are RWD with an engine installed under the hood at the front. It can guarantee a firm ride due to its powerful engine.


Besides, it comes in unique colors which will get all the eyes your way. Starting from 1939, a wide range of vehicles are provided with the same nameplate.


Here are your all model options of Anglia ever made:

Anglia E04A (1939–48)

Anglia A54A (Australia: 1946–48)

Anglia E494A (1949–53)

Anglia A494A (Australia: 1949–53)

Anglia 100E (1953–59)

Anglia 105E (1959–68)

Anglia Torino 105E (1965–67)

Anglia Super 123E (1962–67)


Ford Anglia Engine:

It will not be wrong to say that the older the car, the greater the driving problems. And, buying a car as old as 1939 will be a big risk. Besides, the primary versions of Anglia are not worth the effort or your money. So, let's start with the models that you can still buy and drive satisfactorily in 2021. The best options you have left are the 1959 models and above. They are equipped with an impressive motor and a faster engine in comparison to the initial trims.


Moving forward to the latest version, you will see how the company has made a significant upgrade in the vehicle’s power. No, even with increased horsepower, the fuel efficiency is the same. The petrol consumption is found to be economical.


Another factor that makes Ford Anglia desirable is its exclusive overdrive engine. It comes with many benefits first of which is durability. All gearboxes are floor mounted and found stronger. The specialty is the sturdier back axles and smoother clutches. If we compare the latest trims, Ford Anglia 105E and 123E are no doubt stronger, but 997 CC is more hard-wearing. 


Well, all engines are surprisingly capable, but demand to be throttled if you want to get the most out of it. 


Anglia 105E:

It is fitted with a minimalized 1.0L engine of 997 CC size. Refined overhead valve (OHV) inline-four with an over-square cylinder bore sounds like a good combination. But, remember, it is an old car so do not expect it to produce high accelerations. Speed is quite sluggish but the 4-speed manual transmission is smooth and controllable. The Macpherson strut front independent suspension setup is installed. It runs on petrol giving fuel consumption of 6.86 L/100 km. It does have a sufficient tank capacity that is up to 32L.


Being a 60-year old vehicle, it is started by pressing a button to ignite the fuel pump. Sounds strange? Yes, it is but we have said earlier, it lacks the basic luxuries. 


Anglia Torino 105E (1965–67):

In an aspect of mechanics, these models are the same, fitted with a 997 CC OHV, inline-4 engine. The suspension is more refined and clutch transmission is not hard but tough. We cannot say that the overall setup is ravishing but it is sturdy and powerful. The durable machinery will offer you a long comfortable ride. 


Anglia Super 123E (1962–67):

Now that is your somewhat best option, powered with a larger, faster, progressive, and polished engine of size 1.2L aspirated. The engine has a similar 4-speed manual gearbox. Its 1198 CC engine has a single carburetor. Ford Anglia might not be your fast-super-racing car but it’s a whole lot of fun without running on the roads too fast. The equipment is lightweight and the transmission feels nimble. The steering is stable and pretty engaging. The brakes are of good status (front discs and rear drums) as these make the car sure-footed and make it stop politely.


Ford Anglia Design:

Visually, the car has a stunning stance. Being a lightweight car, a good performance at its modest power can be expected. The interior of all the trims is pretty basic yet practical. Most of the versions are vinyl-wrapped but with extra money, you can get an upgrade to the leather. If we summarize, the inside has a limited instrument panel but understandable. But in comparison, the effective cluster is found in the latest versions.


Ford Anglia 105E (1959–68):

Depending on your need, family size, and preference, you can choose any of its three body styles:

2-door saloon

3-door estate car

2-door panel van


It features an American-inspired sweeping nose line chassis. On the deluxe trim, a full-width inclined chrome-finessed grille with projecting "eye" headlights are the major features on the exterior. The engineers have preferred applying wind-tunnel testing and streamlining of the chassis with engine and steering for better on-road performance.


The distinctive specs are the backward-slanted rear window, flat roofline, and stylishly infused tail fins. As we said, the instrumentation is simpler. For instance, you will get a red light for the generator and a green one highlighting the oil pressure. One notable thing is its electrically powered windscreen wipers. The inside is spacious enough but not for excessive luggage or tall people. The seats are extra springy, yet ensuring comfort.


Anglia Torino 105E (1965–67):

This model looks similar in all the exterior and interior features. The only thing distinguishing it from others is the addition of redefined body panels. Besides, the design looks fancier with the reshaped muted tail fins.


Anglia Super 123E (1962–67):

This Ford Anglia is available at different levels offering you options to choose from. 


The standard or the base model with no chrome finessing, cheaply colored rear light frames, steel-made grille, and imperfect interior spacing. You will not be impressed with its style.


The deluxe trim is comparatively refined with a chrome-finished side strip, chrome tail lights, glovebox with a lid, sun visor, and full-size chrome radiator grille. 


The highest trim is the Super designed with dual chrome sidelines, complementary colored roof and sides, and posher cabin styling. trim. 


Cons of buying Ford Anglia:

Limited interior space

Lacks proper ventilation

Hindered driving vision because of A-pillars 

No Air-conditioners

The body is not rust-resistant

No Infotainment or LEDs

No satisfactory safety features 

All trims lack an effective satellite navigation/cruise control

No GPS setup

A limited number of airbags offered


Final verdict:

Ford Anglia lacks luxury, aerodynamic style, and lush interior but it does have a smooth clutch and gear, powerful engine, manageable steering, satisfactory fuel mileage, and comfortable seats. In the Australian market, it is one of the most economical vehicles.


Purchasing old cars is the toughest decision due to the fear of waste of money. But ensuring the vehicle is absolutely in a good condition lessens the risk of getting involved in driving issues. And the easiest way is to get all the valid and original vehicle history.


For the customer’s ease, we have a 24/7 available online portal Quick Revs, open to all the users. Give us your car detail and we will provide you with all the required information within minutes.

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