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Ferrari LaFerrari Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ferrari LaFerrari Review Australia


LaFerrari is one of the iconic productions of Ferrari. It is a praiseworthy automobile that will capture the eye of every enthusiast. According to Mr Enzo, racing is a mania that requires sacrifices without hesitation and reticence. Upon the ethos of Mr Enzo, the Ferrari team designed and built the Ferrari LaFerrari. In the last 40 years, LaFerrari has been the only one to be developed in-house and also the first to use a hybrid powertrain. Like Ferrari's other models, this model also has nothing to do with the economy. Instead, it is all about speed and power. Read on to know more about  Ferrari LaFerrari! 


LaFerrari Engine:

To build LaFerrari, the Ferrari team specced a battery and two electric motors/generators. There are eight modules, and these modules are packed with around 120 individual battery cells. This permits them to be close to the centre of gravity as much as possible. The Ferrari LaFerrari uses DC-DC instead of going for AC. A heavy inverter is not required as each of the Ferrari's motors is pulse width modulated. The LaFerrari comes with a longitudinally rear mid-mounted 6.3-litre V12 engine. This engine produces 789 hp of power at 9,000 rpm and 516 lb-ft of torque at 6750 rpm.


In addition, it features goodies like:

✓ F1-derived variable intakes

✓ An adaptive oil pump (which measures g-forces)

✓ A compression ratio of 13.5:1


LaFerrari Exterior:

The LaFerrari looks on on-screen, in print, or in real life and looks like the future. We know that looks do matter, but the engineers at Ferrari have favoured function over form when it comes to LaFerrari. The LaFerrari wind tunnels helped shape the car's aerodynamic design. The front splitter of the Laferrari is created to increase downforce, eliminate the negative effects of pitch sensitivity, and a broad front air vent throws hot air away from the radiator. There is a front spoiler that creates compression on the hood. This compression helps to stick the nose to the ground. Ferrari LaFerrari fitted a pair of ram-air intakes on top of the rear wheel arches and the one-piece rear spoiler on the back end. 


Dimensions of Ferrari Laferrari:

✓ Length 185.1 in

✓ Wheelbase 104.3 in

✓ Height 43.9 in

✓ Max Width 78.4 in


LaFerrari was first only available in the famed Rosso Corsa colour. Later, some of Ferrari's more influential customers added Giallo Modena yellow and Nero Black to the colour palette.


LaFerrari Interior:

The interior of the LaFerrari provides a comfortable and refined space to sit in. The first thing you'll notice is that the F1 themed styling has also made its way into the cabin. The centrepiece closely resembles the ones found in F1 cars. Keeping with the theme, the driver's seat is fixed in place so as not to disturb the car's balance. The steering wheel and pedals of the Ferrari can be adjusted. It also has a large tachometer. The centre console has all non-essentials.


As for interior features of Ferrari LaFerrari, here is a list:

✓ A dual-zone climate control system

✓ Provides heating and cooling

✓ An anti-glare rearview mirror

✓ A digital clock

✓ A security system with an immobiliser


Ferrari's interior dimensions are not available. But the cabin is suitable for most average-sized adults. It has ample legroom for persons up to six feet tall. Taller drivers may get disturbed by a low roofline. The LaFerrari has all the interior features that supercars have.


With Laferrari, you will get:

✓ Leather seats

✓ Alcantara on the steering wheel

✓ A massive dose of carbon fibre. 

✓ Sturdy material in one shape or another

✓ A massive carbon-fibre spine


The self-titled Ferrari's interior is beautiful, and all materials make it more appealing to the naked eye.


LaFerrari Safety:

Destroying the Ferrari is something that no automotive safety rating agency would dare. This is why there are no official safety ratings for the LaFerrari on the internet. 


The only insurance that most people have is their blind trust in Ferrari's great use of its decade's worth of design and safety knowledge. However, it might not feature modern active driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, or forward collision avoidance assistance.


The LaFerrari has a few basic safety features. These features will hopefully keep your limbs in place in case of a severe accident.


Some of the safety features include:

✓ Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes

✓ Brake-force distribution

Emergency brake assist

✓ Rain-sensing window wipers 

✓ Standard cruise control 

✓ A tire pressure monitoring system

✓ Front and rear parking sensors



One of the most exclusive Ferraris around:

✓ It's a hybrid

✓ Has fighter-jet looks

✓ Includes a naturally aspirated V12 engine

✓ It provides for maximum performance all the time



✓ You can find one but expect it to fork over a couple of millions

✓ It has less space for others and third parties. 

✓ It's not something you'll be able, or want to, drive on a daily basis


Final Verdict:

The LaFerrari is a great and iconic car that will be remembered in the history of Ferraris. The hybrid performance of Ferrari portrays traces of the fastest and most exciting production cars ever built. If you want to get your car's history, Quick Revs is always here to help you. By using the online platform, you can get all the data that is needed to be known. For more information regarding the services we provide, click here now! 


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