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Famous insurance review | What you need to know?

Many people consider Insurance as a waste of money. Although for young and adults, it's the initial step towards their career. This investment protects them from financial ruin for the rest of their lives. There are different kinds of Insurance. Most of us think that health insurance is much more expensive than others to purchase. However, they can save their money by purchasing it. It acts like a discount program for many medical services. People with no health insurance have to pay more for medical services as compared to those who have it.


The Cost of Famous Insurance:

The factors that determine the premium made for the famous car insurance are listed below:

  •   The type of vehicle

  •   The duration of the vehicle

  •   How regularly the vehicle is driven 

  •   Where do you live

  •   How the car is usually parked overnight

  •   The age and experience of drivers

  •   Your previous claims history and driving record


If you need to pay an excess amount, except if you can give the required details of another party that is to blame. You will have a standard excess to pay, and may likewise need to pay an extra excess on top of that for the claim.


The additional excess may include:

  •   $2,000 while your vehicle was in charge of anybody younger than 21 

  •   $1,500 if your vehicle was in the charge of anybody age 21 to 25 

  •   $500 while your car was in charge of any individual who just held a full Australian driver's license  for under 2 years 

  •   $500 while your car is in charge of anybody aged 75 years or more than that.


How to pay for the premiums and make claims:

You can pay premiums every year with a money order, charge card or BPAY, or make direct charge portions from your financial balance. 


To take out cover with Famous, you may need to provide: 

  •   A sales receipt for the recently purchased car

  •   The registration papers of the car

  •   A finance contract, if it’s under finance

  •   The traffic record for every single driver 

  •   A list of all modifications, accessories and their values

  •   Your previous insurance record or the latest renewal notice where it is applicable


What is to be covered:

  • Comprehensive cover:

  • Comprehensive car insurance for your vehicle.

  • Transit, storage and restoration cover. All the cover of comprehensive car insurance, but your vehicle is not being driven under its own capacity, except for the reasons for being loaded on or off a trailer, or other types of transport.

You may get comprehensive cover for a road vehicle, or travel, storage and restoration cover for a non-street-legal event car.

In both cases, you are able to choose market value cover or agreed value 


You are covered for: 

  •   Third-party property damage

  •   Accidents

  •   Malicious damage 

  •   Theft and attempted theft

  •   Fires

  •   Storm, flood and other weather events


The cover also includes:

  Substitution for your vehicle. If your vehicle is a total loss in the two years of registration, you can get a new replacement equivalent to that up to the limit of the sum insured.

  •   Towing. Up to $2,000 for necessary towing costs. 

  •   Trailer cover. Pay up to $1,000 for the trailer damage attached to your vehicle. 

  •   Replacement of windscreen and glass. Up to one no-excess windscreen or window glass replacement according to per policy period (not accessible for classic vehicles). 

  •   Up to $500 for the emergency repairs needed

  •   Up to $500 for crisis convenience, while you are 100km away or more from your home. 

  •   Up to $100 every day, for as long as 14 days, for a replacement car in case of theft within 14 days.

  •   Up to $5,000 for the express cargo of parts just available overseas. 

  •   Up to $50 every day, for as long as 14 days, for the replacement of the cat following an accident.

  •   Up to $1,000 for the robbery of vehicle related extra parts and devices. A $150 excess applies. 

  •   Up to $500 for the expense of restoring your vehicle to you after a fix, if the repairer's premises are more than 100km from your home or working place.


Few of the exclusion mentioned:

  • Damage caused to tyres by braking, road cuts, punctures or bursts. High-performance vehicles are not covered under this policy while in the control of P platers, learner drivers or under 25s unless they are providing a service like repairs, or valet services. A loss occurs when you do not take necessary precautions that might result in a failure or loss, to minimize damage or loss. For example, if you do not change your car brakes in case of brake failure. The loss that occurs due to the result of your vehicle in a damaged road or unsafe condition.


  • The loss occurred if you are driving while you are on drugs and met an accident or you refuse to take the drug test or alcohol,

  • Driving off-road, or on an ungazetted roadwayIf your car is driven on a racetrack or in an event, except where covered by the CAMS event cover or an optional extra, If your car's parking situation is changed or is not covered you should inform Famous Car Insurance.

  • Depreciation, wear and tear, rust and corrosion


Review 1:

These guys and girls go alright.

Nothing seems to be too difficult for them and they actually care about the customer, even if it means spending a bit of extra time to get it to spot on!

I think we’ll do well together! 


Review 2:

Terrible to deal with, extremely rude. Absolutely no humility. Very distressing to deal with. The accident happened in January, still trying to sort it out and we are almost September. Don’t waste your money on the insurance that does not payout!

Review 3:

Just bought an old classic car these guys were so helpful can't recommend them enough


Review 4:

Much better then Shannons



Amongst all the best car insurance companies Famous Car Insurance is working its level best to facilitate its customers with their best services. The services provided to lessen their burden in case of any damage or involvement in an accident. The cheap and affordable range of insurance policies helps you get many benefits for the betterment of your car in the hour of need. From all positive and negative reviews, my experience with the Famous Car Insurance Company was great.


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