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Ferrari F430 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ferrari F430 Review Australia


What’s the first car that comes to your mind when someone says “Sports car”? Probably Ferrari. Even if someone has minimal knowledge about cars, they know about Ferrari. But, if for some reason you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know about Ferrari, you should definitely read the next few lines before you proceed with the rest of the article. Ferrari is one of the most popular (This is not an exaggeration) cars. 


Ferrari used one of the fastest engines V12 that made the performance of the vehicle exceptional. Which is one of the reasons this car became very popular. Other than this, the fact that Ferrari has customer trust for over 60 years is remarkable. Very few customers have had complaints about the car's performance. Ferrari has now become a brand and comes amongst some of the most expensive cars. Yes, not everyone can afford this beauty but those who can, they are not disappointed by it. 


In this particular article, we’re going to be discussing a very particular Ferrari, which is the Ferrari F430. The car was introduced in the 2004 Paris Motor Show. The car was a successor of Ferrari 360. The F430 was updated in not only performance but the exterior as well. Further, let’s go into details and discuss the Ferrari F430. 



Let’s start with the exterior of the car. Ferrari is known for its gorgeous outlook and exquisite colors. This particular Ferrari design was revised from the previous 360 but it looked very different from 360.


Here’s what changed: 

  1. Its aerodynamic efficiency was improved. 

  2. Drag coefficient remained the same but the downforce was enhanced.

  3. Enzo’s tail lights were added 

  4. Engine cover vents were added 

  5. It has a Testarossa-styled driver’s side mirror which also had the name of the car on it. 

  6. The car’s opening and front bumper are the same as the Ferrari's model from the ’60s, 150 shark nose formula one car. 


Other than this, the Alcoa Aluminum Chassis, roofline, door, and glass were the same as the previous model, 360.



One of the best engines in sports cars are the engines of Ferrari. Ferrari F430 has one of the best engines. It features a 4.306cc, which is a 4.3L, V8 engine of the F136 family. All the previous V8 engines were from the Dino Racing Program of the 1950s so this was a new power plant for the Ferrari family. This engine holds a special significance because Ferrari upped their game by closing a fifty-year contract by using a new and improved engine in the F430. If we dig a little deeper into the output specifications.


Here’s what we’ll notice the engine runs at: 

490 PS, which is 360 kW; 483 hp at 8,500 Rpm

465 N-m which is 343 lb-ft of torque at 5,250 Rpm 


Further, the engine’s weight was increased by 4 kg but also decreased in diameter so it can be packed easily. It also has connecting rods, pistons, and crankshafts, which are new. Whereas the 4-valve cylinder head, valves, and intake trumpets are obtained from Formula 1 engines. This engine is also 0.6 seconds faster than the previous model. 



After the engine and design, comes the brownie points for getting a Ferrari F430. The car has an E-Diff computer-controlled limited slip active differential which can differentiate that can vary the distribution of torque based on steering angle and lateral acceleration. Other than this, the car has a steering wheel-mounted control knob that allows the drivers to select from five different settings that modify the car’s ESE system, transmission behavior, throttle response, E-diff, and electronic suspension. 



Ferrari F430 also had some variants that had more or less the same features with a little change. They are mentioned below:


Ferrari Spider:

The major difference in Ferrari Spider is that it doesn’t have a roof. It’s an open-air convertible. The interior performance of the car is pretty much the same as the Coupe. 


430 Scuderia:

This is known as the evil twin of the Ferrari F430. Ferrari f430’s top speed is 196 mph, whereas the 430 Scuderia’s top speed is 198 mph. This car was built to compete with cars like Lamborghini so it was made lighter and more powerful. However, more power means more intake and exhaust that includes an ion-sensing knock detection system for an increased compression ratio in the engine. This is why the weight to power ratio was reduced to 2.5 kg/hp. It also came with an automated manual with improved superfast software for faster 60 mm shift times called Superfast2.


Scuderia 430 16M:

This car was featured with many carbon fiber parts and weight-saving measurements such as rear bumpers and lightened front. 5-spoke forged wheels were specifically created for this car to help support its reduced weight. Additionally, larger front brakes were also added along with calipers for extra stopping power. 



Let’s be honest, Ferrari isn’t exactly an affordable car. It is expensive. Everyone knows that. The people buying the car also know how expensive it is but it is 100% worth the money. For a sports car enthusiast (Who is also rich, of course), buying a Ferrari would not be a big deal. The price range of the Ferrari f430 is between $104,200 and going to $254,980. The parts used in the car itself are heavy and expensive so it’s not like the owners are ripping you off, the car is actually pretty pricey.



Lastly, let’s talk about the reviews. There are many satisfied users of the vehicle and very impressed by the performance as well. Some of the reviews are given below: 


Review #1:

“Waited 3 years for this car, as I put a deposit for a 360 which was later discontinued to make room for the F430. It was well worth the wait! This car really lives up to the Ferrari reputation. The design, performance, and overall driving experience are amazing. Very easy to drive in heavy traffic as well, but when the road opens up is when you are treated to what this car is all about. Best car I've ever driven.”


Review #2:

“he car is so much fun to drive I can easily overlook the flaws (mainly the cost of everything). I can't go anywhere without being asked about it or having myself photographed. The way it drives around corners is always exciting and the top end is also quite exciting. I know mine goes at least 170 with the limiting factor being the driver, not the car. The gas mileage has surprised me getting 17.9 on the last trip I took or 6321 miles.No mechanical issues, no overheating, no plug problems, heck, no problems at all. This is without a doubt the most fun of any car I have driven”


Review #3:

“I am more than satisfied with the 2006 F430. Although I loved the Modena 360 I used to have, the F430 is much better than the 360 in many ways. It is far smoother and faster. Its design is more aggressive and modern, although one could argue that the 360 had more artistic lines.”

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