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Ensure Lifetime Repair Guarantee with AAMi Car Insurance

If you need the best car insurance policy, then you are not the only one! While there is no single best car insurance policy that is suitable for everyone, there are a couple of hacks that you can practice to ensure that you're getting the right policy that really suits you. Furthermore, if you care about your vehicle, Aami car insurance is the best option to choose. The insurance policy provides strong coverage for your car at an affordable price and standard features.


It is important for everyone to get their car insured. But most people consider it a waste of money. They consider wrong spending so much money on insurance for cars. 

While AAMI offers cheap car insurance that is simple and in an affordable range. For the comparison of reliable Car Insurance with the Third Party, Car Insurance to illuminate the difference and select the right package for your car. AAMI offers its clients a wide range of insurance products. You will discover a policy not only suitable for your needs but also your budget. 


Furthermore, all insurance products accompany remarkable customer support. You will have the option to speak to the client assistance faculty whenever of the day or night. Few of the insurance products offered by AAMI include: 

  •   Car insurance 

  •   Compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance 

  •   Home insurance 

  •   Life insurance 

  •   Caravan insurance 

  •   Motorcycle insurance 

  •   Business insurance 

  •   Income protection 


AAMI Insurance Offers:

  •   Guarantee for Lifetime repairs 

  •   Emergency accommodation for both transport and repairs

  •   Windscreen cover

  •   Storm and flood cover

  •   Choice of repairer

  •   Replacement of new car

  •   Personal effects

  •   Legal liability



In case you're a retired person who doesn't drive much any longer, or any other individual who just uses their vehicle at times, Pay as you drive, is an alternative option proposed by some car insurers that rewards drivers with lower premiums than if they travel not exactly the normal 15,000 kilometers every year. A very well may be a decent method to decrease your premiums.


If you aren't sure or you think you may be on the cusp, here are a few different ways to eliminate your driving time: 

  •   If you carpool several times a week 

  •   To catch train or bus for work

  •   Take the direct route, by distance, to your destination 


AAMI Car Insurance Policy Options:

AAMI presents three types of car insurance. Every option has unique benefits and cover. To make an informed decision you must go through three options offered by Aami car insurance policies: 

  •   Comprehensive Car Insurance 

  •   Third-Party Car Insurance 

  •   CTP Green Slip 


Comprehensive Car Insurance:

The most flexible AAMI’s Comprehensive Car Insurance policy has made you choose your own premium. To ensure you stay on your monthly budget without any effort. The insurance provides many benefits that include Safe Driver Rewards. With these policies introduced, life has become much easier. In case if your car breaks down, you can hire an alternative car for unlimited days. This insurance is one of the reliable car insurance policies from AAMI.


It covers the following: 

  •   Theft of your car 

  •   Accidental damage 

  •   Damage to another person’s car and/or property 

  •   Emergency costs 

  •   If your car is 2 years old 


Third-Party Car Insurance:

AAMI ensures total cover of the damage within this insurance policy, in Australia, the Third-Party Car Insurance is a must.


Furthermore, the third-party insurance will cover the following: 

  •   Damage to other people’s property and/or car 

  •   Collision with an uninsured bike

  •   Optional fire  

  •   Theft cover 


  • This insurance comes with online payment as well. While if you are new to the AAMI Car Insurance you can save your money by getting a quote line given on your policy. 


CTP Green Slip:

If you go for this insurance policy, all the passengers sitting in your car will be protected or other personal injury claims against you. It is necessary for you to remember that the AAMI insurance does not cover any damage that is sustained by your car or any other car in an accident. 


With the renewal of your car insurance policy or buying a new one, you can enjoy all the premium features offered. The duration of 21 days in which you will not have any cover for your car. 


Aami Car Insurance Reviews:

Review 1:

Had a really smooth experience with AAMI, from the initial claims call, follow up txts and emails, to sorting a rental car while mine was being repaired. They organised Ubers from the repairer to the rental place and back. Even the repairer Capital Smart was very professional. Used to be with Coles, AAMI is far better.


Review 2:

They increased their prices $200 this year for renewal.. goodbye AAMI I just got a cheaper deal elsewhere..not a nice way to treat your long time members with a massive jump in price for the same car and zero claims.


Review 3:

I've had a car insurance with them for over 3 years now, and you know what, every year after I paid for the renewal, it never sends me a confirmation, and when I log in to check the policy, it always gives an error. I had to call them to send me a certificate of currency and the customer service rep told me their system is just buggy like that, and they didn't know why it always fails.

Next year I'm thinking about moving to another insurer for sure.

Review 4:

I've been with aami for at least 20 years. All these neg comments are a surprise to me. Had one not at fault with an uninsured driver, my car fixed with no trouble, premiums seem to be reasonable, recently tacked on roadside service because nrma was getting way too expensive, have not used that yet so can't comment.


Review 5:

I've been with AAMI for some 20 years now (different cars in that time). I've had 2 at-fault accidents, 1 not at fault accident and two hail claims. AAMI has always come through for me and never disputed the claims.

Whilst AAMI's handling of the claims wasn't perfect, overall it was very good and wouldn't feel right taking a star away for it.

I have no problems recommending AAMI.



Aami Car Insurance provides the best quality insurance to its customers. All the policies are highly professional and are based upon the quality. Offering three types of policies that suit all your needs for Car Insurance. The team provides you a lifetime guarantee for your vehicle and covers for all your damages. From all the positive and negative reviews, my experience with AAMI Car Insurance was great and will definitely recommend it.

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