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Ferrari Enzo Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Ferrari Enzo Review Australia


Ferrari is Ferrari, no matter the model. But, if we talk about models, Ferrari Enzo can never be forgotten. It is undeniably a masterpiece having a mid-engined, naturally aspirated setup. Considered as a hypercar, the Ferrari Enzo is designed sensibly and manufactured durably. Produced back in 2002, it has the Formula One technology. This is it! This is what makes it special and takes it to the top of the list. Presented in a glorious carbon-fiber body, F1-style transmission and drivability are remarkable.


The real highlight of the Ferarri Enzo is active aerodynamics. Only 400 were produced from 2002 to 2004 in Italy. This 2-door Berlinetta has eye-catchy butterfly doors enhancing the beauty. Adding to your surprise, the Enzo Ferrari has been ranked number three on the list of Top Sports Cars of the 2000s published by the American magazine Sports Car International. Moreover, Motor Trend Classic, another American magazine, ranked Ferrari Enzo on number four in the list of the top 10 "Greatest Ferraris of all time."


You can even spot it from a distance due to the evident, extra curves and angles. And, how can you forget its particularly V-shaped hood complemented by scooped-out doors?!


Ferrari Ezo Engine:

The Enzo is a perfect mix of thrill and calm. Where it delivers sound on-demand, it offers smooth movement even on bumpy roads. With the proper implementation of maturing engine methodologies, the Ferrari Enzo has one of the best breeds of naturally aspirated engines. This mechanical hypercar is built differently in terms of engine. It is fitted with a 6L Tipo F140 V12 engine. The engine is powerful enough to deliver a power of 485 kW at 7,800 RPM. Sounds reasonable! The torque is also acceptable that is 657 Nm at 5,500 RPM.


It is designed to provide a massive, electrifying slug of acceleration!


Under the bonnet, you will find the engine placed longitudinally in the mid-rear position. It offers trouble-free RWD. The gearbox is accompanied by high-end paddle-shifters. They help in controlling an automatically actuated electrohydraulic clutch. That is not all! It plays a huge role in shifting. As far as fuel consumption is concerned, it will be a little bit too expensive for some. For the city, it shows the value of 34L/100 km. And, has a 29L/100 km value for combined.


Do you know how smoothly it ignores the pits? The credit goes to 4-wheel independent suspension. The shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, and disc brakes add up to its maneuverability. Once driven, you will never forget the Ferrari driving experience! Being the last non-electrically-assisted hypercar, it has set the standard for the semi-automatic gearboxes with its world-leading semi-automatic transmission.


Brakes offer a massive stopping power that maximizes the cornering ability. The biggest plus is the super-quick steering ratio. The major reason behind its exceptional road control is the unparalleled front-end grip. This big, broad Ferrari ensures a safe ride. The steering has an appealing pointiness. Driving on highways, you will enjoy the subtle engine sound and thrilling speed.



Like we said earlier, it has an F1 racing cars’ setup; the engine is coupled with a 6-speed 'F1' Graziano automated manual transmission. It works smoothly. It shifts swiftly. And it supports steering in stable driving. It is really shocking to know that its gearbox is a 1st generation f "clutchless" design introduced back in the 1990s.


Imbedded Electronics:

Manufactured by Ferrari Gestione Sportiva, Ferrari Enzo tends to carry multiple embedded electronic setups to facilitate how subsystems communicate. For engine, suspension, and gearshift synchronization, a central computer is fitted. It brings along the aerodynamic subsystems, too. Its primary purpose is to optimize the overall performance and passengers’ safety. 


The Enzo comes with 3 special control settings:

✓ Sport

✓ Race 

✓ No ASR - most aggressive


They directly alter the electrohydraulic shifting, active damping, and traction control. The ASR works mainly coupled with the ABS. You would love its stability and strong cornering skills.


Ferrari Enzo Design:

On the one hand, it excels in the engine. On the other hand, it surpasses several supercars in its unique design and timeless elegance. It is definitely an iconic model to collect. You must have heard the very famous “Pininfarina-styled body,” this is what it has. To some extent, it is not a classically pretty style, but when merged with Enzo’s sharp details and Formula 1-inspired aerodynamics, a masterpiece is formed!


For eliminating the unnecessary lift and boosting the downforce, the Ferarri has utilized clever aerodynamic tools. The low, angular front also appears pleasant. Truly speaking, the Enzo exterior styling has been pushing the styling standards and taking the road performance to another level. The chassis is made extra lightweight make it move faster around the corners. Well, it has its consequences. For instance, it has a carbon fiber interior, lacks electric windows and stereo. Everything was sacrificed to achieve a lower kerb weight.


The newest element introduced in the Ferrari Enzo is “steering-mounted shift lights.” It perfectly compliments its genre-defining tech. 2002 Ferrari Enzo will surely make a long-lasting impact.


On the inside, it has quite a clunky gearbox. The Pininfarina-inspired Enzo appears strikingly intense, steadfast, sensational, mean, and small. The doors comprise a section of the roof and the lower sill. The cockpit provides you with a comfortable & relaxed driving position. Even if you are tall, it will offer enough space. You will get air conditioning. Lacking leather, the interior is carbon fiber.


From the front end, the mirrors are supported by the raised nose splitting the two side vents. From the rear, it looks softer and beautifully curvaceous. The unique flaps design of the front wheels operates at once with the compact, adjustable rear spoiler and 2 rear diffusers.


Cons Of Buying:

✓ Warning light issues for the traction control 

✓ At light throttle, the engine gets a distant rumble

✓ Sometimes, the ride can get aggressive

✓ No sound system

✓ Carbon fiber interior appears cheaper


Final verdict:

Launched in 2002, the Ferrari Enzo is one usable car loaded with tons of impressive specs. It comes sharp in engine detailing and eye-catchy in styling. The pointy Formula 1-styled design is an instant appeal. It has a futuristic theme that happens to add carbon fiber construction. The cutting-edge tech, such as traction control, active aerodynamics, and carbon-ceramic brakes are contemporaneously impressive.


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