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Ferrari 360 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Ferrari 360 Review Australia


Ferrari 360 is one of the most manufactured, sold, and liked cars not because it has a nameplate of Ferrari but it is genuinely an affordable everyday exotic supercar. Known as a Type F131, it is a 2-seater car with a mid-engine. Well, the only thing that requires your attention is that it is an old car, manufactured from 1999 to 2004. It means the engine and bodywork might be lacking certain basic technology.


You must look for the specs before finalizing your choice as it comes in three trims: 360 Modena, 360 Spider, and a high-performance road-legal edition, the Challenge Stradale. Its easy-going nature around town is a plus. It looks as modern as any Ferrari sold today, and can be purchased for cheaper than a pristine BMW M3.


Ferrari 360 Engine:

The rear mid-engine placed longitudinally featuring a flat-plane crankshaft with titanium-made rods is really impressive. The infusion of the electronically-modifiable, double wishbone and coil-over suspension are another big yes for the sportscar of this power. The motor is guaranteed to provide a thrilling as well as a comforting ride. To give the sportscar vibes, the exquisite exhaust makes Ferrari 360 one of the best-sounding cars. 


The highlight of the Ferrari 360 Modena and Spider editions is the “Continuous Damper Control”. It is an automated system to keep the throttle, steering, brake, speed, and power balanced. If you drive in the sport mode the dampers will be more strengthened. While driving you will feel how implicit the car is in the directness of the steering. 


You would find its V8 motor slightly slow, but do not be mistaken as Ferrari 360 is no slouch by any means. Back in the early 2000s, the engine was quite a technological marvel but now it will show several downsides. The latest trims tend to have a more flexible engine, more efficient brakes, and better suspension. Most refined LSD is equipped in the 2005 models.


Unfortunately, there is no choice of engines to choose from. All models are equipped with a revving 3.6L V8 engine that is capable of producing 294 kW power at 8,500 rpm complemented with the torque of 373 NM at 4,750 rpm. It sounds pretty satisfactory but in practice, it might disappoint you especially when you try to get the high acceleration.


As the car owners say, the best combination is to drive Modena in a Sport Mode with auto-mode. It is quicker and has seamless throttle blipping and gives extensive wheel slip. All you need is to disable the ASR and enjoy the slip with the aggressive drive. On the contrary, Normal mode is all emphasized on engine ease and constancy.


Do you know what makes the ride adventurous? Ferrari 360 remarkable throttle response sharpness. But to keep you safe, the bite of the braking system and multi-mode traction control is tremendous.


Ferrari 360 Transmission:

The gearbox is available in both a 6-speed manual and 6-speed 'F1' electro hydraulic-actuated automated manual. The strength and reliability are ensured in both transmissions. If you are driving on the higher acceleration, the F1 might give you erratic feels but if you are still interested in F1, you should opt for the models made after 2003.


The Challenge Stradale:

Being the appealing track-focused trim of the 360 Modena, it is characterized by carbon-ceramic brakes to give a more refined drive. For a stable race, the suspension is tuned for the track which also adds up to the aerodynamic gains.


You would find how lightweight it is to drive without lowering the power. The gearbox mated with the aggressive throttle needs no improvement. The fuel capacity is 95L which seems pretty enough to take you on a stable long journey.


The major difference is in the power and torque:

Power: 419@8,500 rpm 

Torque: 373 NM@4,750 rpm


Ferrari 360 Design:

The very first thing you must know is that the bodywork is all aluminum but that doesn’t mean Ferrari 360 is rust-free. Two benefits of an aluminum chassis are: it made the car more rigid and the weight is reduced making the car extremely light. You would feel it extended as the dimensions are expanding. Modenas are the coupes whereas the Ferrari Spider 360 are the convertibles. Both are impressive in shape, size, and layout.


Once you are seated inside, you will get a strong 90’s feel. The center console designed with a plastic-dip finesse and molded carpet will get your attention first. The carpets look more like trunk liners with noticeable edges. As far as the quality is concerned, it is not acceptable and the plastic is found to be peeling in chunks giving a bizarre appearance. We would advise you to put some money and get it painted or leather-trimmed. Although the storage space is cramped, Ferrari 360 feels spacious for people.


Spider and Modena:

Ferrari 360 Spider has reinforced sills, a hardened front floor-pan, and an attractively designed windscreen frame. To keep the noise of the exhaust and engine out, the rearward is specifically thickened. The reason behind the matchless rigidity is the infusion of sideline reinforcements with the addition of a cross brace covering the engine. Apparently, you would see it having a curvilinear waistline.


The specialty of the Modena is that the engine is placed under a glass cover giving a touch of uniqueness. The interior is pretty premium with the touch of leather and contrasting stitching. Unfortunately, the technological features are minimum. You would not find any Bluetooth connectivity or Satellite-Navigation setup. No entertaining features are equipped such as LCD screens.


The feasibility is also limited because of the no steering-mounted controls. Well, you will get a radio and AC controls. The comfortability is maintained by fitting broader and bigger seats.


Standard features of 1999 variants:

18-inch alloy wheels

Leather-trimmed, power-assisted modifiable steering - tilt and reach

Air Conditioner with climate control

Driver and passenger’s adjustable seats with lumbar support

Centre Console with metallic finesse

Courtesy lamps

Power-assisted door mirrors

Power-assisted front windows

Remote Fuel Lid Release

Keyless Boot/Hatch Release


In addition to the above-mentioned specifications, the latest (2005) model of the spider has:

Powered windows (front)

Manually adjustable seats with lumbar support

Powered roof-soft


Ferrari 360 CS comes with additional specs such as Resin Transfer Moulding for the bumpers and skirts. 


Ferrari 360 Standard safety features:



Traction control

Seat Belts with pretensioners 


Cons/Problems of buying Ferrari 360:

The maintenance cost is pretty high

The interior carpeting feels cheaper

Jerky shifts in automatic transmission

The aluminum-chassis is prone to corrosion

The powered-folding roof in the Spider version can have fluid leakage

F1 transmission feels pretty rough on clutches

1999 and 2000 models come with faulty cam variator

The 1999 models are not strong and mounts can be cracked pretty easily

Challenge Stradale is known to have low-quality brake rotors


Final verdict:

The aluminum monocoque enhances the Ferrari 360 usability, and reliability. A fast and powerful engine makes it pleasant and the least expensive Ferrari to drive. The accurate steering is impressive ensuring a balanced ride. The layout has incredible dynamics assisting aero-design. You can call it one of the friendliest Ferraris on a road and track. 


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