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Finke Desert Race: Australia’s biggest off-road Racing Event

All of us crave adventures and thrilling experiences now and then, what with the busy schedules and the same old routines. More so the people who are car enthusiasts who welcome the chance to test out their latest vehicle to the limits. Well, if you live in Central Australia or are traveling there in the month of June, you might be lucky to get just that. Behold the Finke Desert Race event, which is the biggest off-road racing event in Australia and one of the World’s largest car sports events.


The very word, desert race, says it all! What's more, to find a good pace Australian Desert, any place you live, you must travel inland, to the red land of Australia. The red community, since that is all you see subsequent to going to The Finke Desert Race, RED, red and only red! It is true that there is a certain mystery and mystique associated with the event since only 19 riders have been able to call themselves the Finke Desert Race winners since the race inaugurated 40 years ago. It’s not as easy as you might think.


Finke is a place situated in central Australia, close to the Alice Springs, and consists of a mostly unused track that is both dusty and remote. The track is all made of sand and remoteness. The Finke desert race distance of the track is 250 kilometers where the competitors and participants need to arrive and spend the next few days for the event. Participants arrive from all over Asia and the World, bringing their 4x4’s and jeeps and modifies vehicles to camp out in the rugged terrain and the sand. Some might be able to grab some sleep, while others spend that time repairing and fixing their bikes and cars. You can get your complete Finke Desert Race map for the whole track by the vendors that you will find there in the village of Alice and Finke.


Tatts Finke desert race resembles the Mount Panorama of rough terrain dashing, pulling in observers from around the nation. Fans camp at hedge destinations along the length of the track, where they can find a good pace the activity to see the bounces, knicks, spills and excites as the contestants’ race by. There truly is not at all like the experience of a 700hp Trophy Truck howling past you at 150km/h!

Finke Desert Race Schedule:

The Finke Desert Race dates fall and coincide with the Queen’s Birthday, and the long weekend that it brings, which is from the June 8th each year to the 11th. It all starts with a street party in the town of Alice Springs where there are a lot of festivities and fun to kick things off for the next couple of days.

The Next day, which is Friday, all the cars and bikes are displayed for scrutinizing in the open, providing the owners with the chance to show off their vehicles and to take a measure of the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors.


The activity gets in progress with the prologue, which is held close to the beginning/finish line on Saturday. This is an excellent method to get the activity started and going off without wandering excessively a long way from town. The Finke Desert Race times are such: Race-day Sunday begins right on time, with the vehicles leaving from 7:00 am and the bikes following close behind. At that point, those that are still running will begin to show up back toward the end goal early in the day on the occasion Monday.

Common Queries regarding the Event:

Like all big events, it is required that you plan and prepare yourself for the Finke Desert Race beforehand. Some common queries that you may have regarding the event if you have participated in the event are:

  •   How to enter the Finke desert race?

  •   What are the road conditions and if they are open?

  •   Is there a fuel range provided?

  •   What options are available there for accommodations?

  •   Is my vehicle capable of participating in the event?

  •   What kind of weather and conditions are going to be faced there?

  •   What is the Finke Desert Race length?

  •   What is the Finke Desert Race entry fee?


To answer these questions and many more, you can visit the website www.finkedesertrace.com.au on which many of these queries are answered and mentioned.


Finke Desert Race Checklist:

Winners of the Finke Desert Race in the year 2017 and 2018 have very interesting stories to tell. One thing is common: you will be getting blisters and your back and legs will be smashed to a pulp, especially when you are racing on a bike.


Some tips and checklist that we have able to deduce from the winners are mentioned below:

  •   Choose your vehicle very carefully; don’t listen to anyone in that choice, unless they have raced in the event themselves. Or it is always better to go with the vehicle that best suits you.

  Prepare yourself well with provisions, like spare parts for your vehicle, spare wheel, toilet paper, and cooking material for the weekend.

  If you are thinking of taking a bike to the event, it would be great if you can fit it with the softest hand grips to avoid any blisters.

  Getting a steering damper will also make it easier for you to compete in the race with your arms getting less sore.

  Try getting a good air and dust filter for your engine, to avoid any clogging of the engine or decrease in the power.

  Going to the Finke Desert Race with your traditional general suspension might not be a great idea. It would be good to have altered the suspension to make do for the rough terrain.

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