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Ferrari F40 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Ferrari F40 Review Australia


It goes without saying but finding a sports car better than a Ferrari can be pretty challenging. And as far as the classic sports cars are discussed, the Ferrari F40 is one of the top-ranked cars with sportier features and trouble-free RWD. Although it was manufactured from 1987 to 1992 and in a very limited number, you can still try to find it in 2021. We can confidently say that it used to be the Ferrari's wildest, most commanding, and most luxurious car available on the market at higher prices.


Even if you are interested in racing, you can go for its rally/racing versions that are only two, LM and GTE. With its sheer performance and evolutions of the mechanics, the car is considered highly roadworthy. Wherever one of the eye-catching Ferraris appears an unavoidable congregation of impressed gearheads will follow. No doubt, Ferrari F40 was made to run on track but it is fully street legal. Design and motor are built for daily commuting and for the drivers who want to make the most out of their money.




If you have bought this lavish Ferrari F40, you will be able to enjoy a soothing drive in its enlarged, high-revving 2.9L engine. It doesn’t only offer a smooth but thrilling ride with the amazing power of 352 kW@7,000 rpm. When mated with a rich torque value of 577 Nm@4,000 rpm, you will be loving the cruising power and pattern. Installed with a V8 engine having a twin turbocharger and intercooler, makes it is a preferable choice. It doesn’t fall short on any specified mechanics. With the gearing, curves, and cornering skills, everything is on point!


Need a catalytic converter? Go for models made before 1990 or else the later versions have a converter fitted. The mid-mounted engine is really state-of-the-art but if compared now, you might feel it lesser in capacity, power, and slick performance. Once you hit the road, you will feel the F40 dancing. Equipped with high-performance turbos, the Ferrari F40 has a distinctive driving style.


Remember! There are no engine options other than 2.9L V8 and the same is the case with transmission as you will be getting only a 5-speed manual. It has no option or package offered to add an automatic gearbox. To complement the mechanics, a highly adaptive suspension setup has been added with a double-wishbone system. It seems to help Ferrari soak bumps on the rough roads safely.


Well, don’t worry, it has its advanced and refined system for faster cooling, as well. Consider it an open-wheel racing car having a partial undertray for letting a smooth airflow around the radiator. If you are planning for a long drive, you can take this. It not only has a pleasant yet powerful engine but also a large enough fuel tank capacity and that is 120L.


The stopping power is incredible and high. The safety is guaranteed due to the original and large ventilated disc brakes in Ferrari F40. You would definitely admire the authentic feel of the drive provided with its tremendous brake pressure. Apart from mechanical bodies, the steering seems precise and directional. The clutch is responsive, the pedals are engaging and the throttle is quick. Overall, the driving is comfortable and the transmission is slick.



The frame is laid out in clean and sharp tubular steel. The perfect mix of aluminum and all other materials makes it amazingly lightweight. Its styling seems less like older models than it does track-tested Ferrari racing sports cars, and with a respectable reason: the on-road performance capabilities necessitated it. The design was made to let you enjoy superior functionality being a fully practical car. The chassis of the Ferrari F40 was made robust, yet lightweight.


Want a little show-off? Its strikingly embossed F40 logo right in the spoiler can help you!


In short, the exterior is shaped solely for optimizing aerodynamic performance. It comes with a huge wing that might not be technically beneficial particularly at high accelerations. It can be distinguished with its horizontal plane that seems to be barely angled. With a purpose-driven style, unique fender flares complimenting the sharp creases are chosen for making a formidable outlook.


To make it lighter, carbon fiber and aluminum are used for the structure layout. Whereas, to make Ferrari F40 hard-wearing Kevlar has been infused giving ultimate strength. Generally, the use of intense aerodynamic styling is preferred. To minimize the weight, the windshield and windows made of polycarbonate plastic are fitted. As easy as possible, Ferrari F40 can be explained as a car laden with pure, lean, and simple aesthetics.


Its inside is unquestionably a delicious treat, as well. but UNNECESSARILY SIMPLISTIC. You will have an air conditioner, basic gauges, and ultra-comfortable and extra lightweight cloth-trimmed bucket seats. The dashboard appears typical in a simple gray. The headliner is a perforated vinyl. There are simple pull-cords for opening the door. It is an ideal combination of practicality and trends.


On the ill side, there are no:

Glove box


Leather trimming

Door handles


Stereo setup


Ferrari F40 LM:

A genuine trendsetter in the world of sporty cars is what it is. It carries an incredible aerodynamic structure. This racing car is manufactured to last. Or in more explicit words, Ferrari F40 LM is the Italian Stallion of Cars!


It is powered by a 2.9L Twin-Turbocharged V8 engine. It is designed to deliver the power of 720 hp @ 7,500 RPM. When mated with a squeaky clean and sharp transmission of 5-speed, the top speed is known to be 229 mph. Pretty fast and slick! Throughout the past years of racing, it has been an atom bomb loaded with blaring acceleration and razor's edge road management.


It is its rawness that makes the Ferrari F40 completely remarkable. Mechanically, they are manufactured rationally strong with an improved fuel consumption rate. The brakes and suspension are specially designed to offer enhanced control to the vehicle. The highlights of the car are higher speeds, a lightweight chassis, and a sharper aerodynamic design.


Cons of buying Ferrari F40:

The body creaks and makes a rattling noise

The chassis gives shakes and jitters over rough surfaces

The cabin inside is blatantly empty

The strengthened Kevlar panels turn brittle with time

Rubber gets dry and cracked


Final verdict:

A combination of a stunning exterior, appealing interior, impressive design, and brutally accelerated turbocharged delivery system. It would not be wrong to say that this 30-year-old Ferrari F40 is still appealing and equally exotic. Its shocking layout is appreciating and as much a joy to drive as it is to admire.


Well, we have highlighted all the important features but if you are interested in getting a more detailed car history, we can help you there, too. We offer a 24/7 available online portal. All you need is to enter the car model, year, and few other details. Within an instant, you can get all theft, accidental, or past driving history.


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