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Fiat Ducato Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Fiat Ducato Review Australia


If we look into the wide Fiat Professional range, it is no surprise, the Ducato is one of the most popular bases for fast-running motorhomes.


Stylish appearance with aggressiveness, cabin comfort with hi-tech and cargo bulkhead in a great value of money is how we would like to define this vehicle. With sufficient interior storage, you will be getting a decent on-road performance. The key appeal is its payload and cargo space.


As far as the most preferable option for any driver is concerned, the latest 2020 model of Fiat Ducato van with an astounding transmission should be on the top of the list. All models featuring a quicker torque converter are really a vital part of letting you drive smoothly.



The range you will get for the engine configurations in Fiat Ducato lies between 2.3L to 3.0L. Coming to the speed, you can choose whatever suits you ranging from 110hp to 130hp and 148hp through 177hp. The best part is that all engines are equipped with Euro5 emissions that make the ride more compliant, subtler, and smoother.


Every engine is mated with a 6-speed manual gear-shifter whereas 3L will get you a 6-speed Comfort-Matic transmission means an auto-mode version. Don’t worry about the ride quality because both are responsive. Along with the adaptable cruise control, the Fiat Ducato offers full stability over corners with the suspension. And to maximize the stopping power, the braking system is equipped that efficiently controls the skidding and rolling of the body.


Once you start cruising, you will feel how beautifully it takes you on a stable and firmer ride while letting you feel safe and fun at the same time. With perfectly directional steering, the road handling is made easier. Another highlighted feature is compatible throttle and pedal response.


2020 – 2018 model:

There is a reason behind its preference and that is an notable all-fresh Euro 6D compliant engine. A significant upgrade in Fiat Ducato!


The engine of a 2.3L capacity is featured with a strong turbocharger that lets you race on a road faster. This diesel engine has a 4-cyl setup that is capable of delivering maximum power of 130kW complementing the torque of 400Nm.


Well, that is not all it has to offer. One simply cannot resist its 9-speed automatic gearbox available in 2020 models only. A complete sportier package. Undoubtedly, the auto-mode is driven smoothly even if you are lifting off the throttle. In the older versions, Comfort-Matic transmission is tuned, which is fair enough.


With a fuel consumption of 6.7L/100 km, Fiat Ducato is considered an cheap vehicle. The only downside is when their front-end gets stiffer.


2016 - 2015 model:

Having a 4-cyl turbocharged engine that runs on diesel seems pretty refined in the 2016 variants. A powerful 3L engine is equipped with 130kW power and 400Nm torque. The best pick for you is the medium-wheelbase low-roof Fiat Ducato Maxi mated with a super-smooth 6-speed automated manual gearbox. The claimed fuel economy is recorded as low as 7.7 L/100 km. On the city road, the Fiat Ducato feels light and is fun to drive. The ride quality is adequately pleasant and quiet.



Looking for the best accommodating and spacious cabin with sturdy wheels that would take you on a longer ride smoothly? The top selection is Fiat Ducato Maxi. It could be a full-time home. It comes with the finest detail, enough to let you fit a lot of essentials.


This series of the vehicle is not only useful but also a pretty Fiat Ducato campervan. Every model is rich in specs and laden with hi-tech. Apart from known for its agile handling, it offers a lavish interior with a tempting exterior. The best part about the 2018 model is its roomier seats for all the passengers. Moreover, attractive outer grab handles are found. The comfortability is maximised with the satisfactory driving position complemented with an upright steering location.


2020 model:

It goes without seeing but the latest version of Fiat Ducato is really something EXTRA that will leave you amazed. As a standard, you will be provided with a sliding cargo door making the loading easier. Its AC seems to work so better but sadly, it is controlled manually. For a better visibility, 270-degree rear barn doors are fitted. The real luxury lies in its fixed bulkhead featuring a sliding window, reducing engine, road, and wind noise from the cargo area.


Leather-wrapped steering is not the only impressive feature but its wheel-mounted audio controls. One more spec that shouts premium is Bluetooth connectivity. Vision is incredible out front and the mirrors work excellently. In short, Fiat Ducato has gotten cleaner, safer, and more efficient in 2020.


Other standard features are:

Electrically adjustable side mirrors

5.0-inch touchscreen

Refined Uconnect infotainment system



2016 model:

Visually, we can say Fiat Ducato is one of the most appealing layouts with a sleek look. The cabin looks fascinating with a high-resolution 5’’ multimedia touchscreen lacking a sat-nav. With a few highlighted pleasing aesthetics, the front panel seems imposing. Although its fit is a bit hit-and-miss in terms of some controls. The nice-looking seating is also supportive and the driver's seat comes with a 6-way adjustable setting. Sometimes, seat adjustment might get tricky.


Cab storage is enough but comparatively low to the newer versions. The major drawback is the absence of overhead shelving. Hindered forward vision might bug you due to its wide A-pillars styling.


Other standard features include:

Air Conditioner

Stylish steering wheel

Well-integrated controls for volume and the Bluetooth connectivity

USB/AUX inlets


CD player

Electric side mirrors


2015 model Fiat Ducato specifications:

LED running lights

Larger bonnet with improved access to the engine

A bigger grille for better cooling

State-of-the-art 3-piece bumper

5-inch touch screen

Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity

Voice recognition

Lots of storage compartments

Nifty drink chiller

Glove box

Height adjustable driver's seat with lumbar support


Standard Safety features in 2020 model:

Adaptable cruise control

Rear park sensors

Forward collision alert

Autonomous emergency braking

Reverse camera

Lane-departure warning

Stability control

Anti-lock brakes

Roll-over mitigation

Hill-hold assist


Cons of buying Fiat Ducato:

Slightly unsettling ride over undulating roads

Fit and finish in the cabin seems cheap

Vague ride at the front

Slow gear changes from the jerky transmission


Final verdict:

Overall, Fiat Ducato is big and suitable for lifting heavy things, but the Ducato is hamstrung by its annoying automatic gearbox and a bit problematic front suspension.


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