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Flexicar Car Sharing Review Australia | An Overview of Plans and Rates

Dependency on private cars has some disadvantages that cannot be ignored. For one, it creates a whole lot of congestion especially inside the large cities where there are hundreds and thousands of vehicles. The number of cars and the congestion means that it is bound to create pollution that would ultimately be harming the ecosystem and we all know what a major problem that is here in Australia. Therefore, it becomes essential to consider car-sharing services so that people can reduce dependency on private vehicles.


Due to this reason, car-sharing services have gained popularity over the years as more and more people realize that using private cars is more expensive in their pockets and not the healthiest way to get to your workplace. These car-sharing services aim at making your daily commute easy and one day make private cars unnecessary in major cities. Indeed, these services look to eliminate just that and are now being used for more complex tasks and even load-carrying trips.


Commercial car-sharing services were introduced in the early 2000s when people could rent out cars and vehicles for their use. Today, car sharing has become one of the most established transport options in most major cities which people have come to trust and utilize providing them relief and even employment, more so in the major countries like Melbourne.


Car sharing in Melbourne:

Life in Melbourne is exciting and full of life, but you would also agree that it has some downsides as well. The most common problem that you would encounter is the amount of traffic you would see on the roads, and the parking problems that you would surely be facing. In order to make life easier and to minimize the number of private cars in the city, Melbourne boasts several cars sharing options that you can make use of. You get to avoid many of the costs and hassle that you would have to bear if you bought a personal car for yourself, and you have a whole range of cars from which you can choose from.


Melbourne boasts more than 1.000 vehicles available for car sharing in the city with five major networks that provide the service. Some of these services are peer to peer where people can rent their private vehicles to others and get paid for it, while others provide dedicated cars and services to the customers. Among the top car-sharing services is the Flexicar, which has their services spread all over Melbourne. We will be looking briefly at the services that they provide and the plans that they have to offer.


Flexicar Car Sharing:

Flexicar is amongst the major car-sharing services in Melbourne and can arguably be the most popular in the city. They have a fleet of 300 cars and vehicles of every kind and make, which you can browse through and select the one that you require.


Flexicar was founded in 2004, when the concept of car-sharing was picking up the boom and the Aussies were catching up to the trend. The company owns Hertz and provides urban coverage for almost every kind of vehicle.


They boast of providing vehicles for your every need and you can easily book a ride using the following easy steps:

 ✓ Choose your plan: Based on your requirements and how often you require a car for yourself, you can take a look at the multiple plans available on their online web site and choose the plan that best suits your needs, with rates that are charged by the hour.

 ✓ Check is performed on your driving background and that’s it!

 ✓ Book your car: The next thing you need to do is select the Flexicar of your choice and can pick from one of the locations near you from where to pick up the car. You are provided with a PIN code that needs to be entered into your Flexicar to unlock it.

 ✓ Go drive: The car is yours now based on the plan Flexicar plan that you chose. You would need to return the car at the same location that you picked it up from, enter the PIN code to lock it again and that is how your booking ends.


Flexicar Plans and Prices:

Flexicar rates vary across the different plans that they have to offer, which are briefly listed down below:


Business: This plan is for you if you have employees on the road and is further broken down into three further plans depending on the number of employees you have and what the requirements are about. The plan comes with a zero annual fee and does not have any limit on the kilometers; in fact, it starts off as low as $8.45 per hour with no extra charges on fuel.


Personal: You can choose from four additional plans in the Flexicar personal plan, which are the intro, light, moderate and regular. It comes with at a yearly cost which is not much and is suitable for you if you are looking to give car sharing a try. This plan also offers no fuel cost and charges per hour. You can find many positive Flexicar reviews for this plan which is quite popular.


Student: If you are on a budget and require a plan that is easy on the pocket and for everyday use. A minimum amount and provides unlimited kilometers with hourly payment.


Flexicar Locations:

Flexicar operates primarily in Melbourne and is most popular in the more congested parts, but you will also find that they provide their services in the suburban areas as far as the Melbourne airport and the different universities.


Apart from Melbourne, Flexicar also provides its car-sharing services in the following cities:

 ✓ Sydney

 ✓ Perth

 ✓ Brisbane

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