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Ferrari Testarossa Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ferrari Testarossa Review Australia

If you are looking for a classic, old-styled Ferrari to experience the speed thrust, choose their maximum mass-produced Ferrari Testarossa. It is a car from the early 1980s and took 2years to get into the market. You can consider it a classic piece from the 1980s reflecting retro culture. The literal meaning of Testa Rossa is "redhead" in Italian, which accurately explains its exotic red layout. It is a 2-door car with a ravishing engine that gets ultimate power from Rear Wheel. It comes in coupe body style with an impressive 12-cylinder engine. 


Unfortunately, you cannot find a new updated version or model of this range as the company stopped producing it by 1991. But, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Testarossa has still a matchless design especially side strakes and a broadened rear track.

It has 3 alluring variants: the original, the 512 TR, and the F512 M. With time, every model gets a surprising upgrade. 512 TR features a smoother bumper, with side body-colored items. Whereas, F12 M is more cultured, stylishly structured with a more advanced engine. In all the variants, it is the wildest and least threatening automobile. If you are searching for a car with excellent steering and power, go for it. Ever heard about Miami vice Ferrari? It basically includes two cars: Ferrari Daytona Spyder and the Ferrari Testarossa. No one can ignore its attractive sleek, unique, and appealing edgy look.


Ferrari is an Italian brand that is famous for its extinguishing sports car with a stunning engine. It has been introducing striking cars since 1947. As soon as the Ferrari Testarossa arrived, it became the ultimate model of Ferrari for RWD. Total cars manufactured under the label are nearly 10,000 making the original version the most as in around 7,177 vehicles. Having a comfortable car with a larger boot space is a real treat and if it is Ferrari, it is absolutely a plus. It has excelled its predecessors in the aspect of a cozier interior offering sufficient space for luggage.

In case you are searching for a Ferrari with a flat-12 engine, these are the best choice you have. A centralized engine with 12-cylinders is a perfect match for a supercar race. And, you also don’t have to be worried about its speed controlling as the company has installed effective and responsive heavy-duty brakes. Its other variant F12 M is the nimblest version while retaining its elegant and luxurious touch. Their scissor-doored has outshined other automobiles. Another impressive feature is its be-winged Countach. It has such a long-lasting visual outlook that will make you wonder. It explains the hard work of the company to not only make an inspiring style statement but also a practical framework.



On the road, the Testarossa has always shown exceptional driving performance. It is impossible to not get impressed with its high-speed and race-inspired engine. It comes in a flat V-12 engine setup with astounding 48 valves giving maximum torque of 361 @ 4500 RPM. With its revitalizing 4943cc engine, you can enjoy racing at its exciting 385 Horsepower @ 6300 rpm. If you are worried about the engine fuel consumption, you don’t have to record 21 PS per l/100 km efficiency. After subjecting it to several real-life tests, 180 mph (ca. 290 km/h) is recorded maximum speed. To make it more feasible mid-mounted radiators have been used along with the flat engine. The only drawback that you will face is its high center of gravity at the rear.

Ferrari Testarossa runs on Petrol and offers a brilliantly smooth gearshift. But, before purchasing make sure you are comfortable driving a manual car. The car has a responsive 5-speed manual gearing setup. You will find its steering quite practical as it has added the feature of electronic fuel injection and ignition. It lets you enjoy an energy fuelling ride.


Other features include:
Limited-slip differential
✔ Efficient double wishbones as a standard in all models
✔ Flexible coil springs
✔ Quad-exhaust arrangement
✔ Anti-roll bar upfront
✔ Collapsible and adaptable dampers

And the best part is its highly responsive and heavy-handed braking system featured with Vented Discs up front and at the rear. What if you are planning a long drive in summer weather, you must be worried about its engine temperature. But, if you have this car, stay stress-free. It comes with twin side radiators for faster cooling down the cabin temperature.



If you are thinking that this sports car is only easy to handle but lacks beauty, then you are definitely mistaken. It has a definitive bold and exclusive layout that is revamped with its wedge designing. It is featured with a splendid aerodynamic outline and the fancier side strakes. Unfortunately, it lacks a diffuser. It has an extra grille but the role of diffusers cannot be replaced. The highlight of the car is its chic-styled popping headlights and magnificent tail light clusters. The team has engineered in designing every corner with perfection, indeed. Its thin front grille with a black spoiler is just outstanding.

If we start talking about its interior, you will be amazed. Whenever you are looking for a car, choose the one with excessive luggage space with a suitable rear boot space. This vehicle gives you a roomy interior with leather upholstery. It has a competently fitted dashboard. For a posher touch, the vehicle is equipped with orange-marked dials. You can find the odometer and trip meter. If you avoid driving in a car with steering which is not powered, this will not be a good pick. But, you will be awestruck after driving with its controllable, thin-rimmed steering. It has an overall boxy framework.

Some other essential specs which you should know are:
✔ Eye-catching integrated bumper
✔ Mirror mounted high on the driver’s seat
✔ It is 3.4 inches (ca. 9 cm) lengthier and 5.8 inches (ca. 15 cm) broader than its predecessors
✔ Hopping horse insignia upfront
✔ Air Conditioner
✔ Cassette/CD player portal
✔ 18’’ or 457 mm alloy wheels as a standard feature


Additional modifications in Ferrari 512 TR:

✔ Being a second model, you can find certain upgrades in its engine system such as:
✔ Higher maximum power of 428bhp @ 6750rpm
✔ Greater and efficient torque of 362lb (0.16 t)-ft @ 5500rpm
✔ Lighter steering
✔ Remarkable throttle response sharper


 Additional modifications in F12 M:

In the third variant, the chief adjustments are:
✔ The Highest maximum power of 440bhp @ 6750rpm
✔ Greater and efficient torque of 370lb (0.17 t)-ft @ 5500rpm
✔ Durable titanium con-rods
✔ Advanced compression ratio
✔ Low back-pressure
✔ Effortless and smoothest gearshift
✔ Infusion of Bosch Motronic engine system
✔ Engine stationed perfectly to eliminate the problem of the high center of gravity


Final verdict:

It is a luxury-oriented sports car. With its rear mid-body engine position and dry-sump system, it is a good option, even in 2020. But as we have advanced in the automotive industry, you will find more of its features streamlined with other less priced, local sports cars. Although it has ample baggage space, you can find it jammed for a small family. Coming to Ferrari Testarossa price, it has again gained momentum in 2020 because of its increasing demand in the market. But, it is arguable depending on what state the vehicle is in. The year of manufacturing also matters in pricing.

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