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FJ Holden Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

FJ Holden Review Australia

Okay, so we have been talking about modern cars for a time now. Today, we look at one of the most classical cars ever produced in Australia. It was almost 7 decades ago when the first FJ Holden was produced and driven on the roads here. It quickly earned the title of Australia’s most loved cars and to this day enjoys a cult following.


Love for the FJ came naturally, thanks to the broad grille, two-tone paint, and the bright chrome work. It came after the FX Holden and was changed slightly from that version. It featured an upbeat styling that gave it a personality and offered a fun-loving style that was not seen before.


The FJ Holden was revealed at a time when people were starting to take on the road for the first time. Motor vehicles were a rarity before that. And the new Holden vehicle came with a price that was affordable for many. It was no surprise, therefore, that the FJ Holden became the vehicle of choice for most Australian families. Even today, the FJ Holden is regarded with respect. It is regarded as the car that powered the country in the gloomy years in the start.


The FJ Holden series was produced by the Holden motor company from 1953 to 1956. It was the second model of an Australian made car produced by the company. The first one was the FX Holden, also known as the 48-215 series. The FX was an established and popular car, and the FJ Holden was based on that with some minor changes.


The outer styling was similar to the FX, but with a bolder front grille. There were inclusions in the comfort department and some decoration upgrades. In 1954, the car was exported to New Zealand to mark the exporting business for Holden. 


A mild facelift was given to the FJ Holden in 1955. A variation of trim levels and paint options were also introduced. In 196, the FJ Holden was replaced by the FE Holden series with thousands of cars produced and sold in the country. 


Trims Levels:

The car was available in multiple variants. Namely, the Holden FJ sedan version, which was available in Standard, Business and Special trims. A Holden FJ ute was also accounted for in 1953, which was followed by an FJ Holden panel van in the same year. A station wagon was put into the design and a prototype also built but was not put to production.


The FX Holden did not provide many options in trim levels. But that was taken care of when the FJ Holden was introduced. The Special trim was not much different than the standard trim FJ. Mechanically, it was more or less the same. But the major difference was when it came to the comfort and extra features for an added convenience that made the difference.


Vinyl seats were replaced by deluxe leather upholstery. A Special FJ Holden could be recognized by the chrome window trims, Holden Special script badge, and a chrome beltline trim.


Engine and Specifications:

When compared to today’s standards, the FJ Holden engine specifications may not appear to be much. But at the time the car was released, it was more than enough. It was powered by a 2.15-liter six-cylinder engine that produced a modest 45 kW of power. The engine was capable of producing impressive torque which meant that the car was quick off the mark


It had a top speed of 135 km/h and could reach the quarter-mile in over 20 seconds. It also had an excellent ground clearance and a good suspension which made it ideal in Australia’s conditions. In 1953, the seven-speed automatic and the four-speed manual transmissions were still far away. The FJ Holden was fixed with a three-speed manual transmission, which meant that the gear shifting was rushed and not much fun.


FJ Holden Restoration:

Any vehicle that is 50 years of age can be required to be exhausted, with rust consuming its tinwork, and the FJ is the same. Motors, gearboxes, diffs, suspension, guiding, and slows down are largely liable to be needing consideration. Especially regarding bringing them up to great working conditions, yet fortunately, FJ Holden parts and accessories are promptly accessible nearby to do everything without exception you may require done. 


An FJ would be a beauty venture for a youthful student technician. They are basic and direct to chip away at for anybody with a little mechanical fitness and the outcome can be fulfilling. Rust is the FJ's lasting foe. Expect rust in the front subframe, the bottoms of the front monitors, the entryways, and the floor skillet, so check cautiously and purchase the vehicle with the least rust. So be sure to be on the lookout for that.


Key Features:

Being a facelift to the previous FX model, the FJ Holden came equipped with various equipment and features that were not seen before. The Special trim level added a cigarette lighter, chrome works, the light switched in the front door, armrests for the front seats, window winders, and chrome dash controls.


The FJ Holden colors were another specialty. The FX had never been available with two-tone paints, which was available in the FJ Special variant. It also offered 12 different colors from which you could choose from.



If you think that the FJ Holden is a bit basic for your taste and is supremely underpowered, remember that this is a classic car more than 60 years of age. At that time, the top-selling car in Australia was the Austin A40, which had a lot of limitations. The car was cramped and had an engine that was passable. This is why the FJ Holden, which was almost similar in price, managed to grow in popularity and use. 


The car was heavily built and offered ample space for the whole family. In a short time, the FJ Holden became vital for the Australian roads, as well as on the speedway and drag racing events. Labeled as the great-grandfathers of today’s road cars, and rightly so, the FJ Holden caused massive growth in the local auto manufacturing market.


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