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Evo 6 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Evo 6 Review Australia


Finding a sedan vehicle but with a sportier touch is a hard task but now you have the best option to buy one of Mitsubishi’s top-class automobiles called Lancer Evolution. Or we can say 'Evo'. Manufactured in total ten of the generations, you can have either a 4-door sedan or a 5-door station wagon. As far as the layout is concerned you would find a similar turbocharged engine of the same power, torque, and size.


It won’t be wrong to say that it balances out the city road comfortability through the weight-stripping style of a rally front-runner. The Mitsubishi’s EVO 6 will give you one of the best driving experiences. It comes with an exceptionally smooth transmission which lets you have incomparable joy. The equipment present under the hood is made strong. As per the users, it is somewhat rough and hard to control on the roads. But with the help of the latest technology, it is made more focused and sharper.


Well, buying an Evolution 6.5 or Tommi Makinen EVO 6 TME will also be a beneficial investment as it is a remarkable car to drive.


Evo 6 Engine:

The company has designed this vehicle featuring every imaginable power with outstanding road grip. It will provide you an unforgettable and exciting road experience. Transversely placed 2.0L engine under the stubby and tough bonnet is always ready to breathe the fire. This four-banger motor is just the right equipment to let the car run on the tracks effortlessly. Well, as we said, the car is laden with a perfect combination of power, it has a turbocharger fitted to amplify the speed and thrill. The thing that makes it distinct from the others is its amazingly large oil cooler which also enhances the motor durability.


The EVO 6 latest model is equipped with all-new and refined pistons. The touch of the titanium-aluminide turbine wheel in the RS models is something extra. One thing, we can all agree on is that it has a classic driveline layout. On one hand, it is easy to steer and is manageable. On the other hand, you would find it a bit crazy to drive. Its striking acceleration and obstinate cornering make the ride firm. Output was rated at 206 kW @ 6,500 rpm with a torque of 373 Nm @ 3,000 rpm. Coming to the transmission, it is equipped with a splendid 5-speed manual gearbox. Every move is precise and controlled.


With a center differential, the car has become absolutely desirable. While driving, the stopping power, pedal feel, and pin-sharp steering gives you a unique pleasure while making it safer to drive. Besides, at higher speeds, it remains totally calm. The clutch has an awesome grip. A Top-quality MacPherson suspension setup with adaptable coil springs and flexible anti-roll bar at the front is admirable. Ventilated disc brakes with 4-piston at the front and 2-piston at the rear maximize the on-road and off-road performance. All EVO 6 variants run on PULP having a fuel tank capacity of 50L.


RS (rally sport):

Rally suspension

Rear 1.5 Way LSD 

Active Yaw Control (AYC)

Optional Brembo brakes. 



AYC (Active Yaw Control)

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

Brembo brakes as standard


Among all the variants available (RS, RS II, RSX, and GSR), GSR is recognized to be slower. It might lack certain necessary handling features. Although, the front suspension is more refined making it sturdier through forged front knuckles.


Evo 6 Design:

The EVO 6 is a total revolution of the previous exterior and interior styling. With all-fresh and signifying bodywork, you will notice its redesigned front bumper first complementing medium-sized fog lights suited to the corners to have an improved airflow. The most surprising part is its lightweight body being an AWD. If you have the basic versions, you won’t find anything fascinating inside except the cheaper seat covers. The features are basic lacking air conditioner, radio, and powered windows.


The Mitsubishi EVO 6 is using Z-rated alloy wheels of 17 x 7.5-inch (front and rear) due to the high-speed characteristic. In a first look, you will find its outlook outrageous with oddly placed air-vents. The flat-front intercooler with a straight-cut headlamp separates it from the previous models. The huge modifiable rear wing looks pretty awesome adding up to the aerodynamics.


RS (rally sport):

Minimal interior

Enkei wheels - optional

Recaro Seats - optional

Air Conditioner

Electronic windows - optional



The Recaro front bucket and rear seat - standard

Automatic air-conditioner

Dual-DIN audio

Powered windows - standard


Cons of buying evo 6:

The engine could get noisy

The replacing parts are overpriced and also difficult to find

Unsatisfactory bumper and spoiler alignment

The clutch can fuse giving up and getting failed

Short gearing (5 gear)

The audio setup has micro-dot sized buttons


Tommi Mäkinen Edition:

If you want to buy the EVO 6 but is not satisfied with the dynamics, you are left with another good choice. Its special edition was introduced back in December 1999, the Tommi Mäkinen is a real treasure. You can name it TME for short.


It features:

Impressively styled front bumper

Red or Black Recaro seats

17-inch white Enkei wheels

Red-on-black graphics instrumentation

A leather-trimmed steering and gear knob


Being called an Evolution 6½ or Evolution 6.5, it is a car assembled to be driven hard and fast. With proper maintenance, the car will run for years offering driving reliability.


In terms of mechanics, a few upgrades are made.

More efficient titanium turbine

Front upper strut brace

Depressed ride height for a faster speed pick

A faster steering ratio to keep a car balanced

Enlarged tank capacity

Twin-scroll turbocharger to enhance road performance

Asymmetrical bumper ducts for faster cooling



The three trims of the TME are RS, RS2, and GSR, the same as EVO 6. For a routine task, all versions are appreciated but the GSR is heavier and more advanced.


It is featured with:

Auto climate control

Powered windows

Powered mirrors

Comfortable sports seats

Robust alloy wheels


Do you know, what is its major difference? Where the RS and RS2 are offered in both left- and right-hand drive, the GSR is available in one configuration of right-hand drive.


Final verdict:

Once you have driven EVO 6, you will remember it's amazing handling and mighty engine punch of speeds. Besides, the Evo VI feels easy-going because of its Active Yaw Control system which offers a massive sense of road confidence. The steering is fairly light, the shifter is smooth, and the pedal is responsive. Comparatively, the TME has a more receptive turbocharger, augmented suspension, and faster steering. The road grip levels are astonishing even at the faster speeds.


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